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The Grundy Awards, or sometimes referred to as "the Grundies," is a high school theater awards ceremony named after Eamonn Grundy. The award given out at the Grundies is known as a Grundy. It is assumed that the school that hosts the awards rotates from school to school because Degrassi has only been shown to have hosted them once. High schools from all across Toronto participate.


Season 10[]

Simpson Introducing Eamonn Grundy

Simpson introduces Eamonn Grundy to the audience.

Clare at the Grundy's

Clare accepts her Grundy award for Outstanding Use of Sets and Props - Musical Edition.

Declan and his Grundy Award

Declan looks at his Grundy Award for Direction for his play Space Awakening.

In Love Lockdown (1), the Grundy Awards are first referenced on the Degrassi Community School sign outside. In the same moment, Declan Coyne escorts Fiona Coyne to school as she says she can't believe he came all this way for the theater awards, but his main focus is his ex, Holly J. Sinclair. They then run into Holly J. as she is finishing up putting the letters on the sign. She reiterates Fiona's surprise that he's come all the way from New York for the awards. He answers differently to Holly J. than he did Fiona, saying the awards important and wouldn't miss them, obviously leaving out the part that he's primarily there for her. Later, Sav Bhandari catches up with Holly J., questioning why she is missing lunch with him to "finalize the details of the awards deal-y," and she responds that she's having lunch with Declan. She senses he's worried, as Declan was her boyfriend before Sav and Holly J. started their casual relationship, and she reminds him that Declan is nominated for an award for directing the play Space Awakening and is probably only here for the awards. Sav doesn't think that that's all he came for, but realizes he can't really be that upset because their relationship is casual. The next time the Grundies are mentioned is when Eli Goldsworthy invites Clare Edwards on their first official date to a Chuck Palahniuk show but she declines, disappointedly, because she's going to the theater awards with her parents who are still fighting. Clare then meets her mother, Helen, and they go into the theater for the awards. Clare's father Randall comes in late but brought flowers for Clare. Declan is also at the awards, and since finding out that Sav and Holly J. are in a relationship during lunch, he decides to scoot in between Fiona to get the seat next to Holly J. Declan shares that he has good feelings about tonight and Holly J. agrees that she does too hope they win. Declan seems to think she took what he meant as the wrong meaning but he smiles anyway. Principal Simpson then goes up to the podium, proud that Degrassi is hosting, and introduces the namesake of the Grundy Awards, legend Eamonn Grundy. Eamonn begins to announce the winner of the award for Outstanding Use of Sets and Props - Musical Division. Through her parents' arguing, Clare tries to inform them that this is her category but they are too engrossed in their argument to hear her. Clare is announced the winner and everyone claps except for her parents. She calls them out for not noticing and angrily gets up to accept her award. In her awards speech Clare thanks her "amazing" producer/director Declan and her parents for "instilled a love of theater" in her starting when she was young. Though Holly J. clapped for Clare, she gets up when Declan is thanked and tells Declan she is using the restroom. When Clare's acceptance speech comes to an end, her parents are clapping and she heads towards backstage where she finds Eli waiting for her. Clare decides to skip a meeting her parents wanted to have with her (which, as Clare suspected, would turn out to be about them getting a divorce) and join Eli on his originally planned date. She surprises him with the news, grabs his arm and says "come on," to which he excitedly exclaims "you little devil!" They run back across the stage together while Eamonn is presenting and Eli makes silly face to the crowd as they pass. Eamonn then announces that Declan has won the Grundy for Best Direction but Holly J is still not back to her seat yet. Declan gets onstage and thanks Jane Vaughn, his co-producer, who is currently at Stanford. He adds that so many people in the crowd that were a part of the production as well. He invites them on stage and multiple audience members get up and join him, including crew member Sav, costuming assistant Fiona, and actress Chantay Black. As they file onstage, Holly J. returns and Declan calls her his inspiration, collaborator, muse, and dear friend for last semester and invites her up, adding that no one could have made the production or his life greater.

Season 11[]

In Cry Me A River (1), Ms. Dawes sees that Fiona is having trouble joining a group in drama class and she says they must be intimidated since her brother won a Grundy.

In In The Cold, Cold Night (1), Clare is trying to round up some friends to help her with The Degrassi Daily that Katie Matlin has abandoned due to her going to rehab. After mending fences with her friends, all topics Clare wants done are claimed except for theater. Clare asks if anyone is able to cover theater because the Grundy nominations have just been announced. Eli, much to Clare's shock, appears out of thin air and says if she still needs someone, he's her guy to cover the arts. While Clare is rendered speechless, Alli Bhandari says it's perfect because he can cover the Grundy Awards. Eli adds a salty comment about how the Grundies snubbed his play Love Roulette, and when Alli gives him a look he says the snub was understandable. He then says he's ready to do this if it's okay with Clare, to which she smiles and says of course.

In In The Cold, Cold Night (2), Eli anxiously asks Clare to tell him how he did on his article. He notes that "even though the Grundies didn't nominate [his] play [he] tried to remain objective." Clare pauses for a beat and tells him that she loves it, citing that "at no point did [he] call the Grundies 'stupid,' 'pointless,' or 'moronic.'" He jokingly responds that she should have seen his first draft and they continue having a cheeky back and forth until Jenna comments on it. Later, at the Frostival, Eli reveals that they ended up making 800 copies of the paper.


  • Despite many other plays going on at Degrassi, the only two plays mentioned either getting or not getting nods by the Grundy Awards are Space Awakening and Love Roulette.
  • It is never mentioned why Eamonn Grundy has an awards ceremony named after him.