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The Kids of Degrassi Street
Background Information
Genre Drama
Created by Linda Schuyler
Starring Stacie Mistysyn
Neil Hope
Sarah Charlesworth
Zoe Newman
Country of Origin Canada
Language English
No. of episodes 26
Running time 30 minutes (including commercials)
Prod. Company Playing With Time Inc.
Original channel CBC Television
Original run September 12, 1979 - January 5, 1986
Status Series ended, off air
Followed by Degrassi Junior High

The Kids of Degrassi Street is a Canadian children's TV show which aired from 1979 to 1986. It is the first in the Degrassi series, which is about the lives of a group of children living on Degrassi Street in Toronto, Canada. It grew out of four short films: Ida Makes a Movie, Cookie Goes to Hospital, Irene Moves In and Noel Buys a Suit, which originally aired as after-school specials on the CBC in 1979, 1980, 1981 and 1982, respectively. The show was acclaimed for its realistic depiction of every day children's lives and tribulations, and remains memorable to many Canadians because of this.

The Kids of Degrassi Street featured many of the same actors who would go on to appear in Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High, including Stacie Mistysyn, Neil Hope, Anais Granofsky, Sarah Charlesworth, and others. However, their character names and families were different, so this series cannot technically be seen as an immediate precursor to the later shows.

The Beginning[]

The show was created by former school teacher Linda Schuyler and her friend Kit Hood, both of whom would go on to make the later shows. The show aired on CBC, and premiered in January 1982. It went on for 26 episodes, and ended two years later.

Cast and Characters[]

Episode List[]

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# Title Airdate Code
1 "Ida Makes a Movie" September 12, 1979 101
When Ida Lucas' movie on garbage wins first prize in a competition, but the judges commend her film on war, she has to decide between accepting the prize, and owning up to the truth.
2 "Cookie Goes to Hospital" September 1, 1980 201
When Cookie goes to hospital without her doll, Ida and Noel, having sworn a pledge of loyalty, have to get it out to her somehow, but the hospital is a pretty scary place.
3 "Irene Moves In" September 1, 1981 301
When Irene comes to live on Degrassi Street, Ida thinks she is just a little too friendly with Cookie. But Irene is not the only newcomer to Degrassi Street. Reports are circulating that Bigfoot has been seen in the neighborhood.
4 "Noel Buys a Suit" May 30, 1982 302
When Noel's dad decides to get married again, Noel is not so sure he likes the idea. Gayle is ruining everything, changing the house around, and she does not like the terrific checked suit Noel has bought for the wedding.
5 "Lisa Makes the Headlines" December 13, 1982 401
What Lisa needs to make her newspaper is a real scoop. But when she does find some real news, she has to decide which is more important - the truth or family loyalty.
6 "Sophie Minds the Store" December 20, 1982 402
Sophie gets Chuck to help her out at her parents' store, but the cash is out by $20 at the end of the day. Chuck's father is in jail, so it appears that it must be like father, like son.
7 "Casey Draws the Line" December 27, 1982 403
When a new survey line goes through the pen of the rabbit Casey and Lisa share, too much arguing over rights makes them lose sight of their responsibilities - to look after Rabbit.
8 "Pete Takes a Chance" January 2, 1983 404
Pete always has his eye out for a money-making proposition, and he knows he has found a winner, but he just needs a little capital. However, his "investment" costs him more than he expected, when he puts his friendships on the line.
9 "Chuck Makes A Choice" September 1, 1983 501
Chuck has told Tina his dad is a pilot, but Pete insists on inviting their father to the school play. How can he hide the fact that his father's actually finishing up his time behind bars, except by un-inviting him?
10 "Billy Breaks The Chain" November 9, 1984 601
Billy knows it will not be luck that sends him to hockey camp, it will be his own hard work. Then a bad-luck chain letter comes to him, and while he hesitates about passing on the bad luck, disasters begin to occur.
11 "Catherine Finds Her Balance" November 16, 1984 602
When both divorced parents want to come and watch her at the gymnastics meet, Catharine gets involved in some fancy footwork to prevent them from making a scene in front of the whole school.
12 "Benjamin Walks The Dog" November 23, 1984 603
Billy and Pete want to do grown up things, without Billy's pesky little brother, Benjamin. They finally get rid of him, but Billy has second thoughts when it looks like they might have gotten rid of him forever.
13 "Liz Sits the Schlegels" November 30, 1984 604
Liz finds she has her hands full when she takes on a babysitting job with two lively kids, and one who refuses to have anything to do with her.
14 "The Canards Move Out" December 14, 1984 605
Lisa simply does not want to leave Degrassi Street and move to Vancouver, but it seems no one will listen to her feelings on the subject. In fact, her feelings are so strong she is having trouble listening to anyone else's.
15 "Martin Meets The Pirates" January 4, 1985 606
Martin cannot believe the Pirates from Boulton Ave. want him as area lieutenant for their expansion to Degrassi Street - they are the toughest gang around. But he is not sure that he is that tough.
16 "Connie Goes To Court" January 11, 1985 607
When Connie returns five dollars Casey has dropped on the floor, Casey thinks Connie is contributing her share for the present for their teacher, and does not pay attention to Connie's explanations. Connie is not worried - she will be collecting for her paper route on Wednesday, anyway, and she can pay up then. But the paper goes on strike, and Connie finds herself in more trouble than she thought.
17 "Griff Makes a Date" January 18, 1985 608
No one really likes Griff - after all, he used to be a Pirate - but it does not matter much to him, until he meets Lisa, just back from Vancouver.
18 "Samantha Gets A Visitor" January 25, 1985 609
Samantha cannot wait for her city slicker cousin, Lisa, to arrive for the weekend. She is so sophisticated now she just knows that Lisa will be impressed.
19 "Rachel Runs For Office" February 1, 1985 610
Rachel is very keen to be her school's representative to the new City Hall Youth Council. She is interested in the issues and is ready to work hard. But Billy's break dancing and Pete's campaign management have put Billy well in the lead.
20 "Jeffrey Finds a Friend" February 8, 1985 611
Jeffrey is supposed to be the smartest kid in the class, and he is mortified when Connie, who claims she never studies, beats him on a math test - in fact, she bets that she can beat him on the next one, too.
21 "Connie Makes A Catch" December 1, 1985 701
Connie has her eye on Candy, the popular captain of the baseball team, but he does not even know she exists. She would do anything to catch his eye, and everyone has advice to offer, but being a "lady" is tough for a tomboy like Connie who would rather be playing baseball.
22 "Karen Keeps Her Word" December 8, 1985 702
Money is on everyone's mind as the yearbook is in desperate financial straits. But Karen is not remotely interested in the yearbook's problems, or in the class voting itself a nuclear- free zone. She has found a pair of roller skates that are destined for her feet - all she needs now is the money to buy them.
23 "Ryan Runs for Help" December 15, 1985 703
Ryan is always making up stories, and it is hard to know when he is telling the truth. But his best friend Benjamin is convinced of Ryan's tales of treasure when Ryan produces evidence - he actually has a gold coin he found. Even though he is grounded, Benjamin sneaks out to a construction site to investigate with Ryan, and ends up falling down a hole and cannot get out.
24 "Martin Hears The Music" December 22, 1985 704
Nobody wants to be different from everyone else, and Martin is horrified to discover that he is going to have to wear a hearing aid. And it certainly does not help that everybody starts acting so weird around him.
25 "Lisa Gets The Picture" December 29, 1985 705
The Yearbook needs pictures. Lisa sees her chance to spend some time with Griff when Casey comes up with a brilliant plan - Griff can draw caricatures of everyone.
26 "Griff Gets a Hand" January 5, 1986 706
Robin "Griff" Griffith is having trouble with schoolwork. He would rather be drawing pictures than studying, and when his friend Danny, the crossing guard, asks for a caricature of himself, Griff is determined to make it his best ever. But Danny suddenly dies of a stroke, and Griff just cannot stand that he did not finish the caricature in time.

DVD Release[]

On July 31, 2007, WGBH-TV WGBH Boston Home Video released The Kids of Degrassi Street: The Complete series on DVD in Region 1.

In Region 4, Beyond Home Entertainment released the entire series on DVD in Australia on March 12, 2008.

DVD Name Ep # Region 1 Region 4
The Kids of Degrassi Street: The Complete Series 26 July 31, 2007 March 12, 2008
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