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  1. "Ida Makes a Movie"
  2. "Cookie Goes to the Hospital"
  3. "Irene Moves In"
  4. "Noel Buys a Suit
  5. "Lisa Makes the Headlines"
  6. "Sophie Minds the Store"
  7. "Casey Draws the Line"
  8. "Pete Takes a Chance"
  9. "Chuck Makes a Choice"
  10. "Billy Breaks the Chain"
  11. "Catherine Finds Her Balance"
  12. "Benjamin Walks the Dog"
  13. "Liz Sits the Schlegels"
  14. "The Canards Move Out"
  15. "Martin Meets the Pirates"
  16. "Connie Goes to Court"
  17. "Griff Makes a Date"
  18. "Samantha Gets a Visitor"
  19. "Rachel Runs for Office"
  20. "Jeffrey Finds a Friend"
  21. "Connie Makes a Catch"
  22. "Karen Keeps Her Word"
  23. "Ryan Runs for Help"
  24. "Martin Hears the Music"
  25. "Lisa Gets the Picture"
  26. "Griff Gets a Hand"