"Brooks, what's the problem?

Let's see, I'm wearing a sari, our limo driver just got arrested and the school almost burned down."
Jimmy to Hazel

The Power of Love is the twenty-second episode and season finale of Season 3 of the Canadian television series, Degrassi: The Next Generation. It originally aired on April 5, 2004 on CTV Television and on August 6, 2004 on The N. The episode was written by story editors Aaron Martin and James Hurst and directed by Stefan Scaini. It shares its episode title with the song by Huey Lewis and the News.

Main Plot

It's the year end dance at Degrassi and Jimmy wants to make it the perfect night, but it turns out to be one disaster after another.

Sub Plot

Sean is beginning to feel guilty for stealing Mr. Simpson's laptop. He confesses, but getting Mr. Simpson's forgiveness turns out to be the hard part.

Third Plot

Caitlin is asked by Joey to move in, but she gets a job offer as a reporter to travel trough Africa. She decides regardless to move into Joey's house. However, something unexpected happens.

The season 3 DVD box sets lists a different description for the episode, as does the official Degrassi YouTube channel.

"The year end semi-formal is only hours away and Marco has transformed the gym into an idealized Bombay. It promises to be an amazing event, except Marco’s theme is causing tension between him and Ellie. Ellie finds the whole idea racist - cultural appropriation in the name of superficial fun. So she’s boycotting it – as are Sean, Jay and Alex, who have other plans for that evening. And when things start to fall apart, Marco blames Ellie and her friends. Despite the set-backs, everyone has a blast- except for Marco and Ellie – the rift in their friendship seemingly insurmountable."

  • This episode is named after the song "The Power Of Love" by Huey Lewis and the News.
  • Billy Ray Cyrus makes a cameo appearance in this episode.
  • This is the second time there's been a fire at a school dance in Degrassi History. The first was in the Degrassi Junior High episode Bye-Bye, Junior High. However, the school did not burn down this time.
  • This episode was originally a two part episode titled "Rock the Casbah". It was later changed to its current title "The Power of Love" but remained a two part episode. Finally it was changed to a one part episode, making room in the season for "I Want Candy".
  • On the Season 3 boxed set, the synopsis for this episode confirms that it was originally titled "Rock The Casbah." It was supposed to feature Ellie and Marco in the main plot. It is unknown why it was changed.
  • This episode is the final appearance of Kendra Mason.

  • After freaking out over her locker location in Father Figure, Paige's time in "the exile", the unfavorable area where her locker was located, is over with the end of their current school year.
  • Sean's welfare situation is brought up again when he fails Mr. Simpson's course, but he is assigned an extra project to boost his grade up.
  • Caitlin Ryan leaves for her trip around the world for nine months to do work on her piece about HIV/AIDS, which she won't return until season 4.
  • Sean admits to Snake that he is the one that took his laptop, which he stole back in Gangsta, Gangsta to get back at Emma.
  • Jimmy, Hazel, Spinner, and Paige, before the dance, eat at the same restaurant that Spinner, Ashley, and Paige dined and dashed at in I Want Candy. The same waiter adds the bill from their lunch a few weeks ago onto Jimmy's bill for that night.
  • Manny and J.T. attend the dance as each others dates.
  • Caitlin mentions that Joey has broken his promises before, referring to the time he cheated on her years ago.

Character Revelations

  • This is Kendra's final appearance in the show, even though she is seen in the opening credits in seasons 4 and 5. It is never explained what happened to her character, as she simply "vanished". She was not present during future important events in Spinner's life, such as when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, or when he married Emma Nelson.

  • "Asylum Seeker" courtesy of Chris Stone Audio
  • "Bollywood Bowl" courtesy of Chris Stone Audio
  • "Let's Have Ourselves A Christmas" by Jody Colero, Jim McGrath, & Stephen Stohn
  • "Rocket Science vs. Advertising" by Dead Letter Dept.