The relationship between brothers Tiny and Vince Bell was introduced in Season 14 of Degrassi.

Sibling History

Season 14

In I Wanna Be Adored, they both let Zig move in with them. The three of them end up playing video games and drinking until late at night, which frustates Zig. Vince then watches Zig and Tiny act out a scene for a musical and then ends when one of Vince's friends comes over and has them all count out ecstasy.

In Teen Age Riot, when Zig tells them he wants the place to himself that night they willing leave. The next day, they take Zig to see Maya but on the way they stop someone and go inside someone's place, after gun shots are heard, they come out minutes later and tell Zig to get them out of there.


  • They are both in a gang together.
  • Their father is incarcerated and their mother is a drug addict, which is why Tiny was living with Vince.