Todd is a lifeguard from Florida, who has some history with Luke and Becky Baker. Todd is portrayed by Nick Goluza.

Character History

Season 13

In About a Girl, Adam Torres sees a shirtless guy in the background of Becky's room, and assumes it is the pizza guy. Becky, however, tells him that he is a friend of hers that has come to take her to church group on his yacht. Becky says goodbye over Facetime, and Todd tells Adam that he will take care of her. Adam is suspicious that Becky is cheating on him with Todd since he continually sees pictures of the two together and the fact that they had been conversing so much over Facerange. Adam decides to hack into Becky's Facerange to tell Todd that Becky never wants to see him again. Becky catches Adam and tells Adam that Todd is just a friend, but the fate of their relationship is left undetermined since she needed time to think over Adam's actions. He may have an attraction to Becky Baker.