"My greatest flaw is that I can be careless with my words. I don't know how it happens, I just say things. I guess I don't have much of a filter, but I have beautiful friends who forgive me for this flaw. From one of my friends, my best friend, I have learned to be a better person, to be less superficial, and more careful about what I say. "
— Tori in Doll Parts (2)

Victoria "Tori" Santamaria was a student at Degrassi Community School. While Tori may be spoiled thanks to her parents indulging her every whim, dance lessons, modeling and beauty pageants, she's definitely not a brat. Her positive attitude, and her bright smile are infectious as she enters Degrassi, believing she's the best at everything. Unfortunately, Tori is a bit sheltered and realizes she's a bit unhip compared to the other students. She is best friends with Maya Matlin and Tristan Milligan, and also is friends with Campbell Saunders, and Dave Turner. She was also on the Power Squad. She went to junior high with Tristan and Zig Novak. Tori left Degrassi after finishing her freshman year and moved away. She was portrayed by Alex Steele.

Character History

Season 11


Tori in Season 11

In Underneath It All, Tori seems upset that she cannot find Zig. However, when Maya mentions that she knows him, she becomes defensive and warns her that Zig is a bad guy from whom Maya should stay away. She is then seen laughing when Tristan is forced to play the French horn. Tori confronts Maya after seeing her with Zig. She tells her she's not his type and blows the saliva from her trombone at her. She and Maya fight until Ms. Oh sends them to Mr. Simpson's office. In the office, Tori tells Principal Simpson that Maya is lying and that she was just playing her trombone and that Maya attacked her. Tori starts to cry over Zig about how their relationship went badly, and asks Maya for closure. Zig takes her back and Tori thanks Maya, and promises that they are all going to have fun this year.

Screen Shot 2012-03-04 at 5.54.48 PM

Tori and Zig meet Tristan at the Dot.

In Can't Tell Me Nothing (1), Tori and Tristan are creating their weekly vlog on the television show West Drive while Zig sits outside taking pictures on his cellphone. Zig eventually asks Tori to come with him to the skatepark, of which she apprehensively does, leaving Tristan to finish the vlog by himself. After Tristan takes advice from Owen on how to break Tori and Zig up, Tristan lies to Tori, telling her that Zig called her "curvy." She's offended by this, and begins to cry, saying that Zig hates her. Tristan admits that he was lying, Tori throws her tissue at Tristan and is obviously mad. Tristan later creates two notes instructing Tori and Zig to meet at the Dot, and both Tori and Zig believe that the other sent it. Tristan attempts to re-establish his friendship with Tori when they arrive, and to sort of establish one with Zig. Tristan announces that he intends to put on a musical performance of a song that him and Tori wrote at camp at the upcoming Degrassi Coffee House musical gala.

In Can't Tell Me Nothing (2), Tori is ecstatic at first of the prospect of her best friend and her boyfriend coming together for the musical performance, but when Zig doesn't have a part in the performance, Zig and Tori decide to add a rap part. Tristan disagrees. Tori feels it might be embarrassing and too immature for high school and doesn't want to perform, and begs Tristan not to. When Tristan starts singing, someone throws food at him and Tori hits the person. Unable to let her best friend go on getting booed, Tori runs on stage to complete the half of Tristan’s Half A Heart song. Zig also joins them for his rap part. The audience responds with a standing ovation.

In Need You Now (1), Tori tries out for Power Squad and doesn't make it because Marisol thinks niners are unreliable. Her dreams are left crushed until she gets another chance when another girl gets injured. Marisol tells her to be at practice at 4:00 sharp. She agrees to film Zig skating for a contest before practice thinking she can make it in time. However when Tori gets ready to leave and go to practice, Zig tells her the deadline is tonight and they still are not done. She decides to stay for 10 more minutes when Zig suggests asking Maya for help, jeopardizing her spot on the team. Tori arrives to practice late and tries to fool Marisol by getting behind the girls' routine, and tries to do the cheer. Tori tells Marisol she will get it right the next time. Marisol puts her on the spot to do the routine alone and Tori admits she was late. Marisol cuts her off the team but when Tori begs her for another chance, Marisol agrees but makes Tori the new mascot.

In Need You Now (2), Tori approaches Zig in the full mascot costume, and he mistakes her for someone else. When she reveals that it is her, he bursts out laughing, and Tori tells him that she is the new mascot until Marisol can find a replacement for her and that Marisol is making her be the mascot at the upcoming game. She comments on how humiliating this is for her, and Zig only laughs, failing to comfort her. He tells her not to do it if she hates it so much, and she tells him she wouldn't feel so humiliated if Zig was there to support her. However, he tells her that he already promised his friends that he would go skateboarding with them at lunch, and says that his friends would make fun of him forever if he ditched them to hang with his girlfriend, When the bell rings, they lean in to kiss one another, but Zig pulls back, asking why the costume smells like cheese before he leaves.

At lunch, Tori tells Maya the story of how she became the mascot, when Maya asks if being the mascot was a "bizarre initiation" to be a member on the squad. Tori says that cheerleading is important to her, but that Zig would also be there for her if she needed him. However, Maya brings up the point to her that to her it sounds like Zig is putting his own agenda ahead of his girlfriend's, not caring about her interests. Maya asks her why she can stand up to Marisol, but not to her own boyfriend.

Tumblr m1hvhh2cP31r5uoxco1 500

Tori and her boyfriend, Zig.

Tori later approaches Zig in a classroom, and greets him, asking if he knows what he is doing that day. He doesn't know, and she tells him that he is going to the Degrassi football game with her. He sounds less than enthused and tells her that she knows that that isn't his "thing." She says that it is her thing and that she really wants him to be there, but he tells her that he would rather be at the skatepark. She stares at him before asking why he can't do this for her, and he tells her that it is just a football game. Tori says it is more than that, as it is her first official Power Squad event. He tells her that she is just the mascot, but she counters that she is only the mascot because she was late because of his video. Zig tells her that he didn't make her stay, but Tori confronts him, saying that she wanted to because it was important to Zig. She tells him to name one thing he has ever done for her, and he looks away without saying anything. Feeling guilty, he finally agrees to go to her game, but Tori, finally standing up for herself, tells him not to bother, before walking out.

After school, Tori discovers that she is back on the Power Squad because Zig took her place as the mascot. He appears from behind the bus and dances his way up to Tori, who has a look on her face like she is trying not to laugh. She asks, "I thought football games weren't your thing?", and he says he told Marisol he would wear the mascot costume so that Tori wouldn't have to. She tells him that she isn't going to just forgive him anymore just because he does one nice thing for her, saying that things need to change. He agrees and asks if he is going to get a kiss. She smiles and tells him that he won't while he is in the stinky mascot costume. Zig fakes being offended and rushes onto the bus, leaving Tori outside laughing and smiling at his silliness.

In Smash Into You (1), Tori is seen passing notes and asking Adam very personal questions in an attempt to
find Tristan a mate.

In Smash Into You (2), after convincing Adam to go on a double date with her, Zig and a "secret admirer," the big date finally happens, only to find out that Adam isn't exactly who she had in mind. A disappointed Adam leaves and a hurt Tristan is left for her to comfort.

In In the Cold, Cold Night (1), Tori can be seen with Tristan making sarcastic expressions due to Maya sitting out of their band rehearsal.

In In the Cold, Cold Night (2), Tori offers advice to Maya on how to be promiscuously attractive for Maya's Indie band audition that evening. When Maya shows up to the Frostival, Tori is welcoming and understanding and seems to find it funny when Maya epically fails at playing the trumpet.

Season 12

In Come As You Are (1), Tori, Maya, and Tristan are all excited for the new term. When Maya tells the two that she is auditioning for a rock band, they are excited for her, yet decline her offer when she asks them to join her. When Maya is called flat chested by Dallas, Tori is very supportive of Maya's problem with her self-image, and helps her find rubber implants for Maya to help her appear bigger.


Tori tells Maya about her "uniboob".

In Come As You Are (2), Maya tells Tori that the she stayed up all night writing music for Mo's band that she wants to join. Maya unveils her chest to Tori, saying that she used the chicken cutlets to give her the appearance of bigger breasts, but Tori tells her that it looks like Maya has a "uniboob," instead of two. Tori awkwardly tries to fix it for Maya, but stops when Tristan approaches the two, asking what they are doing. The two deny doing anything, and Maya checks out her bigger appearance in a mirror.

After the audition, Tori approaches Maya at her locker, saying that she heard about Maya losing her one chicken cutlet, and tells her that everyone is calling her "Chicken Cutlet." Tori tells Maya that she admires that Maya kept playing her song, as she would have run out of the room mortified. Maya says that she wishes she could hide from Mo and the hockey guys until she grows real boobs, and Tori tells her that she is perfect as she is, saying to wait a year. Maya asks her why Tori doesn't have to wait a year, and Tori reveals that she failed fourth grade, which would make her a year older than everyone. She tells Maya that if she could she would trade her boobs for Maya's musical talent any day. Feeling better, Maya asks how she will ever make out of the day alive, and Tori says she will look out for her.

As the two are walking in the hall, they pass Mo, and quickly try to walk away, as Maya is still embarrassed, but Mo chases after them. He tells Maya that he found her sheet music, and wants her in his band, much to Maya's delight. As Owen Milligan walks by Maya, saying loudly that he is hungry and could go for a chicken cutlet, Maya takes out her remaining cutlet, and throws it at the back of Owen's head. Owen tells her that she is probably going to want it back, but Maya tells him to keep it, as it is the most action he'll get all year, which causes Tori and others to laugh. Maya apologizes to Tori, promising to buy her new ones, but Tori tells her to not bother, and that Maya is her new hero.

In Gives You Hell (1), she cheers with the Power Squad for the Toronto Ice Hounds.

In Gives You Hell (2), Tori is seen auditioning for Romeo and Juliet: The Musical. After her audition, she wishes Tristan good luck with his. It is revealed on the cast sheet she will play 'the Nurse'.


Tori and Zig share a kiss after their 4 month anniversary date.

In Got Your Money (1), Tori is first shown congratulating Zig for making it into WhisperHug. The two kiss and walk into their class with Maya where Tori reveals that it is their four-month anniversary tomorrow. Zig says that he has a surprise planned and she claps excitedly. She tells him she will wear her new dress and that he can wear anything except his khaki uniform pants because the only other person that still wears them is Damon Carter, and that's because he can't afford anything else. The next day, she meets Zig after band practice and tells him she is so excited for that night and to not spoil anything. After he tells her he has to cancel and that four-month anniversaries aren't really a thing, she walks away saying that it was gonna be their thing and that she's sorry for liking him so much. In another class, Zig tries to join her and Maya's group, where she ignores him and Maya tells him he should go. That night, she is brought to Little Miss Steaks by Maya who takes her to Zig. She says that she thought he said four-month anniversaries were stupid and he says he it's hard when you like someone so much that you don't wanna mess up. She let's Maya leave and tells him she loves him. The two enjoy a nice dinner and dessert and when the bill comes, she asks if they should split it. Zig tells her to wait outside and as he meets her, he rushes her down the street and they kiss.


In Got Your Money (2), she excitedly meets Zig in the front of the school. They walk up to the steps and she asks when she could meet his mother. Maya runs up saying that Marisol scheduled WhisperHug to perform at the dance and they are all excited. She then leaves to go to class with Maya. Later that day, she walks with Zig in the main hall of the school and they find the ticket booth for the dance. They discover that no one is there and the bell rings and she leaves to her class. She is later shown in the hallway with Maya as their lockers are searched. She watches Zig's locker gets searched and watches him walk away awkwardly. She and Maya follow him into the band room where they find out he's the one who took the money. Tori asks why he would do it and says that it's like she doesn't even know him, to which he agrees and leaves. While WhisperHug is preparing to perform, she helps Maya with her hair, stating that Zig is her now ex-boyfriend. As he enters, he watches him hand Marisol money and before he leaves, asks why he did. He tells her that they dined-and-dashed and reveals he's poor, then leaves to go on stage. At the end of the performance, Tori walks to the front of the stage and stares at Zig. Later that night, she follows Damon to the Novak's store and she and Zig rekindle their relationship. She walks into the store with him and excitedly meets his mother.

In Closer to Free (2), she is seen singing in the background with Tristan while Clare and Eli talk.


Tori talks to Maya about Cam.

In Waterfalls (1), she is first seen in class with Maya and Tristan, excited for Maya about Campbell. She is later seen singing with Tristan onstage while Asher learns about the play from Eli. After Cam and Maya's date, she talks with Maya about what happened and gives advice.

In Waterfalls (2), she is seen in French class texting Maya with Tristan about Maya's date with Cam earlier. She learns about her embarrassing moment when the teacher notices the two texting, takes their phones, reads the conversation out loud and makes them repeat it in French.

In Rusty Cage (1), she is first seen in class with Cam, Maya, and Tristan talking about a karaoke night at Little Miss Steaks. She keeps trying to convince Cam to come with the others but he shrugs them off. At Little Miss Steaks, she watches Zig rock out as he sings and later dances with Tristan when Cam and Maya perform.


Tori and Tristan talk to Dave.

In Sabotage (1), she is seen finishing a rehearsal song for Romeo and Jules. After they finish, Tristan gets a text that there is a talent competition at the mall for a chance to be on West Drive and they are both excited. Dave decides to drive them and join them and Tori sings for her part with Zig along to support her. When it is revealed that Dave was one of the finalists and the winner, she congratulates him and they all go for pizza.

In Sabotage (2), she walks with Dave and Tristan in the hall still excited about his guest role. When they spot Alli, she leaves Dave with Tristan for the two to speak.


Tori rehearsing for the musical.

In Scream (1), she rehearses with Dave and Tristan again and watches Tristan not kiss Dave, again. She asks about it and he admits that he doesn't want his first kiss to be with Dave. She tells him not to worry about it and that he'll find somebody some time. Later on she is seen sitting with Maya when Tristan talks about a guy he met during a rehearsal. Tori tells him he shouldn't really be worrying about a guy he doesn't even know and he tells her that she doesn't even care about his feelings.


In Scream (2), she walks into the music room to find Maya and Zig and asks if they've seen Tristan because nobody can find him. Maya tells him about the note from the mystery guy and Tori gets worried instantly. She searches with them to find him as Zig continuously calls Tristan's phone. She hears the West Drive theme song coming from Luke and tells Owen that it's his brother's phone. She watches Owen slam Luke against the lockers and he admits where Tristan is. They find him in a locked classroom and try to convince him to go onstage. She tells him that they're people that care about him right there and that if he's worried about not being kissed yet to not be, then kisses him. In the play, she performs her role and talks about the performance backstage with Tristan. When the stagehand tells them to prepare again, she smiles for Tristan.

In Doll Parts (1), Tori debuts her pageant look at school, and Zig takes a liking to her new look. She reveals to Maya that she is doing the Miss Millennial Canada Pageant. Maya pulls her away to talk to Tori about why her and Campbell are having problems. Maya tells her that she took off her shirt and was wearing a sport bra, and Tori suggests that she make more of an effort appearance-wise. Tori offers to give Maya a makeover and to let her do the pageant with her. Tristan and Tori give Maya a makeover, and they reassure her that she looks gorgeous. Maya seems to like it until Campbell laughs at her.


Tori confidently smiles while on stage during the pageant.

Maya decides to participate in the pageant, and Tori comforts Maya, who is nervous about the crowd, by telling her not to worry about other girls. Maya takes offense to this comment, but Tori tells her that she competed for years before making the final round, saying to just have fun with it and that she'll feel awesome. Tori tells Maya that she only has to walk, but Maya also states that she needs to talk as well. During the pageant, Tori does well on stage, and is the first to move on to the next round. Maya also advances, and the two girls hold hands on stage. When they return backstage, Tori and Zig kiss several times in front of Maya. After the pageant, Tori sits with Maya while she breaks up with Campbell.

In Doll Parts (2), Maya plays her song for Maya and Tristan, but Tori is less than happy that Maya is playing the guitar now instead of the cello. She harshly tells Maya that she has no chance in winning the pageant, despite Maya's hopes for it, and Maya assumes that Tori doesn't think that she's pretty enough. Tori says that she is adorable, but not pageant material. Tori finds out that Maya asked Zig to play with her in the talent portion, and she accuses Maya of using Zig, saying Maya should have asked for her permission first. Maya doesn't listen to her, and says that Tori made it clear that Maya wasn't worth being jealous of, so she shouldn't be. Tori walks off, and both girls are highly upset with each other at this point. At the pageant, Tori and Tristan perform a magic act for the crowd, which involves levitating Tristan in midair. Behind Tori's back, Zig and Maya have been acting increasingly flirty with one another.


Tori's magic act for the talent portion of the pageant.

After Maya performs on stage with Zig, the two kiss one another, but are caught by Katie, Maya's older sister, who tells Maya that she shouldn't let a boy come between her and her best friend, Tori. When Tori and Maya are back on stage in their gowns, Tori gives a meaningful speech as an apology about how she is careless with words, and about how Maya has helped make her less superficial, calling her the most beautiful person she has ever met, which leaves Maya feeling guilty. Maya admits that her greatest flaw is that she is a "huge bitch", as she is feeling guilty about having kissed her best friend's boyfriend, and she runs out on the pageant, much to Zig's astonishment and Tori's confusion. The next day at school, Tori and Maya are on good terms again, but Maya has chosen not to tell Tori about her kiss with Zig. Tori is happy for Maya that she and Campbell have gotten back together, and tells Maya that she should have won the talent portion with her song. Tori is oblivious to how Zig is upset and jealous about Maya and Campbell.

In I Want It That Way (1), Tristan, Tori, and Maya are all taking a yoga class together. Tristan expresses interest in Fab to the two girls. Later, the three of them go shopping together. Tristan expresses his unhappiness with his weight, saying that Fab basically called him fat during yoga. He says that he wants love and thinks that maybe he isn't finding it because of his weight. Tori suggests that he goes on a diet, but Maya disapproves of her suggestion. Tori and Maya try to get him to try on a shirt to make him feel better, but he says that not even retail therapy could help him. The next day, Tristan tells Tori and Maya that he plans to go on a cleanse diet. Maya protests the idea, but Tori decides to do the diet with him. Tori and Tristan vlog their cleanse diet online, but Tori tries talking to Tristan one last time about how the diet might not be a good idea. He tells her that if he can't get like himself, then no one can, which convinces Tori to participate with him.

In I Want It That Way (2), Tori records Tristan for the cleanse vlog, and he manages to hit his goal: 7 pounds in a week. Tori tells him that he looks fabulous, and that she doesn't know how he did it since she only lasted a day on the diet. She gives him the black yoga shirt as a congratulatory gift that they had seen earlier at the mall, and he loves it. She ask if he'll come back to Yoga Club now, but Tristan says he needs to get "one-on-one" tutoring from Fab. Later, Maya and Tori throw Tristan a celebratory lunch for kicking the cleanse diet and scoring a date with Fab. Tristan refuses to eat the food, and continues to do the cleanse diet. Tori and Maya tell him that he can't survive without food, but Maya gets Tristan to agree to at least eat her yogurt with granola.


In Tonight, Tonight, Tori confesses to Maya that she thinks she is losing Zig, but Maya reassures her that she isn't and that she is just overreacting. This prompts Maya to beg Zig to be nice to Tori, which he reluctantly agrees to. Later, Tori, Maya, and Campbell are studying for their French exam together. Tori is on her phone and says that Zig isn't texting her back, and Maya tells her that she talked to Zig. Maya lies to her best friend, saying that Zig said that nothing was wrong and that he was just busy. At that moment, Zig shows up to Maya's house unannounced, and they are all confused to see him. Maya plays it off to Tori that she told Zig that she was here, and Tori tells Zig to sit next to her. Zig does not talk to Tori directly, and he and Maya go and talk in the kitchen. Zig confesses to her that after the Battle of the Bands, he is going to break up with Tori. After their French exam, Tori tells Maya that her and Tristan will be at the Battle of the Bands to support her. At the competition, Tori walks in on Zig and Maya talking about when they kissed, and throws the drinks she got for them on the ground in front of Maya. She angrily storms out, and neither Maya or Zig follow her.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (1), Tristan and Tori are no longer friends with Maya. Tori's only appearances in this episode are with Tristan.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (2), Tori comes to Maya while she's writing her speech for Campbell's candlelight vigil. Maya thinks that Tori came to Maya just because Cam committed suicide, so she gets mad and tells her to go away. Afterwards, Tori could be seen attending Campbell's vigil, listening to Maya's speech. Later on, Tori says that she wanted to become friends with Maya before Campbell committed suicide; Maya admits she did too. They make up and become friends again.

Tori surprised at seeing Katie flip the manager.

In Ray of Light (1), she is seen at lunch with Maya and Tristan when Katie decides to sit with them and Tori greets her.  She tells Katie that they are all going to Little Miss Steaks to watch Maya perform for open mic night. Later, while they are watching Maya's performance, she and Tristan ask why Katie and Jake broke up.  Katie tells them that she made a bad decision to get into Stanford, which caused the break up.  Tori and Tristan seemed shocked and give each other weird looks.  After Maya is done performing, Tori and the others tell her that she was really good and Maya tells them that she got a business card from a manager.  That makes Katie angry and flips the manager, leaving Tori, Maya, and Tristan shocked.


Tristan comforting Tori while she is crying.

In Ray of Light (2) Tori, Zig, Maya, and Damon are briefly showed in the Degrassi video yearbook. Tori drew a heart on the glass behind Zig's head with her fingers and she is later seen in the video yearbook making faces with Tristan.

In Karma Police (1) , when it's Tori's turn for her presentation, she breaks down when she says that she'd go back to before Cam committed suicide. Tristan goes up and hugs her as she cries. She watches as Zig expresses his disapproval. Tori then glares at Zig while he begins his presentation.


Tori's last appearance.

In Karma Police (2), Zig apologizes to Tori, Maya, and Tristan and tells Tori that he feels awful about cheating on her. Later, he tries to sit with his friends at lunch and she, Maya, and Tristan tell him that they really appreciate his apology and it meant a lot to her. Then they leave and Tori watches Maya as she asks if he wants to be an extra in Eli's zombie movie with them. This was Tori's last appearance on the show.


Season 13

In Summertime, it is revealed by Tristan that Tori has moved away. Since Tori is now gone, Tristan tells Maya that she is now his best friend. Maya later mentions that people around her always leave her: Tori, Tristan, and Katie, and that maybe one day she won't get left behind.

In The World I Know, when Maya explains her complicated history with Zig to Miles, she mentions she and Zig kissed while he was still dating Tori.



  • Tori was the second character to be in beauty pageants. The first was Spinner, who was in male pageants, and the third being Maya, who participated in a beauty pageant in Season 12.
  • Her best friends were Tristan and Maya. She had been best friends with Tristan before attending Degrassi, presumably meeting Tristan in junior high. She was initially rivals with Maya but patched things up with her when Maya inadvertently rekindled Tori and Zig's relationship.
  • She is the only one of the freshmen introduced in Season 11.5 that did not make it to 100 episodes.
  • Tori plays the trombone, although from In the Cold, Cold Night onwards, she is seen playing the clarinet.
  • Her Twitter
  • She is a fan of West Drive. She and Tristan had a weekly West Drive vlog, The West Drive Experience, a nod to real world vlog The Degrassi Experience.
  • Tori reveals in Come As You Are (2) that she had to repeat Grade 4, which means she should've been a Grade 10 from the second half of Season 11 to Season 12. This makes her a year older than the other students in her grade.
  • She was in the Miss Millennial Beauty Pageant in Season 12, along with Maya. She ended up winning Miss Congeniality, which she has won before.
  • Though she was in a relationship with Zig, she kissed Tristan in Scream (2) so he would stop worrying about his first kiss. Zig appeared to be okay with it. This was Tristan's first kiss.
  • Tori is several characters to be held back a year (she confessed to Maya that she had to repeat Grade 4), the others were Rick Munro, Joey Jeremiah, Sean, Rick Murray (before his death), Spinner, Jimmy, Fiona, Drew, Dallas, Imogen, Jonah, and Esme.
  • Tori was the second character to being forced to wear the mascot costume by the captain of the squad. The first was Manny, who was forced to wear it by Paige.
  • She was never the center of a love triangle.
  • She shares a surname with a former Degrassi producer/writer, Vera Santamaria.
  • She shares similarities with former students, Alli Bhandari and Manny Santos.
  • She did not return for Season 13 because Alex Steele wanted to focus on other projects. However, according to an interview with Stephen Stohn, Tori was not officially written off the show, and that the door was open for her to return. As the rest of her grade graduated in Season 4 of Degrassi: Next Class, it is assumed that Tori will never return as a character.
  • She was the fourth character to be the mascot for the Power Squad. The others were Zig, J.T., Danny and Derek.
  • She is the second character to be played by Alex Steele. The first was Angela Jeremiah. Alex Steele is the first actor to portray two different characters in Degrassi history.


  • Tori: "He's not in this class. Where is he?" (first line)
    Tristan: "Relax! I'll get intel on Zig's whereabouts."
  • To Zig: "It meant a lot to me too." (final line)
  • To Maya: "He's only using you to make me jealous."
  • To Zig and Maya: "We're gonna have so much fun this year."
  • To Tristan: "Zig's my boyfriend. You understand..."
  • To Tristan: "He thinks I'm fat?! That jerk!"
  • To Adam: "This is going to be the best. Ever!"
  • To Maya: "He's a jerk who uses girls and breaks their hearts!"
  • To Maya: "One minute we were fine and next he wouldn't answer my texts!"
  • To Alli: "I think you're really pretty."
  • Alli: "Come on, Tina!"
    Tori: "It's Tori!"
    Marisol: "Hey Tina, you got a little lipstick on your face."
    Tori (while everyone else except Jenna laughs): "UGGH!"
  • To Tristan: "Sorry about bailing this morning. Zig doesn't really get West Drive."
  • To Tristan: "He's going to break up with me again and then I'll have no one!"
  • Tristan: "You're spending all of your time with him. We're supposed to be best friends!"
    Tori: "We are. And a real best friend would wanna spend time with his best friend and her boyfriend. Not try and break them up!"
  • Tristan: "But look - I'm willing to share.."
    Tori: "I'm not a sandwich, Tris."
  • To Maya: "You're just jealous because I have a boyfriend and you don't."
  • Tori: "You look AH-MA-ZING."
    Adam: "Thanks! So do you."
    Tori: "Aw! You are so fab."
    Adam: "...Pardon?"
  • To Maya: "Just because you ditched the band doesn't mean I'd lead you astray."
  • To Maya: "You play trumpet, too? Showoff."
  • To Maya: "Mo Mashkour...? Cute name."
  • Maya: "Does my breath stink?" *breathes in Tori's face*
    Tori: "Ew! I dunno."
  • "I would just die if Zig did that to me, just die!"


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