The Toronto Ice Hounds are a professional junior hockey team consisting of players ages 16-18, recruited from throughout the North American continent. They are a gang of hockey players who are talented at playing hockey, some more talented than others. They are notorious for causing problems, wreaking havoc, and creating chaos around Degrassi Community School. Players from outside the Toronto area are billeted with host families and attend Degrassi, as do all known local team members. They were first introduced in Come As You Are (1).

Former Members


  • The Ice Hounds play in a league based on the real-life Ontario Hockey League, and their name is similar to the Niagara (formerly Mississauga) IceDogs.
  • Opposing (fictional) teams include the Sarnia Stallions (green jerseys) and Hamilton Apex (yellow). One of these "hockey teams" was made up entirely of Degrassi writers.
  • Their first ever appearance and mention was in the first episode of Season 12.
  • In season 11, we knew Owen was on a hockey team, but the Ice Hounds weren't created at that time.
  • Most students who attend Degrassi do not like the Toronto Ice Hounds since they often bully many students. 
  • The Ice Hounds have gotten into fights with Eli Goldsworthy, Jake Martin, Katie Matlin, Clare Edwards, Dave Turner, Alli BhandariConnor DeLaurier and Zig Novak. But Dallas is on good terms with them now.
  • The team was made of five seniors, five juniors, and one sophomore. In the 2013-2014 school year, it is inferred that this team consists of only six seniors.
  • While the professional junior hockey league only accepts players ages 16 to 18, some younger players can be granted "exceptional player status" if they perform at a high level of play, and are allowed to be drafted into the league, such as Campbell Saunders.