Touch of Grey is the fifteenth episode of Season 8 of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It aired on March 15, 2009 in Canada, and on July 10, 2009 in the United States.


Emma wants to create a new university identity, so she smokes pot with Becca and Gwyneth, but she takes her new stoner persona too far when she shares pot brownies at a campus event.

Main Plot

Liberty has joined the right sorority and having a great time, but Emma is tired of being unknown on campus. She despises the fact that everyone on campus calls her "Blonde Emma" even after her hair is no longer blonde. When she meets a girl named Becca and her friend, Gwyneth, she learns that Kelly has been selling marijuana. She sells them some and decides to smoke it with them for the first time. The girls take a liking to her and nickname her "Blaze", so she decides to make weed brownies for the Floor Olympics. Everybody has a fun time with them until one of the Becca, who is diabetic, falls unconscious and forgets to take her insulin. Because of the sugar in the brownies and the craving appetite associated with weed, she experiences insulin shock and is brought to the hospital. The police are notified and search the rooms. Kelly goes to take the brownies out of his room. The police catch him and he takes the blame and is kicked out of the dorm, but is still allowed to go to school.

Sub Plot

K.C. and Connor were playing basketball earlier and Coach Armstrong asks K.C. if he wants to try out for basketball. Connor tells Armstrong that there was "strange noises" coming from the stage. He pulls back the curtain and Armstrong rats Reese out and threatens to kick him off the team. K.C. looks at him, and Reese tries to start a fight, but Armstrong kicked him out. K.C. shows up for tryouts where Reese again picks a fight. K.C. knows if he fights he'll have to go to Juvie. He runs off and Connor later shows up at his house after cross examining K.C.'s phone number to his group home. Connor searched K.C.'s reason for being there and he tells Reese to scare him off. K.C. has no choice but to admit his secret to Clare. Clare tries to accept what K.C. used to do, but quickly jumps to conclusions, when she blames K.C. when Connor comes up to them, his face all bloody. K.C. storms off upset, when Clare tries to apologize, but the rift has already been forced between them.

  • This episode marks the final regular appearance of Liberty Van Zandt.
  • When Connor dunked the basket ball it was obvious that he did not actually make it because the ball did not go in the hoop when it came down
  • This episode is named after the song "Touch of Grey" by the band Grateful Dead.