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"Towerz" was a recurring character in season 3 of Degrassi: The Next Generation. He was portrayed by actor Travis Donegan. Towerz was friends with Jay Hogart, Alex Nunez, and Sean Cameron. He briefly dated Liberty Van Zandt. Towerz was a delinquent shown stealing from Degrassi and he seemed to have an interest in auto shop and mechanics. Even though he made many brief appearances, he never said a word on screen.

Towerz was written out before Season 4. He was last mentioned by Liberty in the Season 4 premiere, stating that she and Towerz had broken up. In the locker journals, Liberty explained that she walked in on Towerz with another girl. In an interview during the segment "Degrassi Tells All," Miriam McDonald revealed that Donegan got fired because of being late for too many filming days, while Mike Lobel jokingly said that Liberty broke his heart so badly that he left the school because of deep depression.



  • He was a part of The Candy Bandits.
  • He never spoke on screen.
  • The only form of communication he has shown, was giving Sean the "OK" by shaking his head when they were stealing and pointing with his chin at Sean Cameron to show Jay that someone was watching them in Gangsta Gangsta.
  • In the episode Accidents Will Happen (2), Sean explains how Towerz would hurt him if Liberty didn't forgive him, which indicates that Towerz can talk, but is never seen on screen.
  • He and Liberty dated for a short amount of time, making him Liberty's first boyfriend.
  • He was Liberty's only boyfriend other than J.T. Yorke.
  • Travis Donegan, the actor that plays Towerz, was fired for being late to set too many times as revealed by Miriam McDonald.
  • He was most likely in Grade 10 during Season 3 (Class of 2006), as that was the age group Alex, Jay, and Sean were.


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