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Tramon (Tristan/Damon) is the epic romance between Tristan Milligan and Damon Carter. Began sometime back in season 12. After Tori failed in trying to set up Tristan with Adam, she tried her luck at it again with Damon, needless this time it worked like a charm once she teamed up with Jonah to set them up.


  • Better love story than Triles and the short-lived joke known as Trijay.
  • Ended Klaine's career.
  • Tristan's only healthy relationship.
  • It rivals Taak as Degrassi's most popular MLM relationship.
  • Tori and Jonah set it all up for 2 different motives.
    • Tori's reasoning was due to the fact that she thought her and her-at-the-time boyfriend Zig Novak's respective best friends dating would be fun along with double dates.
    • Jonah's reasoning was because Tristan would mope around seeing his loving relationship with Drew and approach Jonah bitching about why he and Miles can't be as iconic then got fed up and consulted in Tori.
  • They double date with frequently with Zori and Taak. Sometimes they'll run into Zasha much to Zoë's dismay since she and Damon share a mutual dislike of one another.
    • Speaking of Taak, they had a double wedding with them.
  • Owen once walked in on them roleplaying and can't get rid of the memory.
    • However, Owen decided to accept Damon unless he were to hurt Tristan, there'd be serious consequences.
  • When Yates first appeared on Degrassi, Damon got suspicious whenever he'd talk to Tristan and upon finding out his true motives, he kicked his ass.
  • They have an adopted son named Tramon and daughter name Ziley.
  • Their soundtrack consists of:
  1. Super Bass by Nicki Minaj