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The friendship between Tristan Milligan and Maya Matlin began in Season 11. The two became acquainted during the start of their freshman year through their mutual friend, Tori Santamaria (who moved away before Season 13), and eventually became friends after the three of them began spending time together. Following Tori's departure, Tristan officially declared Maya his new best friend. Their friendship ended in Out of My Head when Maya told Mr. Simpson about Tristan having a sexual relationship with Mr. Yates, their English teacher. Tristan and Maya finally talked things through and renewed their friendship in Get It Together. Though they are friends again, they have remained a bit distant towards each other, but become closer again during the final months of their senior year.

Friendship History[]


Season 11[]


In Underneath It All, Tori and Tristan are seen gossiping together in band class, and warning Maya Matlin that Zig Novak is bad news.

In In the Cold, Cold Night (1), Tristan and Tori exchange looks when Maya asks if she can perform harder music during band class, and Tristan rolls his eyes.

In In the Cold, Cold Night (2), the two sit next to each other during the band's performance at the Frostival. He and Tori both find Maya's failure to play the trumpet amusing.

Season 12[]


In Come As You Are (1), Tori, Maya, and Tristan are all excited for the new term. When Maya tells the two that she is auditioning for a rock band, they are excited for her, yet decline her offer when she asks them to join her.

Tori and Tristan are both very supportive of Maya's problem with her self-image after she is called flat, and when she is rejected from Mo Mashkour's band because she doesn't look mature enough. Tristan even tells her that she has a nice body when she is feeling down.

In Come As You Are (2), Tristan asks Tori and Maya what they are doing when Tori is fixing Maya's chicken cutlets, which previously had the appearance of a "uniboob." Tristan compliments Maya on her hair, and asks her if she is excited for her audition.


In Gives You Hell (1), Tristan and Maya are in the same French class, and they both agree that Campbell Saunders can join their group. Tristan develops a crush on him, though Campbell seems to like Maya. When Maya leaves her Facerange account open and Campbell messages her, Tristan impersonates Maya and talks to him. Tristan tries to get to know Campbell, much to Maya's encouragement, by asking to sit with him at lunch, but Campbell rudely turns him away. Tristan tells Maya that after "ugly sobbing" from the encounter, he is now over Campbell, but after Campbell apologizes to Tristan and Maya, his crush resumes. Tristan promises to do all of Maya's French homework in exchange for her Fancerange password so that he could resume talking to Campbell.


In Gives You Hell (2), Maya continues to let Tristan use her account to talk to Campbell. Tristan keeps Campbell updated about his status of the play, leaving Campbell under the impression that Maya was trying out for the play. When Tristan tells him that he got the part of Juliet, Campbell congratulates Maya, who tells Campbell that she isn't in the play. Tristan tells him the truth, and Campbell tells both of them that he won't ever be friends with either of them, which leaves both feeling bad that they hurt him. Throughout the episode, Maya is supportive of Tristan's desire to join the play, and she is happy for him when he gets the role of Jules.

In Waterfalls (1), Maya asks Tristan if it is okay for her to go on a date with Campbell Saunders, Tristan's former crush, and Tristan sings to her that he is over him because his new love is theater.

In Waterfalls (2), Tori and Tristan are sitting next to one another in class, and text Maya, asking about her date with Campbell after they catch her staring at him. They are caught by the teacher and their messages are read aloud to the class.


In Rusty Cage (1), Tristan, Maya and Tori all tease Campbell about what his hockey nickname is. Later, Tristan, Maya, Tori, Zig and Campbell are all hanging out at Little Miss Steaks. When Campbell and Maya begin to sing, Tori and Tristan dance to their song.

In Scream (1), Tristan tells Tori and Maya about the moment he shared with Fab at play rehearsal. Maya is happy for him, but Tori is more reserved, knowing that Tristan is not good at talking to attractive guys and she doesn't want him to get hurt. Later, Tristan and Maya are walking in the hallway, and Tristan tells Maya that he thinks Tori is right after he failed to talk to Fab. The two link arms, and she says he still has opening night. However, he ignores her when he sees a rose and an anonymous letter on his locker. He decides to meet the person, even though rehearsal starts in 30 minutes.

In Scream (2), Tori is hunting down Tristan for rehearsal, and makes Maya and Zig search with her. Maya tells Tori about Tristan's secret admirer, which angers Tori that he might be kissing a guy while she is worrying over him.


In Doll Parts (1), Tristan and Tori give Maya a makeover.

In Doll Parts (2), Maya plays her song on the guitar for Tori and Tristan, which she hopes to play in the pageant. Tristan loves it, and compares her to Taylor Swift. He looks around awkwardly and does not say anything when Tori tells Maya that she doesn't have a shot at winning the pageant.


In I Want It That Way (1), Tristan, Tori and Maya are all taking a yoga class together. Tristan expresses interest in Fab Juarez to the two girls. Later, the three of them go shopping together. Tristan expresses his unhappiness with his weight, saying that Fab basically called him fat during yoga. He says that he wants love and thinks that maybe he isn't finding it because of his weight. Tori suggests that he goes on a diet, but Maya disapproves of her suggestion. Tori and Maya try to get him to try on a shirt to make him feel better, but he says that not even retail therapy could help him. The next day, Tristan tells Tori and Maya that he plans to go on a cleanse diet. Maya protests the idea,


but Tori decides to do the diet with him.

In I Want It That Way (2), Maya and Tori throw Tristan a celebratory lunch for kicking the cleanse diet and scoring a date with Fab. Tristan refuses to eat the food, and continues to do the cleanse diet. Tori and Maya tell him that he can't survive without food, but Maya gets Tristan to agree to at least eat her yogurt with granola.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (1), Tristan makes a snide remark about Maya and Zig being on the same team for spirit week.


In Bitter Sweet Symphony (2), Tristan listens to Maya speak at Campbell's candelight vigil. As Tori forgives Maya in this episode, it can be assumed the three will all be friends again.

In Ray of Light (1), Tristan, Tori and Maya are sitting together at lunch when Katie sits down with them. Later at Little Miss Steaks, Tristan listens to her song and compliments her on it once she had finished singing. When Katie tells Maya they need to leave, Tristan and Tori watch as they fight.

In Karma Police (1), Maya and Tristan are sitting next to one another in French class. When Tristan insults Zig for making rude comments about Tori's display of emotion for Cam by saying he kissed Cam's girlfriend, Maya yells "Tristan!" at him.


In Karma Police (2), Maya and Tristan are sitting next to one another in French class when Zig gives his time travelling presentation. Zig admits he would have gone back to before he hurt any of his friends and apologizes to Tori, Tristan and Maya. They forgive him, and Maya invites Zig and Damon to be extras in Eli's zombie movie with her, Tristan and Tori.


In Zombie (1), They are both seen filming Eli's zombie film and Tristan is the lead role while Maya plays a zombie that attacks him. The next day, Maya sees Tristan down the hall and walks toward him, but then trips into his arms because she's wearing high heels. Tristan asks why she can't wear sneakers instead and Maya tells him that she wants to change her look because she wants to meet cute boys. Tristan agrees to it and Maya asks him about Fab and he tells her that he's not into him anymore because he thinks Fashion Week is shallow. Then, they both receive an invitation to Drew's campaign party. Maya realizes that it's a senior party and cute boys go to them and they both agree to go. Tristan questions her on why she wants to meet boys so bad and she tells him that she doesn't have a boyfriend anymore, which makes Tristan very concerned. 


When Maya's mother see's her raunchy outfit and finds out she's attending the party, she tells her she can't and Maya calls Tristan in front of her mom and tells him that she can't go, but then she leaves the room and tells him that they will be going to the party. They then arrive and seem to feel awkward being there. Then, Maya goes and gets an alcoholic beverage and offers some to Tristan and he rejects. Then, Tristan sees Dave and tells Maya he needs to say hi to him, leaving Maya upset. Zig arrives at the party and asks Tristan if Maya's okay, and he looks over at her while she's intoxicated and says she's fine and says she's had a few coolers. When Zig offers to walk her home, Maya rejects him and Tristan tells him that he'll make sure she gets home safely. After Zig leaves, Maya drinks more coolers and gets out of control, leaving Tristan frustrated at Maya's behaviour. 

Season 13[]


In Summertime, Tristan has dyed his hair blonde. Maya and Tristan begin to walk into Degrassi for their meeting about their trip to Paris this summer when Maya sees the new kid, Miles Hollingsworth III, and gets distracted, then walks into a board that Drew and Dallas were working on. Tristan is excited that Maya will be his new BFF since Tori and her family moved away. They walk into the classroom where the meeting is, alongside many people, such as Alli and Jenna. Then suddenly, the new girl, Zoë Rivas, who happens to be the former star of the show West Drive, appears. Madame Jean-Aux introduces her and says that she will be joining the class going to Paris. Tristan is excited when Zoë tells him that the whole cast of West Drive watched his blog that he did with Tori. She also tells him that there is a concert that night and they should go. Then Maya tags along. 

Zoë, Tristan and Maya are seen going to the concert together and Tristan and Zoë seem to be bonding. Zoë says that they don't have to wait in line since she is a star but only her and Tristan get in because the security guard thinks that Maya is under 13 so she couldn't go in, which led to her going out back. 


Later, Miles, Maya, Zoë and Tristan are seen backstage when Tristan mentions that during the most recent school year, Maya had two guys fight over her. Miles asks what happens but Maya quickly says nothing happened. Then Zoë makes a comment that if Maya ditched Tristan for some boy in Paris then she will be by Tristan's side. Maya then retorts by saying that Zoë's character was killed off of West Drive. Tristan is shocked and says that can't be true. Zoë then stomps on Maya's foot, making her spill her drink all over the sound board, which stops the concert. The four teenagers get in trouble and are sent to concert jail.

Maya and Tristan talk and she says that he has been ditching her for the whole night. He says he was afraid that she was going to ditch him for Miles. She says that isn't going to happen and that she wants to go home but doesn't have any money. Miles then walks over and gives her his credit card and tells her his pin. She thanks him and she and Tristan both go home.


The next day, Tristan and Maya are at The Dot having breakfast and when they get the bill, Maya takes out Miles' credit card and uses it. Then she says she should return it to him but Tristan thinks it is a bad idea. Maya says her mom already thinks she is a badass so she's decided to be one. Later, Tristan and Maya get on the bus to go to Paris and sit next to each other. Miles and Chewy get on and Miles assumes that he'll spend the summer with Maya, to which she replies that she'll actually be spending it with Tristan. Tristan and Maya laugh after Zoë tells her that she doesn't want Miles and Maya involved with each other.


In All I Wanna Do, Tristan claims that Maya is his girlfriend after he feels like he has to act straight in front of Miles and Winston. Maya goes along with the act for a little bit, even going as far as kissing Tristan, but tells Tristan that she doesn't want to have to pretend to be his girlfriend for the entire trip. Tristan explains to her that he feels like he has to pretend to be straight since people like Miles and Winston wouldn't be comfortable around him since he was gay. Tristan's act turns out to be in vain since Miles and Winston already knew he was gay, anyway.


In My Own Worst Enemy, Maya smiles when she sees Tristan and Miles walk into the room. Tristan tells her that he's convinced that Miles has feelings for him and tells her about the hug they shared the previous day, which he's told her about many times already. Then, she watches Tristan and Zoë talk about if Miles is homosexual or not. When the class starts, Madame Cliquet tells them about the assignment they're supposed to do and Maya doesn't seem to understand what she's saying and tries asking Tristan what she's saying using non-verbal communication. After Tristan has spent time with Miles, he tells Maya an exaggerated story about him kissing Miles. They both are about to walk into a room and see Zoë on Miles's lap, shocking them both.

13x05 12

In About A Girl, Maya and Tristan are talking before class, and Tristan insists that he is sick and wants to skip. Maya knows he's lying, and Tristan reveals that he can't stand to see Miles and Zoë kissing all the time. Maya encourages him to attend class, saying that "it's not like they're going to make out in class", only to walk into the classroom to see Miles and Zoë kissing against a desk. Tristan, upset, leaves the room, and Maya goes and sits down with Winston. Maya tells Winston that he needs to tell Miles to stop the PDA with Zoë, but Winston insists that would only make Miles do it twice as much.

In class, Maya comes up with an idea to embarrass Miles and Zoë in public. Maya gets up from doing some work to admire Paris out the window. Her admiration is quickly interrupted when she sees Miles and Zoë kissing against a car outside. She leaves the room abruptly and returns with a bucket of water. Tristan asks what she's doing and she tells him that Miles and Zoë are sucking face outside and that she's going to douse them with water. Maya then pours the water off the balcony and goes back into the room. Maya and Tristan then hear a woman yelling in french, and go onto the balcony only to find that she poured water on their french teacher, who gives them both detention.

13x05 46

The detention consists of them scrubbing the school floor with sponges. Tristan leaves saying that he is going to get some rubber gloves. Miles enters saying "What kind of crazy person dumps a bucket of water on a teacher?". Maya admits that the water was meant for him and "his girlfriend". Miles says that Zoë isn't his girlfriend, and Maya replies "Oh so, you just make out with whoever?". Miles says "Whoever asks nicely, so ask away". Maya scoffs at him and says that she wouldn't kiss him with her dog's lips. Miles asks "So you're just hellbent on stopping me from kissing someone else?". Maya says "It was for Tristan. You kissed him, Miles. You got his hopes up and now you're making him watch you and Zoë grope each other in every nook and cranny of the entire school. You know he can't even stand to come to class anymore." Miles looks up and then away. Maya turns around to find Tristan standing there. Tristan looks at Maya and then walks away. Maya sighs and then says to Miles "Look what you did" and begins to walk away when Miles tells her to wait. She turns around and Miles says "You sure you don't want to kiss me?". Maya ignores Miles and leaves the room.

13x05 54

Maya enters Tristan's room to find him with the sheet up covering his bed. Maya says "Special delivery". "One best friend who's really, really sorry". Tristan ignores her. Maya says "Tris, please talk to me". I really didn't mean to tell Miles. Tristan asks her why she did then. Maya replies saying "He kept saying that I liked him". Tristan pulls back the sheet and asks Maya if she does. Maya says no, and Tristan replies "But you still had to sell me out to prove your point?". Maya says that's not what happened, and Tristan tells her that it is and that "This morning I could pretend I wasn't feeling well, now Miles knows I'm just a lovesick puppy. It's mortifying". Maya insists that she can fix this. Tristan replies "No thanks. We're done" and pulls back the sheet. Maya asks him what that means, and Tristan says "I'm not going to sign for your best friend package. Return to sender". Maya, distraught, leaves.


In Cannonball, Miles and Winston are seen getting dressed before Maya walks in, trying to find Tristan. Miles says that Tristan already left before they woke up. As Maya is leaving, he says that she should take someone with her, and she takes Winston. When Maya says she doesn't need a guy like him around right now, he looks upset and throws Winston his shirt. Later, when Winston convinces Maya that she needs Miles to find Tristan because he speaks French and knows his way around Paris, they walk in to see Miles and Zoë sitting on his bed. Miles, at Zoë's suggestion, makes Maya ask nicely in French for help. He then seems to push Zoë aside carelessly, eager to help Maya.


It is raining outside when they go to find Tristan in the evening, and he is carrying a black umbrella. He stops by a fast food place, making Maya upset, and offers her a fry. When Maya looks like she is about to cry and says she doesn't know what to say to Tristan even if they find him because she is a terrible friend, Miles assures her that it's okay and to walk across the street, where Tristan is. He gives her the umbrella and leaves. In class the next day, Maya and Tristan are doing a presentation on the pillory as a form of public humiliation, and Maya suggests that Miles try it out. Tristan jokingly asks if anyone has any rotten fruit to throw at Miles. When the bell rings, Maya and Tristan almost leave Miles stuck in the pillory. When Miles calls to be let out, Maya stays back and asks quietly why he was so nice to her the other day. Miles says she caught him on a good day. They stare at each other for a little bit before Zoë interrupts, telling Miles he promised to take her out to this fancy restaurant. Miles seems slightly reluctant. Maya lets him out of the pillory, but before he leaves the classroom following Zoë, Miles tells Maya he'll see her around with a smile.


In Honey, they are seen in class listening to Madame Cliquet about going to a fancy French restaurant. She and Tristan laugh and whisper to each other about how they're going to order their food. Then, Madame tells the class about the attire they need to wear and they aren't supposed to wear vulgar t-shirts. Then, Zoë makes fun of Maya for wearing sneakers and having flat feet; then, Maya makes fun of Zoë for wearing "hooker heels." Maya then appears to be angry when seeing Zoë and Miles kiss each other. Tristan then convinces Maya to go on a fashion montage with him.


Maya and Tristan go on their fashion montage and are seeing trying on hats and posing. They go across the street and see a dress in the window. They both decide to go to dinner very dressed up to show up Zoë. When they arrive at dinner, Miles seems flattered by how Maya looks, which angers Zoë. Zoë then spills her drink on Maya's dress on purpose, angering everyone. Tristan then takes Maya into the bathroom to clean up. They come back and Miles informs them that he ended his relationship with Zoë because of how she treated Maya. Maya looks back at Zoë who looks very angry and in tears. The next day, everyone leaves Paris and Maya looks very tired. She kisses Madame goodbye and gets on the bus. She complains about leaving at 4am and rests her head on Tristan's shoulder to go to sleep. Tristan then tells her to sleep with one eye open because Zoë is staring back at them, crying. 

13x09 15

In This Is How We Do It, Tristan and Maya are seen walking in school together. Tristan teases her about Miles being school now, but Maya insists how she is focusing on music, not boys. Tristan remarks if she was so focused on music, then why she got eye contacts and ditched her glasses. Later on, they are saying chatting together in class as Miles comes in and starts hitting on Maya. 


In You Got Me, Tristan is with Maya and Miles as they buy tickets to the school dance. They are seen walking inside together and Maya comments on the silence. 

Normal 1YOK001

In You Oughta Know, Tristan talks about scoring Miles his new best friend, Maya takes mock offense to it. He clarifies how he wants a male best friend since he usually has female friends. He is optimistic about Miles becoming a new friend and brings up how he was invited to hang out with him at his house after school. Maya says she was as well. When asking he was asked to chaperone a date, Maya calls him a doofus because Miles was throwing a party; hence, everyone is invited to come hang out. 


In Everything You've Done Wrong, Maya sees Tristan upset after being told off by Miles. She asks what's wrong and he reveals how he faked being a drug dealer and gave Miles fake drugs and now he is mad at him. Maya urges him to come clean about his mistake. 

13x13 04

In Who Do You Think You Are, Tristan is happily watching Maya's musical performance in class and comments on how Zoë appears jealous over her musical talents. He calls Maya a "super star" when class ends and urges Zoë away when Miles begins asking Maya out on an official date. In the hallway, Tristan presses for details about her date, only to be disappointed when Maya begins making excuses as to why she can't begin a relationship. He says how she is scared about dating again and that just because her last relationship ended in tragedy doesn't mean she can't take a chance on Miles. 

When she shushes him to make sure Zoë doesn't hear, he is confused. He says how he thought they were okay, but Maya says how just because she and Zoë are now friends, doesn't mean she may be okay with her budding romance with Miles. Tristan then covers for Maya and claims to Zoë that she has a crush on Mr. Townsend. When Zoë offers to use her professional contacts for Maya to make a pro music video for her song, Tristan urges her to do it. Later on, he is all for Maya doing a sexy video since a lot of stars have before. Following Maya's online bullying for her video, he asks if she is doing okay and tries comforting her. 

In Barely Breathing, Tristan is seen in class as Maya sings her "death song" to Zoë and is clearly stunned. 


In Black Or White, Tristan visits Maya to read his acting assignment of them and is clearly upset about it. Maya tries coming up with ideas to be taken seriously and gives him an idea for it. Tristan thanks her and kisses her on her head. 

13x16 92

In Spiderwebs, Tristan and Maya are seen together at the play Tristan is pulling one prank on Zoë for revenge to help Maya out.

In The World I Know, Tristan and Maya are seen sitting together with Miles talking about the rubber room.

In Better Man, Tristan is seen helping Maya with her make up for the rubber room so she can fit in.


In Unbelievable, Tristan and Maya are seen together supporting Zoë after what happened to her at Mile's party.

In What It's Like, Maya tells Tristan that she shouldn't have had blown him off all summer and that she should've had been there for him.

In Close to Me, Tristan and Maya are seen talking to Zoë about Miles and Zig and how she wants all of them to hang out at the semi formal together.


In Army of Me, Tristan and Maya are seen in class together and Maya is trying to comfort Tristan about his parents fighting but he says he's fine and it's nothing.

In Everything Is Everything, Tristan and Maya are seen in the hallway when Tristan spins around and Maya giving a "whoa" at Tristan's new dark and mature look. When he asks if Maya likes it, she says she needs to work on her sarcasm delivery. When he says how much he loves Grant's style, Maya asks who that is, causing Tristan to confirm it's their new teacher. When he says Grant basically called him his favorite student, she reminds him of how he needed to almost beg him into his playwriting society. Tristan tells her how she doesn't understand the connection between two like minded artists. When Maya warns him against becoming close with a teacher, he brings up how he believes two members of the opposite sex can't live together without impending drama. Maya gives a "zing" at his comeback. excuses himself to go work on a character bio. 

In Sparks Will Fly (1), Tristan and Maya are seen at school, Maya tries breaking into Miles' locker to return the gift. She is caught by Tristan, who is confused as to what she is doing. She says she is returning the gift Miles gave her. Tristan remarks how she must have really hated it to go through such trouble to send it back, but Maya says the gift was actually "super sweet". She refuses see Miles in public because she knows that if she does then she will "crumble and take him back".

As Tristan says he fails to see the issue, Maya admits that she actually misses Miles a lot but that Zig sort of told her that he likes her. Surprised, Tristan asks if she returns his feelings. Maya says that she likes him as a friend. Tristan advises she tell him this and then get back with Miles and return to "A couple status". But she refuses to since it might cause Zig to leave, deal drugs and "end up dead in a ditch somewhere". He tells her that she can't keep both guys on the hook and must choose one. He then says that he has and unzips his jacket to reveal a shirt that reads, "Team Miles".


In Sparks Will Fly (2), Tristan and Maya are seen together and Tristan is protecting Maya from Miles by pushing Miles away from Maya and Tristan hugs Maya and tells her it will be okay and she says I can't go through this again while they are walking away from Miles.

In You Are Not Alone, Tristan with Zig and Maya at Maya's house he says Zig is polite handsome it's a whole new Zig and Maya says I think living here has been good for him he is really changing his life around. Tristan says all away around to crush worthy? Maya responds no definitely not with a smile on her face.

In Hypnotize, Tristan and Zoë are seen walking into class with Maya when Tristan gets a text from Becky regarding his position of hosting the fashion show, which Maya is happy for Tristan about.

Season 14[]

In Get It Together, Armstrong pairs Maya and Tristan up as partners for salsa dancing in gym class. Maya and Tristan are trying to get their salsa right but just end up fighting and Tristan is thankful for the bell. Tristan tells Maya he thought he could get an easy A and says is there any part of my life you won't ruin before bailing.

Snapshot 4 (25-07-2015 1-42 PM)

Tristan and Maya finally make-up and become friends again.

At the gym, Maya calls Tristan to talk and Maya tells him to explain his feelings to her, Tristan says “I hate how you know what's best for me, you don't, this year you've taken away everything good I've had in my life, first it was Grant and maybe that wasn't perfect but you shouldn't of blabbed. And then I get Miles and you butt in and make him fall in love with you again and you don't even want him. You get to have this perfect life and all these guys in love with you and what do I get? Nothing. And the worst part is when you betrayed me I lost my best friend, so I didn't even have anyone I could talk to about it.” Maya apologizes and says “My life isn't perfect, especially without you in it” and says she needed him too. Tristan and Maya hug, renewing their friendship.

In Give Me One Reason, Tristan approaches Maya and asks about their homework but Maya is distracted and says she made a big mistake. Tristan realizes she kissed Zig and Maya asks how he knew?, Tristan says he's noticed their feelings for each other for months. Maya says her mom caught them and Tristan wants details. Maya says her mom says it can't happen again, but Tristan says she can't tell you who to love. Maya says she still lives in her house and so does Zig and are they suppose to sneak around forever. Tristan suggests she writes an online diary about it so he can read it. Maya says if they get caught by her mom, she would hate her and she's been so good to her lately. Tristan asks if she's going to dump Zig and Maya says she doesn't know what else to do.

In Don't Look Back, Tristan and Zoë pass by Maya in her taco outfit and tease her, jokingly.

Degrassi: Next Class[]

Season 1[]

In #NoFilter, Maya and Zig are presenting their project to the class and Tristan pokes fun at them, which Maya laughs at.

In #NotOkay, he and Zoë attend Maya's band's performance at The Trapped Door.

In #NotAllMen, Tristan is holding a student council meeting after the feminist club points out the blatant sexism coming from the new gaming club and Tristan tells Maya to start off the meeting by stating her points.

Season 2[]


In #OMFG, Tristan comes out of the school with Maya, Grace, and Tiny and he puts his hands on her shoulders as he passes by before getting on the bus to Degrassi's championship volleyball game. Maya also gets on the bus and later in the episode, it is seen on the news that their bus has tragically crashed, leaving their fates up in the air.

Season 3[]

In #PicsOrItDidn'tHappen, Maya takes her new friend, Saad, to visit Tristan in the hospital, who is still in a coma. Maya is shocked to see him in this state and says that she wants to look like that before having Saad take pictures of her in the bed next to Tristan's as if she were in a coma as well.

In #ImSleep, Tristan, out of his coma, along with several of Maya's other friends, come to the hospital after her suicide attempt.

Season 4[]

In #BackToReality, Tristan is shocked, along with the rest of her friends, to see Maya back at school following her suicide attempt. They then get into a group selfie taken by Zoë.


Maya is hesitant to say yes.

In #RollUpToTheClubLike, Tristan follows behind Maya in the hallway, who has headphones on, and nudges her with his walker to get her attention. He tells her that Katie told him Maya got into SoCal Art, the school she really wanted to go to, and asks if she's got her ticket to California yet. Maya tells him that she can't make music anymore following the events of last semester, but Tristan tries to assure her she's just rusty. Maya walks to her locker and Tristan follows as Yael and Baaz ask Maya to make the new theme song for their YouTube channel. While Maya is hesitant to say yes, Tristan does it for her. Maya is still unsure if she will be able to do it, but Tristan tells her to seize the day.


Maya seeing the terrorist attack on TV.

After giving them a song that they disapproved of, Maya visits Tristan at the hospital and vents to him about it. Tristan is distracted by the TV, which is showing a news report about the terrorist attack in Brussels. Maya starts to get frantic after watching it and Tristan asks if she's okay, turning off the TV. Maya explains that when she was at her lowest point last semester, she stayed up all night watching videos of death and destruction like the ones just on TV. Tristan tells her it's okay and it's off now, but Maya tells him it's not because she keeps getting triggered by everything. Tristan tells her to put everything aside and help him with his rehab before pulling a sheet off of a drum kit. Maya helps him learn how to use it properly and pulls out her guitar, making a silly song along with his drumming. Tristan then tells her that she still does have it in her, but she tells him it was only because he tricked her and it didn't count since it was just for fun. Tristan reminds her that it always used to be fun for her and she can't give up after one bad song. He then helps her to write a new one.

In #FactsOnly, Maya and Tristan are sitting together watching the auditions for the talent show. Tristan can tell Maya looks nervous and tells her not to be since it's just a high school talent show. Maya tells him she doesn't even know what she's going to do and informs him that Craig Manning is going to be the guest judge, which surprises Tristan. Tristan watches as Maya does her audition.


After the talent show, Tristan tells Maya that he can't believe she only got second place. He then follows and watches Maya as she talks to Craig. After their talk, she walks back to Tristan and is shocked that Craig asked her to come on tour with him as the opener. Tristan tells her he can't believe she didn't say yes since it's her dream. Maya tells him that after everything, she just wants to make sure she makes the right choice.

In #GetYouAManThatCanDoBoth, Tristan walks into class and sees Miles showing Maya the travel brochures for where he and Tristan are going over the summer. Maya seems hesitant that they're going to be going to hostels, but Tristan seems fine with it. Maya tells them the trip sounds amazing, but after Miles walks away, she asks Tristan if he knows how many flights of stairs are in the Eiffel Tower. He tells her he can take elevators and he's getting better, but she asks him if his doctors are saying that, which he doesn't respond to.


Tristan later walks into a test the next day looking extremely exhausted and Maya looks very worried, asking what cat dragged him in. He tells her he had a rough morning, but he's ready to take the test. Tristan has trouble focusing and doesn't finish in time. Maya comes over to check on him and asks how it went, seeing that he didn't finish, telling him there's always next time. Tristan asks her how he's going to go on his trip with Miles if he can't even take a test and Maya tells him maybe they can postpone until he's ready because it's important to take care of himself and take the time he needs. They then overhear a conversation between Miles and Winston where Miles tells him he's deferring going to the London Writer's Academy for Tristan. Maya tells him that Miles is willing to wait for him too.


Tristan and Maya at their graduation.

In #KThxBye, they are getting ready for graduation and talking about past memories when Miles helping Maya track her cyberbully is brought up. Jonah asks when Maya was ever friends with Miles and Tristan walks by and tells him that they dated. During graduation when Simpson gives Tristan his honorary diploma, Maya is seen standing up, jumping and cheering for him. They both then attend the after party at Miles' house along with the rest of their friends.

Conflict History[]


Season 13[]


Tristan and Maya's fight.

In Out of My Head, Tristan and Maya have an argument regarding Maya telling Principal Simpson about his sexual relationship with Mr. Yates. Following Maya breaking her promise to stay silent, he tells her off after school hours about how she betrayed him. Despite Maya trying to reason how Yates is only using him, he refuses to hear it and insists they are in love. Maya begins to break down in tears as Tristan tells her about all the guys that fall in love with her and how he just wanted one good thing and a romance of his own, but she had to go and ruin it for him. As he walks off, he declares that he never wants to talk to her ever again.

In Believe (1), Maya comes up to Tristan to warn him about the reporters wanting to hound Zoë outside the school regarding her trial case. However, he states how she is still dead to him and ignores her completely, bringing her to force him to talk to her. They begin arguing, causing Zoë to come up to see what is going on.

Season 14[]

In Smells Like Teen Spirit, Tristan ditches class to avoid Maya and make out with Miles.

In Wise Up, Maya felt disgusted and looked the other way when Miles and Tristan were kissing.


Tristan finding Maya with his boyfriend.

In (You Drive Me) Crazy, Maya is checking on Miles when Tristan walks in, appalled by the scene. He calls Maya a bitch and tells her to back off. Maya tells him it isn't what he thinks. Tristan says that it looks like Maya's "digging her trampy little talons into his man". Maya defends herself, saying she was just checking on him. Miles tells Tristan how Maya hacked his FaceRange and Tristan continues insulting Maya, saying she's gone "full Girl Interrupted on them". Maya then leaves, and Tristan is seen rolling his eyes.


  • They were in the same grade 9 French class.
  • In Season 11, they were seen in the same band class.
  • Maya let Tristan use her Facerange so he could talk to Campbell (his former crush).
  • They've both had romantic feelings for Campbell Saunders, but only Maya dated him. Maya requested his permission to go after Campbell, and Tristan gave Maya his blessing to do so.
  • They both have an older sibling that is currently in college. Maya's sister Katie Matlin and Tristan's brother Owen Milligan.
  • Both of them have been made fun of by a member of the Ice Hounds. Maya for using chicken breasts to make her breasts seem bigger and Tristan for being homosexual.
  • They both were best friends with Tori Santamaria.
  • They were both seen in the season 11 opening credits together (second half only.)
  • They both graduated in the Class of 2016.
  • Maya and Tristan have kissed. This happened after Tristan begged Maya to pretend to be his girlfriend as a cover during their summer trip in Paris in season 13. 
  • They spent the Summer block of season 13 in France together.
  • Both became friends through Tori Santamaria.
  • They both had a conflict with Zoë Rivas, but now they are both on good terms with her.
  • They both have been cheated on by their love interests.
    • Maya was cheated on by Zig with Zoe and Tristan was cheated on by Miles with Lola.
  • They had two conflicts in Season 13. The first was when Maya slipped up and told Miles that Tristan was in love with him; this conflict was resolved in the same episode. The second conflict started when Maya informed Simpson of Tristan and Yates relationship; this conflict was not resolved by the end of the season.
  • Tristan had a crush on both Maya's ex, Campbell and her bandmate Adam. Coincidentally, both boys died in 2013.
  • They were both self-conscious about their bodies - Tristan was self-conscious about his weight and Maya was self-conscious with her breast size.
  • Their friend break ups are both on account of Tristan's relationships with males. Often, it is because Tristan believed Maya to have ruined his relationship with a guy (Maya told Miles his feelings the first time and she reported his relationship with Yates to the principal in the second account). 
  • They have both dated Miles Hollingsworth III.
  • Both have been sexually assaulted.
  • Tristan and Maya's ex-boyfriend hooked up in the greenhouse where Cam, Maya's other ex-boyfriend, committed suicide.
  • They were both members of the Yoga Club and the French Club.
  • They finally made up in Get It Together.
  • They both made their first appearances in Season 11: Tristan in Dead and Gone (1) and Maya in Underneath It All (1).
    • Coincidentally, each of their first episodes were the first part of a 2-parter.
  • They were both involved in the bus crash in #OMFG and were undoubtedly the most affected by it.
  • They both appeared in over 100 episodes: Tristan (117) and Maya (135).
  • Both made their final appearances in #KThxBye.