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as i truly am, i'll ride the wind into the sky || ありのままでそらへかぜにのって

Hi, there! I'm Cam, but you probably already knew that. If you're new here, thanks for lurking my profile. I'm an admin on this wiki and have been a member here for over 10 years now. I’m also a cancer; currently 25 years-old.

I'm from the Great White North that you might know as Canada. I possess a strong thirst for knowledge and a desire to travel the world someday. ♥

BTS - Baby Jin Profile (1)

Truth, I don't hate Degrassi. . . In fact, it will always be one of my favourite TV shows.

I have a passion for anthropology, photography, linguistics, geography, mental health, and travelling.

I love to go out, but when I have some free time on me, I also enjoy K-Pop, J-Rock, YouTubers, video games, board games, and of course, Disney + Ghibli films. ♡

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Feel free to shoot me a message on my talk page if you need anything. If you're interested in keeping up with me and my life, you can also find me on my social media below.

spiriteverett – Instagram
cam.saunders6 – Skype
dyleveretts – Snapchat

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♔  Guy crushes:

Connor Franta Dan Howell Dylan Everett Eric Nam Hanyu Yuzuru Harry Shum Jr. Hideo Muraoka Jeon Wonwoo Joel Kim Kim Kibum Kim Jaebum Kim Seokjin Kim Taehyung Lee Jinki Ok Taecyeon Peter Le Richard Juan Steven Yeun

♕  Girl crushes:

Bridgit Mendler Choi-Sooyoung Cristine Prosperi Kim Hyoyeon Kim Seolhyun Kwon Yuri Lucy Hale Marzia Bisognin Nina Dobrev Park Jeonghwa Plastique Tiara Rachel Bilson Seo Yuna Shay Mitchell Valerie Poxleitner Victoria Justice


+ naley; "they haven't invented words for how much i love you."

Naley - Always and Forever set (2)Naley - Always and Forever set (3)

+ phan; "it's hard to imagine where i'd be without him."

Tumblr nerzjmrZlS1qdnw00o1 250Tumblr nerzjmrZlS1qdnw00o2 250

+ camaya; "maya, i'm happy now - with you."

Campbell x Maya (4)Campbell x Maya (5)

+ ryissa; "my life just doesn't work without you."

The O.C. - Ryissa moments set - 3The O.C. - Ryissa moments set - 6

+ sethmer; "i want to spend the rest of my life with you."

The O.C. - Seth x Summer (1)The O.C. - Seth x Summer (4)

+ glaggie; "i care more about her than i care about me."

Glaggie - BW and Colour set (2)Glaggie - BW and Colour set (3)

+ ronmione; "she's the most wonderful person i've ever met."

Ron x Hermione (7)Ron x Hermione (8)

+ spoby; "i never felt safe, until i found you."

Spencer x Toby (1)Spencer x Toby (2)

+ sheetzu; "you're the best thing that's ever happened to me."

Tumblr nd2s95X9zT1t0l7g6o2 r1 250Tumblr nd2s95X9zT1t0l7g6o8 r1 250

+ theroy; "you're the only thing that's keeping me together."

Arrow - Theroy babies (2)Arrow - Theroy babies (7)

+ linctavia; "thank you for saving my life."

The 100 - Linctavia OTP (3)The 100 - Linctavia OTP (10)

+ lushlaws; "i love you... till the end of time."

Lushlaws - Small perfLushlaws - Small perf 2

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as i truly am, i'll try taking flight || ありのままでとびだしてみるの

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