aka Fiona.

  • I live in Canada.
  • I was born on August 10
  • My occupation is School bro.
  • I am Female wiz.

Degrassi is one of those things I won't be able to live without.

I'm Fiona. I'm in the 8th grade if you're wondering. I've been watching Degrassi for a long time now. I get really attached to T.V characters but don't we all? I've been supporting Dylan Everett ever since I layed eyes on him when he was on How to be Indie (first episode ever). Degrassi isn't the only show I watch, there are so many more. Talk to me if you want, trust me I'm not that boring. P.S: I'm a directioner like- hardcore.

Favourite characters?

Allie ~ Maya ~ Eli ~ Imogen ~ Fiona ~ Zig ~ Owen ~ Tristan ~ Jake ~ Katie ~ Mo ~ Cam

These are just my favourites but I love watching the others with their plots.

"legendary" characters?

These are the characters who I actually look up to and who I will never forget- like seriously.

Emma ~ Holly J ~ Manny ~ Librety ~ Toby ~ Spinner ~ Ellie ~ Paige ~ Marco ~ Darcy

Who do I Ship?

Jatie ~ Eclare ~ Imogeli ~ Bhauderner ~ Dolly J ~ Crellie ~ Parcy ~ Drianca,

My recent ship is maybell ~ I'm really excited to see what happens between them. Basically I will probably only talk about these two most of the time so please don't get annoyed. BTW I gave you a warning!

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