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Hey, I'm Joanna! I'm 24 years old and am currently in graduate school to become a clinical mental health counselor. I'm an admin on here. If you ever want to talk, feel free to leave a message on my talk page. ♥


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favorite characters

djh/dh: lucy, caitlin, erica, joey, michelle, kathleen, spike, snake, wheels, melanie, alexa, rick, ld, heather, stephanie

tng: manny, ellie, paige, liberty, spinner, marco, jt, sean, alex, emma, jimmy, darcy, jane, terri, hazel, craig

degrassi: fiona, holly j, adam, bianca, eli, katie, anya, sav, jenna, jake, dallas, marisol, imogen, alli, cam, clare, connor, tori

next class: miles, zoe, shay, lola, maya, saad, tiny, rasha, grace, esme

couples I ship ♡

djh/dh: joey/caitlin, simon/alexa, spike/snake, lucy/bronco, blt/michelle, rick/caitlin

d:tng sean/emma, jt/liberty, jay/manny, paige/alex, peter/darcy, sav/anya, spinner/jane, craig/ashley, sean/ellie, jimmy/hazel, jimmy/trina, spinner/paige, spinner/darcy

degrassi: eli/clare, fiona/imogen, jake/katie, miles/maya, cam/maya, mo/marisol, jenna/connor, dave/alli, dallas/alli, kc/jenna, sav/holly j, becky/adam

next class: zoe/rasha, shay/tiny, miles/lola, saad/lola, grace/jonah, goldi/winston, frankie/esme

degrassi, grey’s anatomy, one tree hill, crazy ex-girlfriend, bojack horseman, community, scrubs, the oc, the good place, the office, friends, boy meets world, ted lasso, avatar: the last airbender, jane the virgin, hart of dixie, glee, parks and rec, private practice, naruto, that 70s show, new girl, how I met your mother, schitt’s creek, supernatural, mythic quest, my mad fat diary, shameless, skins, the boys, breaking bad, curb your enthusiasm, high school musical: the musical: the series, legend of korra, the league, orange is the new black, 30 rock, broad city, it’s always sunny, pretty little liars, and more