aka RJ Hollingsworth (Married to Hunter H.)

  • I live in District 13 obvs
  • I was born on August 17
  • My occupation is Performing Arts
  • I am constantly living life.

Hii! I know it's really sad that it took me over a whole YEAR to build my profile but I've been thinking a lot about what defines me, and how I should go about making this profile. I really think I'm going to like it a lot.

My nickname's RJ :) I live in the east coast of the USA and I'm 15. "Mi cumpleanos es el 17 de augusto" and I'll be graduating high school, hopefully to be in the performing arts (if I ever stop being so damn shy >.<), in the year 2018.


Here are some things I like to do :3

Things I Like To Do

  • Sing
    • I've made over two home-made albums and a ton of cover songs. I usually like to sing pop but I've been trying different genres. If you want to take a look at any of my songs, just let me know.
  • Dance
    • Just something I like to do to pass by time. I used to do it alone, but when I was in the 6th grade I did it at an after school daycare that I went to and competed in little dance competitions that a group of friends and I would create just for fun. People say that my type of dancing is similar to to the people on Just Dance and I can agree to that because I like to move from one dance move into another...but that's pretty much regular dancing, lol.
  • Type Stories and Documents
    • Before I even got my first laptop in April of 2012, I've always had a very creative mindset. I've always liked to write stories and make little plays that me and my sister would put together in just a few hours to show in front of our parents. Whilst doing that, we both have a knack for typing stories. Of course, the older we both got, you could really the difference between our stories.
  • Martial Arts
    • I've been taking martial arts since I was 9 years old and being that it takes a full 9 years to achieve a black belt, I will receive my black belt when I am 18 years old. I've on my 5th out of 9 belts and I am now on my 5th year of taking the classes.
  • Meet New People
    • Although I can be very shy a lot of times, (especially around people I don't know), I still love meeting new people. I love it even more when people walk up to me and start a conversation because it shows that they believe that I'm worth talking to and I appreciate that more than people think.
  • Listen to Music
    • Same as singing. I just love music. I really feel like I can understand some songs a lot more than a lot of the people who listen to music just for the tune or beat. I have songs that I listen to, just to hear the beat as well, but I also have songs that I really listen to for the lyrics. You learn a lot when you actually pay attention and understand the beauty of lyrics.

















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