Degrassi Wikians as One Tree Hill Characters

One Tree Hill Opening Credit.gif

I'm rewatching the series, thought it would be cool to redo this.

Let me know if you want a character. Enjoy ^_^

Degrassi Fan as Nathan Scott.

Nathan Scott gif.gif

CrAsh as Lucas Scott.

Lucas Scott (2).gif

Misery Business as Peyton Sawyer.

Peyton Sawyer.gif

Got2BFionaC101 as Haley James Scott.

Haley James Scott.gif

Kikichara as Brooke Davis.

Brooke Davis fave.gif

Stuphsoveralls as Mouth McFadden.

Mouth Mcfadden.gif

Balhh as Rachel Gatina.

Rachel Gatina.gif

Degrassi4LifeUS as Coach Whitey.

Whitey fave.gif

Danixcalifornia as Karen Roe.

Karen Roe.gif

SetRobOff as Keith Scott.

Keith Scott.gif

ThisOnePerson as Bevin Mirskey.

Bevin Mirskey.gif

Showdown616 as Skills Taylor.

Skills Taylor.gif

Xomaybellxo as Quinn James.

Quinn James (1).gif

ScottieTheHottie as Julian Baker.

Julian Baker.gif

Troy Lesson as Ian.

Ian Banks.gif

DeliaRivas as Millicent Huxtable. (no good gifs ugh)


LizzyHoran as Alex Dupre.

Alex Dupre.gif

♥Dorothyy♥ as Jamie Lucas Scott.

Jamie Scott.gif

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