Vanderbilt Prep is a private school in New York that Fiona Coyne and Declan Coyne attend in Season 10 of Degrassi. Vanderbilt Prep first appears in early Season 10 as a private school for upper-class people. The school's administration appears to be run by elderly officials who prefer to keep Vanderbilt the way it is, instead of changing the tradition. The only known notable student to graduate from Vanderbilt is Declan Coyne.


Notable Events

  • Bobby Beckonridge forcefully pushed Fiona Coyne down a library staircase, causing her bruises on her legs.


  • The exterior shots were filmed at Glendon Campus of York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Fiona Coyne transferred from Vanderbilt to Degrassi Community School to escape from Bobby, making her affiliation with Vanderbilt brief.
  • Declan graduated with the class of 2011.
  • In #SquadGoals, Vanderbilt Prep is mentioned as Miles Hollingsworth III almost attends.