"Well, rules are important. They keep us from making mistakes."
— Becky making a jab at Drew

Watch Out Now is the thirteenth episode of Season 14, and the premiere of the second block of Season 14. It aired on July 20, 2015 as part of a one-hour premiere along with Ready or Not.

Main Plot

Becky has been spending a lot of time practicing with Jonah and the pair come up with a great idea to showcase the talents of the fellow Degrassi students in a lunchtime variety show. But when Drew denies the proposal, Becky hatches a plan to change his mind.

Second Plot

Zoë may be facing criminal charges for the part she played in the fundraising scandal.

Third Plot 

Winston performs standup in front of the school.

  • "Lose The Reason" by The Primitives
  • "Love On My Own Arm" by Matt Moberg
  • "Captain Who" by Andre Kim
  • "Heart On' by The Lazys
  • "Bring Back The Light" by Sarah Fisher and Ehren Kassam
  • "The Way You Do" by Sarah Fisher and Ehren Kassam

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