We Got the Beat is the seventh episode of Season 7 of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It aired on November 16, 2007 in the United States, and on February 18, 2008 in Canada.


Manny tries to find a date so repellent that her parents will be forced to call off her 18th birthday debut. Meanwhile, Jimmy learns what Ashley did to his rap.

Main Plot

Manny's parents throw her a Philippine Debut and she isn't too happy about that because right before they told her the news, she asked them if she could act. Her father said no and that she needed to focus on her science, so she hires Jay to be her date so her parents would have to call off the party, but her parents seemed to like Jay. Therefore, her parents didn't cancel the Debut. This made her want Jay to be even more repellent. They both told Manny's parents that they aren't going to college, and Manny will work as a slave to Jay. Her parents see the problem with Jay, but before her dad could complain, she told him that she was just acting. Her dad saw how good she was at that, and allowed her to act only if she takes some science classes in college. Manny is visibly happy, and then has her last dance with her father. This episode ends with everyone dancing at her party.

Sub Plot

Jimmy and Ashley are at The Dot talking about the demo. Ashley tries to hide the fact that she deleted his rap. At physio Jimmy meets Trina, and they become fast friends. Ashley finds Jimmy listening to the demo and she admits to deleting his rap. The two get into a fight and Ashley says that she didn't want to tell him because he's been let down too much. He replies saying that she was his biggest disappointment. In physio, Jimmy attempts to walk with the aid of Trina. Ashley gives Jimmy the real demo, and says that their music is more important, even if he may hate her. At a meeting with Griffin, Jimmy backs out, and tells Griffin to talk to Ashley.

  • Manny: "How can I respect someone who thinks every decision I make is wrong?"
  • Manny: "You ever been to a debut?"
    Jay: "A debut?"
    Manny: "Yeah, it's kinda like a big debutante ball thing. Listen, be my escort."

  • "Rip Your Heart" by Acute
  • "Unvisited Stars by Jason Bajada