What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? (1) is the ninth episode of Season 6 of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It aired on January 2, 2007 in Canada, and on January 5, 2007 in the United States.


Craig comes home with his new rock-star lifestyle, and he and Manny pick up right where they left off. Ellie loves the new, dangerous Craig, and everyone else does, too. Except for his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Liberty crushes J.T. and Mia's relationship with the most dangerous weapon she has: the truth.

Main Plot

Craig's back in town for a music festival, and Manny can't help picking up right where they left off. Craig is embracing the rock star lifestyle, and though everyone else - especially Ellie - think he's amazing - Manny has to decide if the new, dangerous Craig is the same one she fell in love with. While away in Vancouver Craig developed an addiction to cocain as a way to deal with his nerves when performing. Manny walks in on Craig snorting coke just before the performance, looking shocked, while Craig looks high as a kite.

Sub Plot

J.T. and Mia couldn't be happier as Degrassi's newest couple. Everyone's happy for them, except, of course, Liberty. So she decides to tell Mia all about what happened between her and J.T. J.T. offers to look after Mia's daughter Isabelle. She tells him he is like no other boy she's met, so J.T. asked her on a date to the Dot. Mia is waiting at the Dot and Liberty is there with Toby. While Mia is waiting for J.T. to arrive, Liberty sits next to her and tells her she looks pretty. She also finds the perfect opening to tell Mia all about her and J.T. by mentioning how cute Isabelle is. She tells Mia about how she and J.T. had a baby, but put him up for adoption last year, and about how he stole drugs and tried to commit suicide. She leaves to go back to her friends, and Mia storms out of the Dot, enraged that J.T. told her none of this.

  • This episode is named after the song "What's it Feel Like to Be a Ghost" by Taking Back Sunday.
  • This is the first drug addiction in the TNG series.
  • This episode was originally titled "Shake the Disease".
  • Craig took the drugs to boost his self-confidence and to help quell his nervousness.
  • Lindsay Lohan was referenced in this episode.

  • J.T.: "I think there should be a daycare at Degrassi."
    Mia: "And I should be Lindsay Lohan!"
  • Emma: "True love is worth fighting for."
  • Liberty: "We don't take pitches from irresponsible slackers with ill-researched schemes.
    J.T.: "I guess not since judgmental robots make the decisions. A Degrassi daycare COULD make life easier for students!"
  • Ellie: "Well, I don't have any neuroses, of course."
    Manny: "Really? Because I thought being constantly rejected by guys would mess you up, Ellie."
    Ellie: "Yeah, yeah, I feel bad because I take time to meet guys who actually like me. "
    Dylan: "Oh dear. "
    Ellie:In fact, I don't know how I made it through high school without having my breasts shown online."

  • "Passing By"' by Jake Epstein
  • "Turning Colours Into Greys" by Paper Moon
  • "Blind" by Universal Honey
  • "Drowning" by Jake Epstein
  • "Last Drop" by Only Forward
  • "Passenger 24" by Melissa Mclelland