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What if Craig Picked Emma is a Degrassi Mini that takes place during Season 3 of Degrassi: The Next Generation, although it was filmed during Season 5.



It is Christmas holidays and Emma is waiting on Craig in his garage. After a few seconds of waiting, Craig finally enters his garage and kisses Emma as an apology for being late. Emma hands Craig a Christmas present wrapped in ribbon. Craig happily accepts the gift, but feels bad since he was unable to give Emma a gift at the moment. Emma tells him that it's okay because she only wants one thing from him for Christmas. What Emma wants from Craig is for him to break-up with Ashley. Craig says that he can't end their relationship, leaving Emma upset. She begins to exit the garage until Craig stops her. Craig tells Emma that she's the one for him, not Ashley. Craig kisses Emma and tells her that he loves her. Emma feels relieved, then confesses to Craig a secret. Emma tells Craig that she may be pregnant. Craig, looking bewildered, looks into the camera as the screen turns black.



  • Emma: "You're late and I'm freezing."
    Craig: "One environmentally friendly warm-up coming right up."
  • Craig: "I can't dump Ashley."
    Emma: "Then you just dumped me."
    Craig: "Emma, wait."
    Emma: "I thought you cared about me, just like I care about you. Wrong as usual."
    Craig: "But.."
    Emma: "Ashley might love you, but she's not the only one!"
  • Craig: "You're the one for me, not Ashley. And I'm going to tell her that it's you, it's always been you. I love you."




Degrassi Mini 109 - What If...Craig picked Emma

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