"I got in this fight with a purple dinosaur, A BIG SCARY PURPLE DINOSAUR!!!""
— Craig makes up a reasonable lie for Angela.

When Doves Cry (2) is the second part of the two-part Season 2 premiere of the Canadian television series, Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Main Plot

The next day, Albert gave Craig money for a new camera. Craig planned on using this money to run away. He took Angie to the park and played for a while. Angie was trying to tickle him but touched his bruise by accident; he told her a dinosaur hurt him. Angie sees Craig's money and asks what it's for and he tells her that they're going to British Columbia. Meanwhile, Joey was looking for Angela, and found them at an ice cream stand. Angela accidentally told Joey that Craig was going to take her to British Columbia. Joey was outraged about it and told him to stay away from her just like his father ordered him to do in the first place.

Albert gets home and has movies and Chinese take-out for him and Craig. The phone rings and it's Joey, telling Craig's father about Craig's plans to run away to British Columbia. Craig becomes scared and runs to his room while his dad is on the phone. He locked himself in his room and called Sean, asking if he can come over and begins packing his clothes. His father tried to open the door and began beating down the door with a golf club (it is implied he was going to beat him with it) and when he finally got in, Craig jumped out of the window and was gone. Sean and Craig are walking on train tracks. Craig starts to talk about his plans of running away to British Columbia. Craig asks about Sean's parents and if they've ever beaten him. Sean says no and asks if his have. Craig doesn't answer and a train begins to come.

Sean gets off the tracks but, Craig is still on them, watching the train come toward him. Sean tells him to get off and when the train is just about to hit him, Sean pushes Craig off the tracks. Sean asks him what his problem is and Craig runs off. Sean realizes that Craig's father does abuse Craig, so he runs to Emma to tell her that they must get Craig before he runs away to British Columbia. Emma and Sean then race to Joey and tell them what they've discovered about Craig being abused. At first Joey doesn't believe it until his daughter Angie tells him she saw bruises on Craig's stomach. When Joey puts all the pieces together, he and Sean head out looking for Craig. Eventually they find Craig at his mother Julia's grave-site and when Joey asks Craig if he has ever been abused by his father, Craig says yes and starts to cry in his stepfather's arms.

The next day, Craig goes back to his house with Joey and decides to retrieve his clothes so he can live with Joey instead of his abusive father. When Craig is confronted by his father, he simply denies ever hurting Craig, and that's when Craig takes his stuff and lives with Joey.

Sub Plot

Paige reluctantly meets J.T. for their date and they go see a movie. She looks over and sees Spinner and Hazel in the movie theater watching them on their date. Paige and J.T. get something to eat after the movie and start to talk and have a good time when Hazel and Spinner come up to them and give her her money. J.T. realizes she was paid to go on the date with him and is upset and Paige takes her money and leaves him there. At school the next day, Paige apologizes to J.T. and tells him that he's not her type. He says he'll forgive her if she kisses him, so Paige kisses him on the cheek and J.T. is ecstatic.

Deleted Scenes

When The-N (TeenNick) aired the episode, the scene where Craig nearly kills himself with the incoming train is removed. The guys are shown talking on the tracks but after Sean asks Craig if his dad hits him it abruptly cuts to Craig running away and Sean yelling at him. Funimation's season 2 DVD set keeps the scene intact.

The DVD version includes a scene where Ms. Kwan's class is in the gym and Craig gives an "existential" monologue which was not aired on TV.

The DVD version removes the scene of Sean running to Emma's house to alert her about Craig's behavior while she's on her porch. A scene with J.T. and Paige in the movie theater while Hazel and Spinner laugh in the background is also missing. These scenes are not found in the DVD extras either and can only be seen in TV airings (or recording). Degrassi's official youtube channel uploaded a widescreen version of the episode but with the same edits as the DVD cut.

  • J.T.: "You got paid to go out with me?"
    Paige: "Sue me."
  • (Angie is climbing on Craig's shoulders)
    Craig: "Close your eyes, Ange. You're flying. Flying far. far away from here."
    (Craig takes Angie off his shoulders)
    Craig: "Get up."
    (Angie starts to tickle his stomach and sees where his father beat him)
    Angie: "What is that?"
    Craig: "Well, um, remember that dinosaur?"
    (Angie nods)
    Craig: "It also likes boys named Craig. That's where it bit me."
    Angie: "Does it hurt?"
    Craig: "Yeah. You know what would be great? To go someplace where dinosaurs can never ever get to us."
    Angie: "Like where?"
    Craig: "C'mon. C'mon."
  • Angie: "Is something wrong with Craig?"
    Joey: "Not now, honey, okay? This is serious."
    Angie: "No, I saw today..."
    Joey: "Yeah, I know. I know you saw him today, okay?"
    Angie: "No, I saw, all purple. A dinosaur hurts him. He told me."
  • Craig: "I'm just going to get my stuff."
    Albert: "Craig, just leave it, leave it. Come back when we've cooled down. We’ll talk this thing through."
    Craig: "No, no more talking, okay?"
    Albert "Okay. But you're breaking my heart, you know that, just like your mother. Just, Craig. I know I've been impatient but work's been really stressful. You can't leave, Craig. I love you."
    Craig: "There are three options, Dad: I can go to Children's Aid right now, I can go stay with Joey while we sort this stuff out...or I can come back here and let you beat me."
    Albert: "I don't beat you."