The relationship between Frankie Hollingsworth and Winston Chu, known as Frankston (Frankie/Winston), developed in the thirteenth season.

Relationship History


Having known Frankie since she was five, Winston never thought of her as anything other than his "best friend's annoying little sister". However, when Frankie joined his club, Comic Book Society, Winston realized that they shared a common interest in comic books and that there actually was a lot he didn't know about her. It was revealed that they were mutually attracted to one another when they shared a kiss in the Hollingsworth pool, though they swore that Miles Hollingsworth III, Frankie's older brother and Winston's best friend, could never find out. The two later became a couple in Out of My Head and had a pleasant relationship for some time until Winston accidentally kissed Frankie's best friend, Lola Pacini. Winston swore Lola to secrecy, but Lola later confessed to Frankie, who in turn, broke up with Winston in Walking in My Shoes. Afterwards, the two spent time working on a musical together where Frankie fell for Winston again. The two got back together in The Kids Aren't Alright (2). After Frankie gets an internship over the summer, she develops feelings for an older boy, Logan, in Don't Look Back. Throughout this time, Frankie constantly dismisses Winston for Logan and admits to Winston she's not sure whether or not she likes Logan more than Winston. Frankie eventually finds out that Logan was just using her for her money, and she goes back to Winston asking to start their relationship over from the beginning. However, the damage was done, and Winston breaks up with Frankie. In Season 1 of Next Class, there are hints of the two still having feelings for one another as Frankie talks about getting back together with Winston with her friends, and Winston asks Frankie to the Snow Ball. During this time though, Frankie had been interacting with Jonah Haak and decided to pursue a relationship with him instead.


Season 13


In You Are Not Alone, Miles teases Winston about using his club, the Comic Book Society, to try and meet girls, stating that cute girls aren't interested in comic books. When Winston notices an attractive girl signing up, he tells Miles that the girl has good taste but is surprised to find out that the girl is Frankie, Miles' little sister.

Later, Frankie shows up to the Comic Book Society's meeting, and Winston disbelieves that Frankie is really a fan since he has never seen her read a comic book. Frankie surprisingly reveals some deep knowledge about comic books and lets Winston know that there is a lot he doesn't know about her. In class, Winston notices his name was used during a game of MASH, which Frankie and Keisha had been playing. Zoë and Tristan explain to him that in the game there are four options for each category and that he was the "shack" of the future husband category.

After school, Winston goes over to the Hollingsworth home to confront Frankie about the MASH game. When Miles leaves, Frankie appears in front of Winston and takes off her robe revealing a pink bikini. Winston is stunned at the sight of her and momentarily forgets his anger.

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Frankie and Winston sharing their first kiss

Frankie smiles at him, and Winston backs up and accidentally falls into the pool. Frankie dives in and pulls him to safety. Winston accuses her of getting into the bikini to distract him, but Frankie says that she doesn't need an elaborate plan to make him look dumb. He says that she has been doing it all week in the club meetings and in her MASH game, where he was the loser. However, Frankie asks him, "Who said you were the loser?" Frankie reveals she meant for Winston to see the MASH game so he would know that she liked him. The two kiss in the pool, before pulling away, saying that Miles could never know about this. They then kiss again.

In Enjoy the Silence, Winston is at the Hollingsworth home before school, playing a video game while waiting for Miles. Frankie approaches him, and Winston seems happy to see her. They talk about their kissing the other day, and Frankie apologizes saying that she has bronchitis, which Winston might also have.

Miles interrupts their conversation, saying that Frankie's best friend Keisha tweeted about how Frankie made out with someone. Miles is upset and determined to find this guy and set him straight. Winston acts like he doesn't know anything and joins Miles's search to "find" the guy who kissed Frankie.

Throughout the episode, Winston progressively gets sicker. Winston later admits to Tristan Milligan that he is the one who kissed Frankie, but doesn't want to tell Miles because Miles will be angry with him. Tristan realizes that Winston actually has feelings for Frankie and isn't just messing around with her. Tristan calls out to Miles, saying that Winston knows who kissed Frankie. Winston freaks out and pegs Damon as the guy who kissed Frankie.

Miles later figures out that Winston is the one who really made out with Frankie and is okay with it. He finds it hilarious since Frankie has had a crush on Winston since she was eight. He, however, thinks that Winston and Frankie won't end up dating. Miles jokes about what people would call them, "Frewy" or "Chankie", and Winston murmurs, "Frankston".

In Hypnotize, Winston is surprised to see Frankie auditioning to be a model. Winston tells her that he didn't think it was her thing and wishes her luck before leaving to film for Degrassi TV. Frankie worries about the comment and wonders if Winston meant that he didn't think she was pretty enough. Keisha comments that she isn't going to let some "stupid boy" ruin the modeling audition for her. When it is Frankie's turn to walk, Winston films her as she auditions. Zoë and Keisha reassure her that she killed her audition, and Zoë comments, "Winston Chu, eat your heart out." When Frankie doesn't make the list of models, Zoë mentions that maybe Winston was right and modeling isn't "her thing" to Frankie's disappointment.

In Out of My Head, Frankie finds out she got added onto the list of models and is searching for why Becky chose to reverse her decision. Zoë, Keisha and the rest of the school think it's because Frankie is rich and that her mother bribed Becky with money. Frankie doesn't think her mother did, but she asks her brother about it. Miles tells her that he thinks it would definitely be something that their mother would do.


Frankie and Winston kiss and become a couple

Before the fashion show starts, Frankie approaches Becky, asking her if Frankie's mother paid her to give Frankie a modelling spot. Becky laughs and tells Frankie that she would never accept a bribe. Frankie confused asked then why did Becky change her mind about Frankie being a model. Becky reveals that Winston would only shoot the fashion show if Frankie wasn't in it, which Becky initially agreed to. Afterwards, Becky felt bad as Frankie did a really good job during the audition and that it was only right that Frankie be allowed to be a model. During the show, Frankie sees Winston and confronts him about the matter. She calls him a jerk, and he apologizes, with Frankie asking if he thought she was ugly. Winston, confused, lets her know that he thinks she's beautiful and tells her that he only didn't want to be around her because he liked her, she's his best friend's sister, and rattles off a list of excuses. Frankie, flattered, tells him to shut up and kisses him. Winston asks about Miles, and Frankie simply says that he will survive. They kiss again, this time with both their arms around each other.

Winston and Frankie playing "Murder" with Miles and Tristan.

In Thunderstruck, Winston and Frankie are cuddling on the couch watching TV. Miles enters the room with Tristan and steals the remote changing the channel. Frankie attempts to get the remote back, and they all decide to play a game of charades for the use of the TV. Miles and Frankie are both very competitive at charades, but Miles and Tristan seem to make a better team than Winston and Frankie. Tristan comments to Frankie, "You know for two people in love, you don't have much of a connection," to which Frankie angrily retorts, "What are you trying to say?!" After everyone cools down, the night ends with the group playing another game, "Murder".

Season 14

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In If You Could Only See, Winston and Frankie are making out on Frankie's bed when Winston reaches for her zipper, only to be stopped by Frankie. Frankie admits that she wasn't ready yet so Winston takes off his shirt and starts tickling her. Hunter interrupts them, only to be joined by Miles and their mother. Frankie then tells them, "This is not what it looks like." Winston volunteers to leave, and Frankie and her mom have a heated argument about having boys in Frankie's room.

In (You Drive Me) Crazy, Frankie and Winston are walking the halls together and Winston comments it's weird she hasn't said anything for 3 whole minutes, Frankie asks if that's weird for her, prompting Winston to ask if she's met herself and then tells Frankie not that he doesn't love her being quiet either. Frankie asks Winston what he thinks when she says "Hunter", Winston says a psycho, on seeing Frankie's look he changes his answer to well adjusted weirdo. Frankie tells Winston she's going to show him something but he can't freak out about it, Winston says he promises nothing before saying he'll try his best. Frankie shows Winston the comic Hunter made on her iPad. Winston exclaims the comic is about him murdering the cheerleaders at their school. Frankie asks what's shes suppose to do now, Winston suggests calling the police. Frankie asks if Winston is joking and he says 50% joking and asks if he really thinks Hunter could hurt people, Winston says Hunter's always been a bit weird but those are dark. Frankie knows he could get into a lot of trouble if she tells on him and that means she needs to make sure there is something to be worried about. Winston suggests she needs more evidence. Frankie suggests they will have to do some detective work. Winston briefly puts his hand on her shoulder before going into his class. Frankie and Winston sneaks into Hunter's room, Winston doesn't really want to be there because he thinks Hunter's room is scary. Frankie gets access to Hunter's computer and looks at the rest of the comic. it explains he kills all the cheerleaders so he can rescue the princess. Frankie realizes the princess looks like a girl in their grade called Arlene and when Winston asks who? Frankie tells him that Shay, Lola and I haven't been the nicest too. Winston tells Frankie Hunter isn't psycho he's just in love with Arlene and that this is as close to Hunter being normal as he is going to get, its him wishing he could get up the nerve to be this guys hero. Hunter enters his room and asks them what they are doing there? Frankie gets rid of the comic before Hunter sees what they were looking at on his computer. Frankie them she was looking for that homework she needed. Hunter asks if she is invading his privacy to steal homework answers for 2 girls who aren't even nice to you, Frankie says yes. Hunter tells Frankie its okay to be mad at people especially when they screw you over and Frankie nods her head.

In I'll Be Missing You, Frankie and Winston are walking down the corridor with their arms around each other when when Tristan approaches them telling Winston he was right and that Miles has a problem. Tristan informs them Miles has a weed problem and that the symptoms of weed match how Miles has been acting. Frankie suggests they hold an intervention, Tristan doesn't like the idea because Miles will hate them but agrees since he doesn't have another idea.

In Hush, together they attend the intervention for Miles weed problem with Tristan and Hunter too.
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In Firestarter (1), Frankie and Winston walking the halls and they see that the police are at the school because of the omfchat thing. Winston says he thought she'd be happy since its means the cheerleaders will get their just deserts, Frankie says she is but is also nervous about her dads forum today, Winston tells her she can do anything, they kiss goodbye to go to their classes. Frankie approaches Winston in the hallway asking if he has the cards for the voters forum, Winston gives them to her and Frankie kisses him. Winston says he loves her smile so he hates to have to show her this, Frankie is horrified to see a face-range page about the fact she was the ring leader of the omfchat, when Frankie wonders if the blackmailer did this, Winston assures her they didn't, Frankie realizes he is the blackmailer, Frankie walks away and Winston follows her saying he was only trying to help, Frankie says without you no-one would have known it was them no-one could have blamed me, Winston says he didn't mean for that to happen, Winston says he saw how sad she was after cheer-leading he wanted to make Zoë quit so you'd take her spot, Frankie asks how he could do this to her, Winston says he did it for her but I didn't make the face-range page it was obviously Zoë, Frankie says none of it would have happened if he hadn't meddled, Winston says shes mad at the wrong person he was trying to fix things, Frankie says with vigilante justice, Winston says its just called justice Franks the world's unfair sometimes that's why there's superheroes, Frankie says, "No, you are not a superhero. You're a dumb boy who did a dumb thing and now my dad is going to hate me forever. I have to get this down before anyone sees it." Winston offers to help but Frankie upset, says no you've already done enough.  

Winston and Frankie later makeup and hug with Frankie apologizing about before saying he was right the world is unfair, Winston asks Frankie what she wants to do, Frankie says she wants justice I wanna be a superhero, they break out of their hug and Frankie looks at Winston saying she wants to make Zoë pay. 

In Firestarter (2), when Zoë tries to leave the locked room, comes out of the hiding place still talking over the voice recorder, Zoë tells Frankie she thought she was the blackmailer, Winston uncovers his mask and tells Zoë he's the blackmailer, Zoë calls them stupid for thinking she would incriminate herself on tape and says shes not about to lose to you losers, Zoë tries to open the door but gets a burn to the touch when she does, Zoë asks them if they lit the fire too?, Winston and Frankie are confused until they look out the window to see all this smoke from the fire, Zoë realizes they didn't lit it and Winston wonders why he never paid attention to the fire safety assembly. Winston, Frankie and Zoë are trapped in the room while the fires just outside, they are laying down on the floor, Frankie says they aren't going to die but Winston reminds her that no-one knows they are in here, Winston breaks down crying saying its all his fault I never should have tried to blackmail anyone I'm sorry I tried to get you on the team Franks and make you happy It all just got out of hand, Zoë attacks Winston saying where about to burn alive because you couldn't find a better way to cheer up your girlfriend but Frankie turns it back on Zoë saying the reason they are in here is all her fault and that she needs to take responsibility for everything. Winston, Frankie and Zoë get rescued and are seen running out of the school to safety.

In Watch Out Now, Frankie and Winston watch the new principal explain the new school PDA rules and when she says there will be no PDA, Frankie takes her head off Winston's shoulder. Later, Frankie and Winston are seen laying on her bed. Frankie tries to make out with Winston, but his mind is preoccupied with other thoughts. He asks Frankie if she thinks he's funny. Frankie says he's hilarious and asks Winston to kiss her
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to distract her from her parents' divorce, Frankie attempts to kiss Winston again, but he puts his hand up to block her. Winston asks how hilarious, and Frankie sits up on her bed wanting to know what's going on with him, Winston sits up and explains his joke in class was at least wroth a chuckle, Frankie asks if this is still about what happened in class this morning, Winston explains Miles is the rich kid, Zig is a rebel and he's the funny guy but not if no-one laugh at my jokes. A sound comes from Winston's laptop and Winston says he wrote a musical, Frankie says he has to do this at school but Winston says he wants to be the funny guy not the musical guy, Frankie asks what's his plan to become Degrassi's resident comedian and Winston says he doesn't know yet. The next day, Frankie approaches Winston in the cafeteria telling there's some cool funny guys who has done musicals and Winston tells Frankie he's about to do his stand-up routine and Becky asks Winston to the stage, Winston briefly puts his hand on her shoulder saying wish me luck. Winston starts off making jokes about their cellphones being taken off them before embarrassing Frankie by making jokes at her expense. Frankie walks away from Winston into the corridor asking Winston asking how he could embarrass her like that, Winston says he never said her name, Frankie reminds him that everyone knows he's dating her, Winston says he was playing a character and they loved him and did you hear all the laughs he got, Frankie says they were all at her expense and he doesn't even care, Winston says that's not true but Frankie says it is, you'd rather be the funny guy then a good boyfriend, Winston says what wrong with wanting to be the funny guy, Frankie says you hurt me to do it which makes you the loser. Later, Lola seeing Winston hurt and confused, sits down to talk with him. Winston discusses how he wants to feel like a somebody at Degrassi and not like a loser. Lola cheers him up telling him how sweet he was and that he was definitely not a loser. Winston kisses Lola after she finishes but instantly regrets what he did. Lola shocked at what happened wants to tell Frankie what they did right away, but Winston says that it might not be a good idea. The two decide not to say anything for now.

Later, Winston stops Frankie in the hallway and gives her the script for his play and apologizes about the stand-up routine and says he was worried about what everyone thought of him but realizes she's the only one he should care about and says they should totally do the musical unless she hates him now and apologies again, Frankie says she's sorry too but Winston says she has nothing to be sorry about. Frankie says she's sorry for calling him a loser and that he is a funny guy you're my funny guy, Frankie and Winston hug before  

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noticing the camera and then they shake hands instead. Lola walks by and then hurries off ignoring the two. Frankie asks what that was about and Winston reassures her its nothing. 

In Ready or Not, Frankie watches on as Lola and Winston audition for the school musical, Frankie tells them it was good but she thinks its needs more romantic tension and reminds them the play is about "Ellie Elliot being in love with Captain Who but she has no idea he is her best friend Simon Who". Lola goes to hug Winston but Winston pulls away saying no PDA. Imogen tells them its fine for the play. Winston says I think we have a pretty good idea of what Lola can do. Frankie tells Lola she pretty much has the part but Winston disagrees. Winston and Frankie are sitting together in the cafeteria watching Lola's audition for the play, Frankie wants Lola to play lead and Winston doesn't want her to have the part. Frankie realizes what's going on here, he doesn't like Lola and Winston says its true. Frankie wants Winston to like Lola because shes her friend and she would like him to put her in his play. Frankie decides they all need to hang out together making Winston annoyed. Winston joins Frankie and Lola for lunch outside the school, when Frankie realities Winston forgot her coffee she leaves them alone together. Frankie and Winston watch Zig audition and happily clap when he finishes. Frankie is still trying to convince Winston to let Lola have the lead, Winston admits he doesn't hate Lola but he wants Frankie to have the lead in the musical, Frankie asks why? Winston says he doesn't want to kiss anyone else, Frankie says its just acting, Winston says it doesn't matter besides you were the inspiration for the character all along, you can totally do it, Frankie says that's sweet but shes directing, Winston says someone else can direct and tries to rope Imogen into directing instead, Frankie says she doesn't have any experience, Winston says he knows she can sing and Imogen agrees to direct. Frankie accepts the offer of lead and says maybe her dream of singing at the toni awards might come true.

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  In Wishlist, Frankie and Winston are at Frankie's 15th birthday party, They have a photo montage where Winston kisses Frankie on the check, Winston watches Frankie reject her dad when he turns up at the party and thinks she was a little harsh and asks if her plan is to ignore him all night and Frankie says shes going to try. 

Frankie watches her mum and dad talking and Winston notices and tells her to stop obsessing over her dad, Winston gives Frankie her birthday present, its a photo of her character from the musical and its drawn by her favorite artist too, Frankie kisses him, Frankie's dad interrupts the party to make a speech and mentions a happy moment that Frankie gets upset by because her dad isn't that person anymore, Frankie tells Winston they are leaving and they both bail. 

Frankie takes Winston to her family's private jet and Winston is very impressed and asks where they are going?, the pilot arrives and says they can't go to Paris and Frankie asks if they can go to Montreal and he agrees before bailing. Frankie tells Winston it'll be fun, Winston asks what happens with her dad when they get back, Frankie says who cares, Winston says he will support her no matter what and he didn't know how much he wanted this before he got on this plane but, Frankie says but what?, Frankie says if my dads in my life I may as well take advantage right, Winston asks if this is what she wants, Frankie says what she wants is for her dad to be a better person but since he's not a relationship with his money is the best case scenario, Winston says then Montreal here we come and Frankie says happy birthday to me. 

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Frankie and Winston are laying down on a seat of the plane talking about how good Montreal will be and Frankie says there's no-one else she'd rather have here, they kiss before being interrupted by Frankie's mum and asks Winston to leave so she can have a moment with her daughter and Winston bails.

In Walking in My Shoes, in the school corridor, Frankie approaches Winston wanting to know if he has seen Imogen, she needs to ask her to get out of rehearsal, Winston asks if shes bailing, Frankie says Armstrong strung another test on us I need to study, Winston says they can't rehearse without you, Frankie asks what's wrong with him, Winston says the school play isn't ready, Frankie tries to convince him she needs to study but Winston makes her feel guilty enough that she reconsiders, Winston says shes so smart anyway and he can help her study in between scenes.

Winston and Frankie are walking the halls, Frankie worried Armstrong wants to see her because she failed but Winston thinks she didn't because they studied in rehearsal, Frankie says he asked her like 2 questions, Lola and Armstrong meet them and Armstrong tells Winston to leave.

Winston tells Frankie he overhear Armstrong saying one of you guys cheated, Frankie admits she cheated because she didn't want to let him down with the school play and says she can't get caught, Winston tells Frankie that cheating isn't the end of the world and that it'll be their secret, no one will know but Frankie says she will.

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Frankie breaks-up with Winston after learning he cheated on her.

Just as Lola tells Frankie that her and Winston kissed, Winston puts his arms around Frankie from behind and she turns around to him, Frankie asks Winston if its true he kissed Lola?, Winston says its not how it sounds, Frankie tells Winston from now on he'll only talk to her in rehearsals and even then only what's in the script and she walks away in tears, efficiently ending their first relationship.

In Get It Together, Winston and Frankie are rehearsing when Becky comes in wanting to talk to Imogen and Imogen tells the two to take 5.

In I Wanna Be Adored, they are seen rehearsing when Zig turns up late.

In Teen Age Riot, Frankie and Winston are rehearsing for the play, Frankie is climbing on a part of the set while singing and Winston tells her shes going to mess it up and seconds later Frankie falls off the set, Imogen calls cut. Winston suggests they should simplify the climbing so you're not singing and being physical at the same time, Frankie says she can do two things at once, Winston asks if the set was too slippy then?, Frankie resorts saying kinda how you were slippy when you kissed Lola, Winston says he made a mistake and he said he was sorry like a million times, what do you want from me?, Frankie says she wants him to go to hell, Imogen having witnessed this calls time on rehearsal for the day. Imogen tells Frankie she may need to quit the musical if she can't work with Winston.

The next day, Winston and Frankie are rehearsing again, the same climbing and singing scene, this time Winston gets up on the set too and falls off it, Winston apologies and says its not as easy as it looks, Frankie agrees, Winston says he sorry that then realizes they aren't fighting right now, Frankie asks him if he wants to do extra practice with her after rehearsal, Imogen jumps in telling Winston to say yes, Winston says yes and Frankie gives him her hand to hep him up off the ground with Winston thanking Frankie and they share a smile.

In The Kids Aren't Alright (1), At School, Winston, Frankie and the rest of the musical performers are waiting outside the gym doors for a secret rehearsal, Imogen opens the doors and lets them in and everyone loves it the new look stage and Imogen asks everyone to get on stage to start rehearsals right now. 

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Winston and Frankie nearly kissing on stage during rehearsal

Frankie and Winston are rehearsing, the scene involves them singing to each other before holding hands and they are just about to kiss when Imogen interrupts them. Frankie says that's the best they've ever sounded, Winston says shes always sounded amazing to him, Frankie tells him shes getting nervous about opening night and Winston tells Frankie he got her antacid and gives her it saying he knows her stomach gets weird when you're anxious, Frankie says its crazy he remembers that, Winston says he remembers everything about her and for what its worth you have nothing to be nervous about, you're amazing and I hope one day after all this is over we can be friends.

In the garden, Frankie meets Winston for lunch, she's happy he remembered what she liked in her sandwich before she tells him she has to go to the bathroom and leaves. Frankie decides to set her plan into motion by letting Lola flirt with Winston to see if he will kiss her. Lola starts flirting with Winston, and Winston after seeing Frankie and realizes Frankie is testing him, takes Lola away over to the lockers.

Frankie confronts Winston at his locker asking whether he was going to kiss Lola or not. Winston, angry, says he knew that Frankie was setting him up. Frankie says she was trying to see if she could trust him, and Winston retorts why couldn't you just talk to me like a normal human being. Frankie says things were feeling so good between the two, and she was trying to see if Winston would cheat on her again.

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Frankie and Winston fighting

Winston admits he made a mistake and wouldn't pretend that he didn't mess up, but it was only one tiny kiss. Lola chimes in, saying they didn't even use tongue. Frankie says ew to Lola's comment while Winston continues talking saying that Frankie shouldn't punish him forever. She can't keep being nice one second and cold another; she's acting like a total psycho. Frankie mad, says if Winston really feels that way he could find someone else to be in his dumb musical. Frankie quits before storming off.

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Winston and Frankie sharing a kiss for the musical

In The Kids Aren't Alright (2), Winston leaves a voicemail message on Frankie's phone begging her to come do the musical with him. He understands she's angry, but he wrote the entire musical for her and if she wasn't a part of it, there was no point in doing it. Later in the day, the musical begins and Winston eventually calls out for Ella (Frankie's character). Frankie appears from the back and joins the musical. They break character for a bit, Winston happy that Frankie came, before going back to performing before Winston breaks character again and tells Frankie he loves her before Zig appears to perform his part. They are performing their final scene and just as they are about to kiss, Winston says she doesn't have to if she doesn't want to. Frankie doesn't answer, but kisses him instead.

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Winston and Frankie kissing and getting back together

In the gym, Winston, Frankie and the cast of the musical get applause after the musical ends. Once alone, they both compliment each other on their performances. Winston thanks Frankie for coming saying it meant a lot to him and if she wanted the two to just be friends it would be okay. Frankie cuts him off and tells him to shut up before kissing him, and they get back together.

In Finally (1), Winston and Frankie help Clare with some revision and Winston tells Frankie he's never been more attracted to her, they then comment on Clare's suspension and give her a "grad card" when Clare says she doesn't know yet, Winston says that Clare is super smart and has so many options she doesn't know what to do and Frankie says shes jealous if shes studying in Paris and Winston and Frankie walk away together.

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At the Hollingsworths, Frankie and Winston are in the pool and Miles and Zoë challenge them to a chicken fight and they agree, and they also laugh when Hunter accidentally falls in the pool.

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In Don't Look Back, At the Hollingsworths, Frankie walks down the steps in her new outfit for her summer job. Winston tells Frankie she can join him for "a summer of romance", Frankie tells him there will be plenty of time for romance after work, Winston and Frankie hold hands while Frankie tells him she's going to walk to her new job, Winston is worried something may happen but Frankie says shes be fine, Winston kisses Frankie on the check goodbye. Frankie calls Winston and tells him that she needs to find out where Kat and other interns are going so she won't make it to the beach, Winston is disappointed but says she can go.

At the police station, Frankie tells Winston that they didn't think her info is related, Winston says at least she can go to work now, Frankie says she really wanted to help Logan, Winston says she tried her best but at least she can now free her mind for trivia night. Frankie overhears the cops saying it could be a new guy that they think Gloria was having an affair with, Winston tells Frankie that it would be a bad idea to tell Logan this. At the trivia night, Winston asks Frankie if shes sure its love, Frankie says shes pretty sure, Winston says 90%, Frankie says ok because we need this and they are only down 500 points, Logan tells them the answer is pet sounds not love sounds, Winston tells Frankie to lock in love but the answer is revealed to be pet sounds, Winston says its too bad if Logan has to leave but Logan says he was just getting another drink and they both say what they want, Frankie asks why he's being mean to Logan, Winston says what? to the handsome older guy you brought on our date, Winston says he's her friend and his girlfriend is missing, can you even image, what if it was me, Frankie says they will still have a chance at some alone time, I'll let you walk me home the long way, just play nice, for me, Winston says ok but he better know the next question, Logan arrives back with the drinks and tells them the answer to the next question, Frankie puts her arms around Winston and Logan and says there's plenty of room for 3 on this team.

At the Hollingsworths, Frankie and Winston are sitting on the couch and watching a movie but Frankie is too busy texting Logan to watch it, Winston starts talking how the people in the movie are stupid for putting themselves in dangerous situations, Frankie says sometimes you don't have a choice but Winston disagrees you can always call the cops, Frankie tells him to shut up and watch the movie, Winston tries to calm her down and Frankie storms out on him.  Winston overhears Frankie telling Hunter that she gave money to Logan to keep Gloria safe and that she didn't know what else to do, Winston reminds them what he said before that you always go to the cops unless you have something to hide.

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At the full moon party, Winston approaches Frankie from behind and kisses her on the neck, Frankie asks what he's doing, Winston says he's saying hi to my girlfriend, Frankie kisses and apologizes and says its been a weird night, Winston garbs her hands and says they should go dance, Frankie rejects him saying shes not in the mood, Winston says because you're worried about Logan, Frankie says she needs to find a way to help him, Winston asks if they can stop talking about him for a minute, Frankie says he could be in real trouble, Winston says yes because he scammed money off stupid you instead of going to the cops, Frankie says he didn't scam me, I offered, Winston ask why she gave some guy she's known for a month 10,000 dollars and asks her to admit she likes him, Frankie says he has a girlfriend, Winston says that's not an answer, Frankie admits yes, she does like him, Winston asks if you like him more than me?, Frankie says she doesn't know, Winston says okay, thanks for your honesty and leaves hurt.

Later at the Hollingsworths, Winston and Frankie help the search party to find Maya and when they discover where she is, Winston tells them they have to call the cops.

Snapshot 1 (6-08-2015 10-28 PM)

Winston breaks-up with Frankie

At the beach, Frankie approaches Winston wanting to talk. Frankie says that Logan was a jerk, but Winston isn't, which is why she hopes that Winston would give their relationship a second chance. Winston, upset that Frankie doesn't understand what she's done, tells her that even though she didn't physically kiss Logan, she developed feelings for another guy to the point of dismissing him all summer. Winston breaks-up with Frankie, and as he walks away Frankie is seen upset over what she's done.

Degrassi: Next Class

Season 1

In #BootyCall, Frankie is still upset over her break up, which Lola calls her out on when Frankie says there's no point in trying to be happy.

In #NoFilter, Frankie starts acting out after Winston broke up with her, which worries Shay and Lola.

In #NotAllMen, Shay accuses Frankie of choosing not to be over Winston when Frankie tells Shay that she doesn't have a right to be angry over Tiny moving on to Lola. Back at her house, Frankie finds Winston by her pool, and he asks if she is alright. Frankie tells him she doesn't know who to be, and she mentions how she wish she could go back to last year because it was easier to be happy. Winston says he also wishes they could go back.

In #TeamFollowBack, Winston appears at Frankie's locker and grabs her chemistry textbook for her. They say hi to each other. Winston asks Frankie how she's been and that he knows Miles' situation must be rough for her. Frankie admits it has been hard, and thanks him for checking in on her. Winston leaves for English class saying maybe he'll see her later. Frankie replies that she hopes so, and they smile at each other before parting.

At the Hollingsworths, Frankie and Lola go over a pros and cons list of getting back together with Winston and project the list on the TV in the room. Out of nowhere, Winston enters the room, asking Frankie for the new WiFi password. Frankie surprised that Winston is here becomes flustered as the pros and cons list is being displayed on the TV. Winston says he's waiting for Miles and asks if he's interrupting. In an effort to get Winston to leave, Frankie says he is interrupting, as they were talking about cramps. Winston becomes flustered and leaves, while Frankie and Lola are unsure if he saw the list on the TV.

In the school hallway, Frankie approaches Winston and apologies for kicking him out, Winston says it wasn't a big deal as he was only there for Miles anyway. Frankie, disappointed, is about to leave, but Winston stops her and says its always nice to know he's a good kisser revealing that he did see the pros and cons list about him. Frankie is embarrassed, but Winston says he's made a pros-cons list of his own. Frankie smiling asks to hear it. Winston agrees and starts to read, "Frankie has beautiful hair. Frankie is always super nice. Frankie's always so cheerful." Frankie starts to say something but Winston cuts her off and says he feels the same.

Later, Frankie sees Winston in the corridor and thinks about approaching him. Frankie considers getting back with Winston because she remembers she was happy with him, but she changes her mind when she realizes she is interested in Jonah Haak.

In #SinceWeBeinHonest, in Frankie's classroom, the door opens, and Frankie finds a goat with a note on it saying Snow Ball. Winston is there dressed in a farmer's outfit and asks Frankie to be his date to the Snow Ball. He's using a goat to ask her out because he remembers that goats are her favorite animal. Frankie agrees happily.

In #SorryNotSorry, it's the day before the Snow Ball, and Frankie still hasn't gotten a dress. Lola and Shay are mortified because if Winston and Frankie have a good time at the Snow Ball that would mean they could get back together, and Frankie's not taking it seriously. Frankie expresses that she's not even sure if she wants to be with Winston anymore, but Lola and Shay convince Frankie to just focus on getting a dress. At the Hollingsworth's, Frankie can't find a dress at home and comes to the living room to ask Miles when their mom was going to be available to take her shopping. She finds Winston in the living room hanging out with Miles already dressed up for the dance. Frankie apologizes for not realizing he was here and losing track of time, but Winston tells her not to worry as she's worth waiting for. Winston uses this opportunity to give her a silver necklace. Frankie touched, says that he didn't need to buy this especially after the flowers she received earlier that day. Winston says he didn't give her flowers, and at this moment, Frankie realizes that the flowers were from Jonah. Winston asks if she likes the necklace, and Frankie says while it's beautiful she can't accept it as she can't go to the Snow Ball with Winston anymore. Winston realizes that she must be going with another guy and angrily asks who the guy is. Frankie says its not what Winston thinks, and she's not sure if it is something yet. Winston bitterly wishes whoever the guy is good luck because with Frankie he'll need it and walks away heartbroken.

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