Yick Yu was a student who attended Degrassi Junior High School from Fall 1987 to June 1989 and later on Degrassi High School from Fall 1989 to June 1991. Yick was a poor young boy who came with his family to live in Canada after his family escaped after the Vietnam War. He was never a very happy and confident person at first, but gradually he made good friends and added more confidence in himself. He was best friends with Arthur Kobalewscuy. He was portrayed by Siluck Saysanasy.

Degrassi Junior High (Season 1-3)

Yick has been a student at Degrassi from his grade 7 year to his grade 10 year. He was best friends

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with Arthur Kobalewsky. He believed that Mr. Raditch was prejudiced to him, but he soon found out that he had no issue with him. He had a issue with Arthur being rich when they were in their grade 8 year. He wanted to go out with Melanie Brodie, but she wanted to go out with Archie Simpson instead. Their friendship ended when Yick discovered Melanie had lied to him and gone to the 'boy' move rather than a 'girl' move.


Degrassi High (Season 4-5)

In high school, he begun to occasionally skip classes and he began smoking cigarettes and hanging out a lot with Luke Matthews, and was getting more involved into playing school sports. His friendship with Arthur at first was becoming somewhat distant and detached, and he began hanging out a lot more with people he knew on the sports teams such as Alex Yankou. He eventually became acquainted with Arthur again in the episode All in a Good Cause when he and Arthur decided to go through with a daring bet to be dared to go and to cover Mr. Raditch's house with toilet paper to raise money from other students to win the class UNICEF contest, though they were both caught by Mr. Raditch to clean up the next day. He and Arthur became best friends again in The All Nighter when they had decided to play a poker game at Luke Matthews' house all night long with Joey Jeremiah, Arthur and Luke. That night during their game Yick revealed that he had a slight attraction for Maya Goldberg and thought that she was pretty and has a very nice look. He was fully unaware that at Diana Economopoulos' overnight birthday slumber party that Maya was also revealing that she had some feeling for him too, both of them never knew or found out how they felt about each other. Tessa Campanelli dumped Alex Yankou to go out with him as well. They stayed together when Degrassi was closed, but broke up during the summer before their grade 11 year.

Degrassi: The Next Generation

Yick returns to Degrassi in 2001, to be a part of the reunion of all Degrassi students, when the school reopened. Yick also made a brief return (about half a second) in the season 2 opener in When Doves Cry (1) he is seen at Spike's birthday party cooking and shaking hands with Joey, an old friend.

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