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The relationship between Zig Novak and Tori Santamaria, known as Zori (Zig/Tori), began prior to the Season 11 mid-season premiere Underneath It All until their third break-up in the Season 12 episode Tonight, Tonight.

Relationship History[]


Prior to their freshman year at Degrassi, Tori and Zig had a relationship that lasted about a month in junior high. Zig ended it when he decided that he didn't want to enter high school with a girlfriend, and wanted to keep his options open, but the two reconciled within the first week of high school thanks to Maya Matlin. The two had a stable relationship for the first semester of their freshman year, but they briefly broke up when Zig was trying to hide the fact that he was poor from Tori, as well as their friends, Maya and Tristan. They soon again reconciled when Zig realized that Tori loved him for who he is, not how much money he had.

Tori ended their relationship for good in Tonight, Tonight after overhearing Zig and Maya talking about a kiss they shared behind her back and Zig confessing his newfound feelings for Maya and no longer wanting to be with Tori. Despite her anger at Zig due to the situation, Zig ultimately earned Tori's forgiveness before she moved away after he sincerely apologized for hurting her.

Season 11[]

In Underneath It All, Tristan reveals that after their break up, Tori left 50 posts on Zig's Facerange wall. Later, Tori is seen crying in Mr. Simpson's office to Maya Matlin when she confesses that she needs closure on her past relationship with Zig. Maya agrees to ask Zig why he broke up with her. Even though she doesn't know it, Maya gets Zig to realize that he really didn't have a reason to break up with Tori. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Tori and Zig are together again.


In Can't Tell Me Nothing (1), Tori leaves Tristan to go watch Zig skateboard. During class, out of jealousy, Tristan lies to Tori and says that Zig liked how she was curvy. Tori takes it to offense and starts to cry, claiming she will have no one if he breaks up with her. Tristan reveals that it was a lie, which made her a bit angry. Later, Tori and Zig end up meeting each other unexpectedly at The Dot when they both get messages to come meet each other there. At first, Tori thinks that Zig was the one who left the message, so she goes up to hug him. Tristan actually gave it to them so they could all talk. He tells Zig that he's willing to share Tori, and suggests that they all do a song at the Degrassi Coffeehouse together. Zig reluctantly agrees.


In Can't Tell Me Nothing (2), Zig doesn't see a spot for him in Tristan and Tori's two-man cabaret show "Half Hearted Till I'm With You." Tori tries to convince Tristan that Zig doesn't have to be in the performance with them, but Tristan won't hear it. Tristan thinks that if Tori has to choose between her best friend and boyfriend, Zig will win. Zig tries to work with Tristan and suggests a rap. Unfortunately, Tristan sees this as an insult to his creative masterpiece. Zig tells Tristan that his song is campy and Tori admits that she thinks they should leave "Half Hearted Till I'm With You" as a good memory from their summer camp performance. Tristan decides to forge ahead with "Half Hearted Till I'm With You" on his own. However, while on stage, someone throws food at him. Unable to watch Tristan get booed, Tori runs on stage to help Tristan complete "Half Hearted Till I'm With You." Zig also joins them for his rap part.


In Need You Now (1), Tori complains to Zig and Maya about how she is depressed about not making the Power Squad. Zig tries to comfort her and tells Tori that she'd look really cute in the uniform. Confused about what her "thing" is supposed to be now that Power Squad is no longer an option, she asks Zig for help. He tells her about a skateboarding competition he wants to enter, and Tori agrees to film his video for him. When Marisol arrives to tell Tori she is now on the squad, she hugs Zig out of excitement, and still agrees to shoot his video after school, even though she has practice.

After school, Tori records the footage for Zig, and tries to hurry off to practice because it starts in ten minutes. Zig asks if she can record one more landing for him since the deadline for the contest is that night, and Tori tells him that she can't because she can't be late for her first Power Squad practice. However, when he mentions that Maya could potentially film him instead of Tori, she agrees to stay for ten more minutes. Although, this action caused her to be late to practice, resulting in her getting kicked off the squad and becoming the mascot.


In Need You Now (2), Tori approaches Zig in the full mascot costume, and he mistakes her for someone else. When she reveals that it is her, he bursts out laughing, and Tori tells him that she is the new mascot until Marisol can find a replacement for her and that Marisol is making her be the mascot at the upcoming game. She comments on how humiliating this is for her, and Zig only laughs, failing to comfort her. He tells her not to do it if she hates it so much, and she tells him she wouldn't feel so humiliated if Zig was there to support her. However, he tells her that he already promised his friends that he would go skateboarding with them at lunch, and says that his friends would make fun of him forever if he ditched them to hang with his girlfriend. When the bell rings, they lean in to kiss one another, but Zig pulls back, asking why the costume smells like cheese before he leaves.

At lunch, Tori tells Maya the story of how she became the mascot and Maya asks if being the mascot was a "bizarre initiation" to be a member on the squad. Tori says that cheerleading is important to her, but that Zig would also be there for her if she needed him. However, Maya brings up the point to her that to her it sounds like Zig is putting his own agenda ahead of his girlfriend's, not caring about her interests. Maya asks her why she can stand up to Marisol, but not to her own boyfriend.


Tori later approaches Zig in a classroom and greets him, asking if he knows what he is doing that day. He doesn't know, and she tells him that he is going to the Degrassi football game with her. He sounds less than enthused and tells her that she knows that that isn't his "thing." She says that it is her thing and that she really wants him to be there, but he tells her that he would rather be at the skate park. She stares at him before asking why he can't do this for her, and he tells her that it is just a football game. Tori says it is more than that, as it is her first official Power Squad event. He tells her that she is just the mascot, but she counters that she is only the mascot because she was late because of his video. Zig tells her that he didn't make her stay, but Tori confronts him, saying that she wanted to because it was important to Zig. She tells him to name one thing he has ever done for her, and he looks away without saying anything. Feeling guilty, he finally agrees to go to her game, but Tori, finally standing up for herself, tells him not to bother, before walking out.

Degrassi nov3 ss -0835

Zig wearing the mascot costume so she won't have to.

After school, Tori discovers that she is back on the Power Squad because Zig took her place as the mascot. He appears from behind the bus and dances his way up to Tori, who has a look on her face like she is trying not to laugh. She asks "I thought football games weren't your thing?" and he says he told Marisol he would wear the mascot costume so that Tori wouldn't have to. She tells him that she isn't going to just forgive him anymore just because he does one nice thing for her, saying that things need to change. He agrees and asks if he is going to get a kiss. She smiles and tells him that he won't while he is in the stinky mascot costume. Zig fakes being offended and rushes onto the bus, leaving Tori outside laughing and smiling at his silliness.

In Smash Into You (1), Tori and Zig are seen talking outside the skate park until Tori leaves to go talk to Adam. When Tori has finished talking to Adam about her survey, she returns to Zig.

In Smash Into You (2), Tori and Zig are seen on a double date with Adam and Tristan until Adam reveals he is not gay, and Tori goes to comfort Tristan.

Season 12[]


Tori tells Zig that he doesn't need to worry about her getting a breast reduction.

In Come As You Are (1), Zig and Tori are still together, and are ready for the new term. While Tori is talking about her schedule for the year, she mentions that Zig's hair is at the right length in between getting and needing a hair cut. Later, Zig, Tori, Maya and Tristan are hanging out at the mall, and to make Maya feel better about her breasts being called flat, Tori lies and says that she asked her parents if she could have a breast reduction. Worried, Zig grabs her shoulder, and Tori reassures him that they said no.


Tori giving Zig a congratulations kiss.

In Got Your Money (1), Zig announces to Tori that he is the new official singer of WhisperHug, and she kisses him in excitement and congratulations. Tori says that everything is coming along for her, as today Zig became a rock star, and tomorrow they were celebrating their four month anniversary. However, Zig does not remember what month, and Maya has to fill him in. Tori looks disappointed that he forgot, but Zig instead tells his girlfriend that he was planning a big surprise. This excites her, and she tells him that she can wear her new dress, and that he could wear anything besides his uniform khakis, not knowing that Zig can't afford another pair of pants. After class, Zig steals a pair of pants out of the lost and found for his date.

Zig's gift

Zig showing his bandmates a bracelet he plans on giving to Tori.

The next day, Zig is in his mother's store, trying to pick out a present for Tori for their anniversary. His friend Damon Carter mocks him about his jeans, asking if Zig's rich girlfriend bought them for him, and Zig tells him that he got them from the lost and found. Zig tells him that he really wants to impress Tori, and his mother gives him a bracelet that recently came in to give to Tori. However, his band tells him not to give her the bracelet as a gift, as it looks cheap, and Tori spent 5 years worth of allowance on him.


Tori notices that Zig is very upset.

After band practice, Tori approaches him, grabbing his arm, and asks him how practice was. Zig says to her that they need to talk about their anniversary date and she tells him not to spoil anything for her, but Zig says that he needs to cancel it, using his band as an excuse. He asks if they can celebrate their six month anniversary instead, and Tori is left upset, as their date was a big deal to her. Later in class, Zig approaches Tori to be in a group with her, but she refuses to talk to him due to the fact that she is still upset and doesn't want to be around him. Damon asks Zig if she finally found out that he was poor and dumped him, though Zig says that she expects a fairy tale date, and he cancelled because he couldn't deliver. Damon tells him to take what he wants, and says you only go to jail if you get caught. He tells Zig that if he doesn't want "Princess Tori" to dump him, then he'd have to dine and dash, which means eating a meal without paying for it and leaving.


Zig attempting to makes things right with Tori in class.

His band later asks Zig how his date went, and Zig asks Maya for help with Tori. She tells him that she isn't getting involved, but Zig rebuts that Tori isn't talking to him, to which Maya says that he is messing with her emotions. She asks why he cancelled the anniversary date, and he honestly tells her that he was worried that he would disappoint. She agrees to help, which makes Zig happy. Maya later takes Tori to Little Miss Steaks on a set-up to meet Zig. When they meet up with Zig, he wishes Tori a happy anniversary, and she tells him that he said that 4 month anniversaries are stupid. He admits that they aren't stupid, but he is, and confesses that being with someone you really like is scary, as they get to know you, admitting that he thought that if Tori really got to know him, then she wouldn't like him anymore. This answer leaves Tori happy, who dismisses Maya, and tells Zig that she loves him. He is surprised and reciprocates the feelings. He tells Tori to get whatever she wants to eat, even though he knows that he cannot afford it.


The couple sharing a kiss on their anniversary.

Later on their date, the two are feeding each other food, before Tori tells him that she needs to admit something, though quickly tries to go back on it. He says that she has to tell him, or the "tickle monster" will come get her. Tori says to him that she got him an iPad for their anniversary, though she took it back when he said that he cancelled, to which he says he deserved it. Though, he tells her that he doesn't need anything except her.

When Marisol brings by the check, Tori offers to split the bill, but Zig says he has it covered, and tells her to go outside ahead of him, while he would presumably pay. Zig runs out of the restaurant, unable to pay, and grabs Tori's hand while running, using the excuse that he was full of energy from their amazing date. Tori asks if everything was okay, but Zig kisses her to distract her. Tori tells him that her heart is racing so fast, and Zig says that his is as well. They lean in for another kiss.


In Got Your Money (2), Tori approaches Zig, putting her hands over his face, telling him to "Guess who!". She tells him that their date last night was perfect, and he says that she deserved it. Tori enthusiastically says she can't wait to see what he does for the future anniversaries of their relationship, and Zig tells her that it only matters that they spend them together. Tori questions if she could now meet Zig's mother, though Zig uses the excuse that she is busy with the store, but assures Tori that his mom would love her. Maya approaches the couple with the announcement that student council wants WhisperHug to play at the upcoming dance. Tori is excited for their first dance, and Maya for the band's first gig. When the bell rings, Tori kisses Zig goodbye and heads to French class with Maya, though Marisol approaches Zig, demanding the money that he owes her. She gives him 24 hours to pay her $50, or she would tell Tori about the debt and would sic Mo on Zig.

Later, Zig and Tori are walking together in the hall. Tori has her hand on Zig's arm while they're walking and chats to him about how his mother must be so proud of him now that he's a rock star, though Zig is spacing out and not paying attention. She asks him if she can meet his mother after the dance, but he tells her that she is really busy. Zig stops her and is about to tell her his secret that he is poor, which has been weighing on his mind that past day, but before he can, she notices the ticket booth, and comments that it's "WhisperHeart's first public performance", though Zig corrects her that it is "WhisperHug." The booth is empty, but Zig notices that the dance money is left on the table, the money he needs to repay Marisol. Zig tells Tori that he can get her into the dance V.I.P., and she kisses him in thanks, before leaving. After she leaves, Zig steals $50 from the dance booth.

Later, classes are postponed because of the missing dance ticket money, and Tori informs Zig about the search, even though Zig is acting suspicious. Officer Turner finds nothing in Zig's locker or guitar case, though Tori and Maya notice his strange behaviour, and follow him into the classroom. The two find Zig counting the stolen dance money, and promise not to turn him in when he returns all of the money. Tori is angry that he stole it, and yells at him that she feels like she barely knows him. He responds that she doesn't know him, and he leaves.


Tori and Zig backstage.

At his mother's convenience store, Zig admits to his mother that he stole $50 from the student council, and that he hates being poor. She tells him that his true friends, won't hate him, because they like Zig for who he is. He comments that everyone hates him, especially Tori, who he cares the most about. Backstage at the dance, Zig is nowhere to be found, and when Mo asks Tori what his cellphone number is, she responds that her "ex-boyfriend" doesn't have a phone. Mo asks what kind of idiot doesn't have a cell, and at that moment, Zig walks in, saying an idiot that can't afford one doesn't have one. Tori watches him as he walks in and hands the owed money to Marisol.

However, Tori stops Zig before he goes on stage, asking why he gave Marisol that money. He explains that he didn't pay for their date last night, causing Tori to realize that they dined and dashed. He confesses to her that he is poor, and Tori is confused because his parents own a store. He admits that it is a convenience store, and tells her that he tried to cancel their anniversary because he couldn't afford to take her out. Tori is shocked that he lied about everything, and Maya appears, calling Zig onstage, but he tells Tori that he just didn't want to lose her.

Tumblr m7o3fg8Itf1r5uoxco1 500

Tori with her boyfriend and his mother.

While Zig is performing on stage, Tori emerges from the front of the crowd, and the two cannot take their eyes off of each other. After the band performs, Zig leaves the dance, heading home. His mother asks him if things didn't work out with the girl, but Zig doesn't answer her, telling her to go inside, saying he would finish her shift. Damon appears, and greets Zig, telling him that Tori forced him to bring her to Zig's house to see him. Tori is interested to finally see the store, and Zig, happy to see her, holds open the door for her. The two walk inside, and Zig apologizes to her for lying about everything, though Tori asks him if he really thought that she was that shallow that she would care if he was poor. He tells her that she treated him like a rock star, and she smiles at him, telling him that he was a rock star tonight. Mrs. Novak appears, asking who Tori is, and Zig introduces Tori as his girlfriend to her. Tori excitedly embraces her, as she was glad to have finally met her. Mrs. Novak returned the compliment.

In Rusty Cage (1), Zig and Tori are hanging out at The Dot with Maya, Tristan and Campbell. When Zig is singing karaoke, Tori watches intently. He is sitting next to her before Tristan and Tori start dancing while Campbell and Maya are singing.


Zig, standing next to Tori, while they await to see who won the role on West Drive.

In Sabotage (1), when Tori compliments Dave's acting, he asks her if she is flirting with him. She tells him no, and that she has a rock star boyfriend, referring to Zig. When Dave, Tori and Tristan decide to audition for a guest role on West Drive, Zig is there to support Tori. The two are happy for Dave when he wins the guest role.

In Sabotage (2), while Tori is walking in the hallway with Dave and Tristan, they see Alli, and Dave wonders if she is mad at him about him ditching her. Tori comments that if Zig ever ditched her, that she "would just die".

In Scream (1), Tori and Tristan are talking about Tristan's first kiss, and Zig appears, asking Tristan if he really hasn't kissed anyone. Tori hits him for his insensitive comment, and Zig tells Tristan that he still has time to find someone to kiss before the play. Tori asks him if he has homework to finish, implying he should leave, and Zig tells her that he can take a hint, before leaving. Tori apologizes to Tristan for Zig, saying he has no concept about how hard it is to be out in the 9th grade, though Tristan says that he is right.

In Scream (2), Tori interrupts Maya and Zig's jam time on their instruments because she is worried and can't find Tristan. Maya and Zig try to hold her off, saying he is probably on a date and is getting his first kiss, but Tori makes them come along anyway to find him. When Tori, Zig and Maya are searching for Tristan, they find that his cellphone is ringing out of Luke's pocket. Owen threatens Luke and finds out where Tristan is, and Tori, Zig, Owen and Maya break him out of the room he was locked in.

In Doll Parts (1), Maya approaches Zig asking where Tori is, and he tells her that she got a ride to school that day. Just as he answers, Tori enters the hallway dressed as a pageant queen, and Zig tells Maya that he likes Tori's look. He whistles at Tori as she approaches, and she does a twirl for him, before he tells her that she looks good. Zig puts his arm around Tori, and Maya proceeds to ask Tori about the pageants, before she shoos Zig away to talk to Tori alone about her situation with Campbell.

Later, when Zig comforts Maya about Campbell not liking Maya's makeover, Maya mentions that Tori's boyfriend, Zig, liked the pageants, so she thought Campbell would as well. Maya asks Zig why he likes that Tori is a beauty queen, and Zig responds that when Tori is up on stage, she acts like she owns the room, and he wants to be around that. Maya says that he means that he wants to make out with that, and Zig says, "Well," while grinning, showing that he doesn't disagree.


Tori and Zig kissing in front of Maya.

Later, at the pageant, Zig is there for moral support for Maya and his girlfriend. When Tori makes it as one of the top ten girls who advance to the next round of the pageant, she excitedly hugs Zig before going out on stage. While Tori is on stage, Zig tells Maya that the judges are stupid if they don't pick her and says she deserves better if Campbell also doesn't realize this. Maya jokes back that it's too bad that Zig is off of the market. After both Maya and Tori head backstage, Tori and Zig lean in and kiss each other three times, before pulling apart and smiling at one another, both oblivious to Maya's discomfort.

When Maya is ready to break up with Campbell after the pageant, she tells Tori that she wants a guy like Zig. Tori tells Maya that Zig is taken, and Maya says she wants a guy "like" Zig, someone who will treat her like a queen and make her feel good about herself every day, like what Zig does for Tori.

In Doll Parts (2), when Maya asks Zig if he's going to the pageant finals, he asks her, "You've met Tori, right?", saying that he's going because she's making him, but also because he wants to support her. Maya asks Zig to play lead guitar for her song for the talent portion since he will be there anyways. Later, Tori accuses Maya of using Zig when she hears that he is participating with her on stage, saying it would have been nice if Maya had asked for permission first. Maya tells her that they play together all the time, and that they didn't need Tori's permission.

During the past two days, Zig and Maya have been acting increasingly flirty with one another, and after Maya's performance, Zig cheats on Tori by kissing Maya. Maya pulls away, acknowledging that their kiss was wrong because of Tori, but Zig displays feelings for Maya, not seeming to care about Tori. Katie lectures Maya to not become a boyfriend stealer, and to not let Zig come between her friendship with Tori. She calls Zig "the kind of guy who kisses other girls that aren't his girlfriend."


Tori, oblivious to Zig's jealousy of Maya with Campbell.

During the pageant, Zig watches Tori and Maya as they give their interviews. Tori gives a beautiful speech about how Maya has changed her as her best friend for the better, which leaves Maya feeling guilty. Maya admits that her greatest flaw is that she is a "huge bitch", because she kissed her best friend's boyfriend, and she runs out on the pageant, much to Zig's astonishment and Tori's confusion.

The next day, Zig and Tori are sitting next to one another across from Maya and Campbell, who had gotten back together. Zig is unhappy that Maya is back with Campbell, but Tori is oblivious to Zig's mood. Tori says she's glad things worked out for Campbell and Maya, and calls Zig "Ziggy", asking if he agrees with her. The bell rings before he answers, and Tori leaves to head to class. After she leaves, Zig talks to Maya, admitting that he felt something, but Maya says she felt nothing, and chooses Campbell over him.

In I Want It That Way (2), Tristan tells Tori and Maya that they both have perfect boyfriends, referring to Zig and Campbell respectively.

In Tonight, Tonight, Tori confesses to Maya and Campbell that she feels like she is losing Zig. Maya asks why she thinks that, and Tori says that he is acting weird and might like another girl. She tells her that whenever her and Zig are together, it feels like he is somewhere else. Maya tries to cover for Zig, knowing that Zig actually likes her now, but assures Tori that he is just busy with exams and the Battle of the Band. Maya lies to Tori and assures her that she is overreacting. Later, Maya talks to Zig before class, telling him to stop being weird with Tori. Zig asks if she sent Maya to talk to him, and Maya tells him that it doesn't matter. She says that they agreed that everything would go back to normal between them, and Zig points out that he never agreed to that. Maya says that he doesn't have to be "the big bad wolf" if Zig tries to be nice to Tori, which he reluctantly agrees to do.

Later, Tori, Maya and Campbell are at Maya's house studying for their French exam. Tori is on her phone and says that Zig isn't texting her back, and Maya tells her that she talked to Zig. Maya lies to her best friend, saying that Zig said that nothing was wrong and that he was just busy. At that moment, Zig shows up to Maya's house unannounced, and they are all confused to see him. Maya plays it off to Tori that she told Zig that she was here, and Tori tells Zig to sit next to her. Zig does not talk to Tori directly, and he and Maya go and talk in the kitchen. Zig confesses to her that after the Battle of the Bands, he is going to break up with Tori. Maya tells him that he cannot do that, but he defends himself, saying it's not nice to be with her when he likes Maya and he can't lie anymore.


Tori finding out about Zig and Maya's kiss.

Maya reveals to Katie that Zig is breaking up with Tori because he likes her, and she says that she needs to stop him. However, Katie tells her that there's nothing she can do, and that Zig is actually doing the right thing by being honest. At the Battle of the Bands, Zig and Maya are talking before they perform, and Maya is upset because Campbell won't talk to her. Zig tells her that he is still breaking up with Tori today, and puts his hand on hers. Maya yells at him that she doesn't want to be with him and that she loves Cam. Zig asks why they kissed if she loves Campbell so much, and at that moment, Tori clears her throat, revealing she had heard the conversation. Maya and Zig had not noticed her, and Tori states that she had brought them both drinks to cheer them up for being disqualified. Maya begins to ramble excuses to her, but Tori angrily throws the two drinks on the ground at her, and walks out. She is not seen again or mentioned during the rest of the episode.


Zig, Tori, Maya, and Damon in the video yearbook.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (2), Tori and Zig are both seen standing near each other at Cam's vigil.

In Ray of Light (2), they are briefly shown in the Degrassi video yearbook with Maya and Damon. It can be assumed that when they were filmed Zig and Tori were still together because she drew a heart on the glass behind Zig's head with her fingers.


Tori glares at Zig while he begins his presentation.

In Karma Police (1), after Tori begins crying in French class after delivering her assignment, in which she said she would go back in time to help Campbell before he killed himself, Zig makes a comment in class, brushing off her concern. Tori stares at him, and Zig says that it is odd that she is crying over Campbell since she only knew him for about three months. Tristan defends Tori, but Zig rebuffs that at least he isn't being a drama queen over a guy that he barely knew, referring to Tori. While Zig is forced to give his version of the assignment, Tori glares at him, while wiping away some of her tears, and he walks out of the classroom. Later, when Damon confronts Zig about skipping French class, Zig says that he can't stand another minute in that class with "stupid Tori" and "stupid Tristan" talking about Campbell, calling it annoying.


Zig smiles after Tori tells him that his apology meant a lot to her.

In Karma Police (2), Zig presents his time travelling assignment, and glances at Maya, Tori and Tristan, before changing it. Zig admits that he never would have come between his friends, and wouldn't have hurt Tori because she didn't deserve it. Later, when Zig and Damon approach Maya, Tori and Tristan at lunch, Maya thanks Zig for his apology, and Tori tells Zig that it meant a lot to her too, which causes Zig to smile. Maya ends up inviting Zig and Damon to be extras with her, Tori and Tristan in Eli's zombie movie.

In Zombie (1), when Maya asks out Zig to go see a movie, he asks her if she has already invited Tori and Tristan.


  • First Relationship:
    • Start Up: Approximately a month before Underneath It All (1132-1133)
    • Broke Up: Before Underneath It All (1132-1133)
      • Reason: Zig didn't want to enter Degrassi with a girlfriend.
  • Second Relationship:
  • Third Relationship:
    • Start Up: Got Your Money (2) (1206)
    • Broke Up: Tonight, Tonight (1228)
      • Reason: Tori found out that Zig kissed Maya and was planning to break up with her to continue pursuing Maya.

Rival Relationships[]


  • Their first on-screen kiss was in Got Your Money (1).
  • They were each other's first love.
  • It took Zig four months to introduce Tori to his mother Mrs. Novak. He finally did so in Got Your Money (2).
  • Zig broke up with Tori prior to Underneath It All.
  • Zig cheated on Tori with Maya in Doll Parts (2).
  • For their four month anniversary in their second relationship, Tori originally got Zig an iPad as a present, though she ended up returning it as he cancelled their date.
  • Zig became the school mascot for Tori.
  • They were seen in the season 11 opening credits together.
  • Tori's final line was said to Zig: "It meant a lot to me too."
  • When Tori said she loved Zig, Zig said, "That's cool. Me too."
  • They had their first kiss together.
  • Zig planned to dump her for Maya but never ended up doing so.
  • Zig never had to breakup with Tori, it was implied things were over after she overheard Maya and Zig talking about the kiss they shared.
  • They both made their first appearances in Underneath It All (1).
  • Zig later dated Tori's best friend Maya.
  • Zig's friend Damon Carter disliked Tori, referring to her as "Gossip Girl" and "Princess Tori."
  • While Tori was a huge fan of West Drive, Zig did not like it.


  • Zig: "I don't need anything except you." - Got Your Money (1)
  • Tori: "My heart is racing so fast."
    Zig: "Mine too." - Got Your Money (1)
  • Zig: "Being with someone that you really like is scary. They get to know you and all your qualities, good and bad. I guess I was scared that if you would really get to know me, then you wouldn't like me anymore." - Got Your Money (1)
  • Tori: "Why do I love you so much?"
    Zig: "You love me?"
    Tori: "Yeah."
    Zig: "That's really cool. Me too." - Got Your Money (1)
  • Tori: "Last night was perfect."
    Zig: "I'm glad. You deserved it."
    Tori: "Can't wait to see what you do for our 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 month anniversaries, but we'll take it one at a time."
    Zig: "The only that matters is that we get to spend each one together." - Got Your Money (2)
  • Tori: "You just lied about everything?"
    Zig: "I just didn't want to lose you." - Got Your Money (2)
  • Tori: "Dave, you're nailing Romeo today. You're very talented."
    Dave: "What, are you flirting with me?"
    Tori: "No. I have a rockstar boyfriend." - Sabotage (1)
  • Zig: "Well, the play's not till tomorrow, right? You still got time to find someone."
    Tori: "Don't you have homework to finish?"
    Zig: "I can take a hint." - Scream (1)
  • Zig: "Wow! I guess she's trying out a new pageant look."
    Maya: "I can't believe Tori does these pageants. What decade are we living in?"
    Zig: "I don't know, but I like it." - Doll Parts (1)
  • Zig: -whistles- "You look good, babe."
    Tori: "Oh, stop. How good?" - Doll Parts (1)
  • Maya: "I just, I want a guy like Zig."
    Tori: "Hm, Zig is taken." - Doll Parts (1)
  • Maya: "Why do like that Tori is a beauty queen?"
    Zig: "When Tori is on the stage, she acts like she owns the room, and I want to be around that."
    Maya: "You mean you want to make out with that."
    Zig: "Well.." -smiles- - Doll Parts (1)
  • Zig: "You told me to be nice to Tori, and it's not nice to be with her when I like you."
    Maya: "Zig, you can't do that to her."
    Zig: "I can't lie anymore." - Tonight, Tonight
  • Zig: "I just can't spend another minute in that class listening to stupid Tori stupid Tristan talk about stupid Cam. It's so annoying." -Karma Police (1)
  • Zig: "If I were to go back in time, it would be before all of that. I never would have come between my friends. I wouldn't have hurt Tori because she doesn't deserve that." - Karma Police (2)
  • Maya: "Zig, what you said today was really cool. Thanks."
    Tori: "It meant a lot to me, too." - Karma Police (2)