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"If you could save a life, would you?"
— Zig Novak to Maya Matlin

Zigmund "Zig" Novak is a graduate of Degrassi Community School from the Class of 2016. He's handsome, charming, and obsessed with skateboarding and playing music. His home life isn't much fun, so he made the most of his time at Degrassi flirting with the girls and making his guy friends laugh. Zig found himself in detention on a regular basis, but he could usually talk his way out of trouble.

Trouble follows Zig, whether it's talking to girls or even doing nothing, he always finds himself in a tight situation. Zig even feels that he hurts the ones he cares about the most. He is best friends with his girlfriend Maya Matlin, Tiny Bell, and Grace Cardinal, and is good friends with Mo MashkourImogen Moreno, Adam Torres (before his death), Jonah HaakTristan Milligan, Zoë Rivas, Dave Turner and Frankie Hollingsworth.He was dating Esme Song and Frankie Hollingsworth at the same time, but the relationship ended. He is currently on good terms with Miles Hollingsworth III and his former best friend Damon Carter. He used to dislike Hunter Hollingsworth. He was previously enemies with Campbell Saunders before his death, which he felt responsible for. He was the Power Squad mascot and was a member in the band WhisperHug. He changed drastically during the summer before his sophomore year, becoming a bad boy who is involved with the wrong crowd. He is labelled as "The Not So Bad Bad Boy." Zig was portrayed by Ricardo Hoyos.

Character History


Season 11

Zig in Season 11

In Underneath It All, Zig begins at Degrassi Community School along with his fellow Junior High classmates, Tori and Tristan. On his first day, he encounters a new, artsy girl named Maya, who he invites to the Dot after school. Zig tells Maya that he broke up with Tori because he didn't want to start high school with a girlfriend. Zig takes Tori back because he realizes that wasn't really a good reason, but remains friends with Maya.

In Can't Tell Me Nothing (1), Zig is seen waiting for Tori to come to the skate park with him. She agrees and leaves with him, upsetting Tristan. Later, Zig is seen in The Dot after receiving an invitation to meet someone there. He assumes the invitation is from Tori, but she shows up and hugs him after receiving the same invitation thinking she was invited there by him. Tristan explains he gave them the invitations, and tells them he wants to be friends with both of them, and suggests they do a music act for the Coffee House. Zig agrees but looks unsure.


In Can't Tell Me Nothing (2), Zig doesn’t see a spot for him in Tristan and Tori's two man cabaret show Half a Heart. Zig tries to work with Tristan and suggests a rap. Unfortunately, Tristan sees this as an insult to his creative masterpiece. Zig tells Tristan that his song is campy and Tori admits that she thinks they should leave Half A Heart as a good memory from their summer camp performance. Tristan decides to forge ahead with Half a Heart. After Tristan gets booed onstage, Tori runs on stage to complete the half of Tristan’s heart that’s missing. Zig also joins them for his rap part.

In Need You Now (1), Zig wants Tori to film him skateboarding for a contest. When Tori has to leave he tells her the deadline is tonight and he wants it to be good, and suggest Maya would help him to get Tori to stay.

Degrassi Nov3 SS -0731.jpg

In Need You Now (2), Zig goes to the gym looking for Tori, and sees her as the mascot. Zig tells her he can't come support her due to skateboarding. Zig is then asked by Tori to come to the game, he once again rather go with the guy skateboarding than the football game and support Tori. Saying that's not really his thing, Tori leaves the room, and Zig is left compelled. Zig shows up at the game as the new mascot, and now Tori can be on the team.

In Smash Into You (1), Zig is seen at the skate park skateboarding.

In Smash Into You (2), Zig is seen on the double date with Tori, Tristan and Adam. He is also seen talking to Adam when Tori runs off to comfort Tristan.

Season 12

Zig in Season 12

In Come As You Are (1), he joined Tori, Maya and Tristan at the mall. When Tori mentioned getting breast reduction surgery, Zig expressed concern, but Tori quickly reassured him that her parents said no. As the topic shifted to lingerie and the possibility of Maya getting breast implants, Zig quietly walked away from the group. Later, he tweeted "Lesson learned. Shopping with (them) is informative. I’ll stay at the skate park next time."


In Got Your Money (1), Zig is first seen talking to Maya where she reveals that he made it into WhisperHug. Tori comes up and congratulates him and they all walk into class where she states that their four-month anniversary is the next day. He says he has a great surprise planned and she claps excitedly, saying that she'll wear her new dress and he can wear anything except the khaki uniform pants.

She says the reason being that the only other person that still wears them is his friend Damon Carter because he can't afford anything else. Upon walking out of class, he spots the lost-and-found and steals a pair of jeans. He is later shown with Damon at his mother's store where he is looking for something to give to Tori. His mother gives him a bracelet that had just came in and he says that she will love it.

After rehearsing Be My Someone with his band the next day, Mo brings up the times for more practices where Zig says he can't do anything that night because of his anniversary. Imogen asks what he got her and he excitedly shows the bracelet but is shot down by his bandmates and called cheap. Maya then tells him that Tori spent her allowance from the past five years for his present.

After walking out of practice, he is greeted by Tori in the hallway and says he has to cancel their date due to band practice and the fact that a four-month anniversary isn't really a thing. She gets upset and walks away from him saying that they were gonna make it their thing. In another class, he tries to join a group with Tori and Maya but Tori is ignoring him and Maya says he should leave.

Damon joins him and tells him about the dine-and-dash to win back Tori. He asks for Maya's help and meets her and Tori at Little Miss Steaks where he apologizes and they make up. Marisol hands them the menu and he tells Tori to get whatever she'd like. Upon receiving the bill, Zig tells Tori to meet him outside and he leaves without paying. He runs out of the street with Tori and kisses her saying his heart is racing.

Marisol asking Zig for the money he owes her.

In Got Your Money (2), he is sitting with his guitar the day after where Tori comes behind him, happy to see him. They walk to the front of the school where Maya meets them and says that Marisol got WhisperHug to perform at the dance. They are all excited when the girls leave for class and Marisol approaches Zig. She says that he owes him $50 for the $35 bill, and the fact that she deserves a generous tip for the stunt he pulled.

He says he doesn't have the money on him and she threatens him by saying if she doesn't get the money in 24 hours, she will tell Tori what he did and send Mo to collect.

Later that day, he is walking with Tori in the main hall of the school where she points out the booth for tickets for


the dance. They discover that nobody is covering the booth and that the ticket money is still there. Tori says she'll meet him later as the bell rings and Zig takes the money and hides it in his binder. Later on, Zig walks into one of the hallways to see lockers being searched. Maya and Tori tell him that somebody stole the dance money and he begins to get nervous. Officer Turner tells him to open his locker and it is searched. He then tells Zig to open his guitar case and he is clean there too.

Zig nervously speeds into the band room and takes out the money pouch where Tori and Maya walk in. He gives Maya the money and she says she won't say anything but Tori is very upset. She asks why he would do it and says it's like she doesn't even know him to which he agrees and walks out. While working at his mother's store, his mom asks if he should be preparing for his dance. He tells her what he did, saying everybody hates him, especially Tori. She gives him the money to pay back Marisol and tells him to go to the dance because people are counting on him.

He joins his bandmates and hands Marisol her money and before they go to perform, Tori pulls him back asking why he gave her the money and he reveals that he dined-and-dashed. He tells her that he is poor and he didn't want to lose her for not being able to give her nice things. He performs Be My Someone with the band and gets a loud applause, while Tori walks to the front of the crowd and stares at him.

At the end of the night, he helps his mom with the trash and tells her to go inside the store and watch TV. Damon approaches and Zig says he doesn't want company. Damon then shows that Tori followed him. The two rekindle their relationship and Zig brings Tori inside to meet his mother.

In Rusty Cage (1), Zig is seen with Tori, Tristan, Cam and Maya at karaoke night. He is seen singing on stage when Cam arrives and playing air guitar with Tori and Tristan as Cam and Maya sang their duet.

Zig corndog.png

In Sabotage (1), he joins Tori, Tristan and Dave at the mall for the West Drive talent contest, but apparently doesn't participate as he isn't wearing a contestant number. When Dave wins the contest, he joins them for pizza.

In Scream (1), he is seen wandering around backstage when Tori and Tristan


are talking about how his first kiss will be with Dave. While Tori tells him not to worry, Zig tells him he should find one and she implies for him to leave.

In Scream (2), he is seen searching for Tristan with Maya and Tori. He keeps calling him while the others search for him. He goes with the girls to tell Owen and helps convince Tristan to go perform.

In Building a Mystery (1), Zig is seen heading to band practice when Becky asks him if Adam is able to hang out with her. He then tells her that they need to practice for Battle the Bands.


In Doll Parts (1), Zig finds Maya crying her eyes out and comforts her, which leads to the decision to join the beauty pageant that Tori is entering. While there, Maya is disappointed that Cam is not there and is afraid she did this for nothing. When she is called on stage, she falls on her face, but laughs it off. After her performance, she and Zig have a chat and Maya is surprised to find she has made it to the second round.

In Doll Parts (2),  Zig agrees, to perform with Maya, at the pageant. Later at the pageant, Zig performs with Maya, and they share a kiss backstage, which he doesn't seem to mind. The next day, while Tori and Maya are back on good terms, Zig expresses his jealousy of her and Cam's relationship, saying they both "felt it" the other night when they kissed. 

In Tonight, Tonight, Zig is walking along studying chemicals when Maya catches up to him and tells him to stop whatever he is doing. Zig points out that only Maya agreed to acting normal, and their kiss is hard to forget. He then agrees to be nice to Tori. 


Later at the Matlin house, Zig walks in with a bag, only expecting Maya, and has to follow her deception saying she told him Tori would be there. Zig sits next to Tori. He gives Cam the bag and he opens it, revealing 2 bags of Ketchup chips.  Cam asks him why he only brought 2, as his parents own the convenience store and Zig says he had a "brain fart" and that he should have brought more 

Zig then suggests they add harmonies to the Superman song, and goes to get drinks with Maya. Zig tells Maya that he was unaware of Cam and Tori's premature presence at her house.  He tells her that he is going to break up with Tori after exams and the Battle of the Bands. Zig reminds her that she wanted him to be nice to Tori, and it is not nice to make her think he still likes her.

Zig enters the door at rehearsal and complains that he had a hard time on his exams due to slope-related questions (which is exactly the only thing he had not studied). He is also in awe at Battle Of The Bands when the Superman song is stolen.


Back in their tent, Maya is packing her instruments when Zig jokingly suggests that they go out onstage and play regardless of the debarment. Zig reminds her that he is still dumping Tori afterwards. When he puts his hand on Maya’s, she becomes frustrated and tells him that she loves Cam and that they will not happen.

Zig asks her if she loves Cam so much why they kissed. Suddenly, someone clears their throat from behind, and when they turn to see who it is, they know they are in trouble. It is Tori, who had brought them drinks to cheer them up for being disqualified, but her initial stammering tells them that she heard every word of their conversation. Zig can only remain silent in shame, ending their relationship. Zig agrees to cover bass, and performs “Up In Our Cloud”.

Zig telling Cam to get out of Maya's life, now and forever

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (1),  Zig greets Maya after noticing they're on the same spirit week team, causing Campbell to become jealous. Tristan walks past the two and makes a rude remark how the two were placed on the same team. Later on in the gymnasium, the green and red spirit teams were preparing for their first spirit week competition, a game of floor hockey. Zig helps Maya with her headband as Campbell looks on angrily.

When the game began, Cam attacked Zig by elbowing in the face and continued to fight him until Mr. Simpson and Dallas pulled him off. In Mr. Simpson's office, Zig angrily states that Cam attacked him and said that Maya could vouch for him. After Maya admits that Cam attacked Zig, he left to get ice for his black eye.

The next day, Zig was walking up the steps where Cam was waiting for Maya with his lunch. Cam begins to gloat about how Maya forgave him. Angrily, Zig calls Cam a psycho and tells him to get out of Maya's life now and forever, because she'd be better off without him. That comment caused Cam to go over the edge and commits suicide.


In Bitter Sweet Symphony (2), He is seen leaning against the lockers looking very upset after finding out that Cam committed suicide. Zig feels guilty for what he said to Cam and  tells Maya that he is the reason Cam killed himself, saying "I told Cam to get out of your life, so he did - its all my fault". Maya tells Zig that that is ridiculous, and starts to laugh. Zig angrily asks her how she is laughing. He then watches her speech at the vigil.

In Ray of Light (2), he is seen in the yearbook video.


In Karma Police (1), Zig is in French class sitting next to Damon, and they are presenting oral project assigned by Madame Jean-Aux. It's Tori's turn to present and she says that if she could go back in time, she'd go back to before Cam committed suicide. This annoyed Zig so he expresses it, and calls Tori a drama queen, despite Tristan's retorts. Madame tells him that if he's so eager to speak he should present next. Zig said he'd go back to before the assignment existed, and walks out.

Damon approaches Zig, tells him it's time for French, but Zig doesn't want to go; he suggests they both skip it. Zig then gets angry and says that he doesn't want to be in that class with "stupid Tori" and "stupid Tristan" talking about "stupid Cam", and then he grabs a trash barrel and dumps it over Madame's car, and he's contemplating about doing more, but Damon convinces him otherwise. Madame then comes out and gives them both detention.

Zig and Damon finish cleaning up trash for Madame when she


dismisses them, but requests to talk to Zig first. Zig tells her that he doesn't want to present his oral, and expresses his guilt over what he said to Cam. Madame reassures him it wasn't his fault, and suggests that he help set up an event for French with her.

Zig decides he'll help her, and brings along Damon to help as well. Madame announces that her musical act cancelled on them, and Damon tells Zig that he should volunteer to cover for them, Zig agrees, he thinks that he owes it to her.

Zig apologizes to his friends in front of the whole class for his actions.

In Karma Police (2), Zig tries to make it up to Madame Jean-Aux by singing a French song, dedicated to her, not knowing its about two lovers. Zig gets laughed off the stage and runs into the hallway, where he is confronted by Madame. She tells him what the song is about and Zig apologizes then leaves. Damon catches him outside where he is crying. Zig tells him he could have ruined Madame's life, by that one mistake. He says he tried to steal Cam's girlfriend while he was with Tori. "Maya begged me to stop, but of course I didn't listen. He says he keeps hurting the ones he cares about.

The next day, he asks Madame if he could present his time travel assignment. She says yes. At first, Zig says he would go back in time to before he dumps trash on Madame's car, but he then says he would go back in time to before he came between his friends. He then apologizes to everyone who he has hurt. Later Zig is seen at lunch and he walks over and talks to MayaTori and Tristan after class and apologizes again. Before walking away, Maya invites Zig and Damon to be extras in Eli's zombie movie.

Zig tells Maya that she's a mean drunk.

In Zombie (1), Zig is an extra in Eli's zombie movie along with Maya. He and Maya talk and he tells her he's glad to see her happy. Zig is then asked by Maya out on a date, but he asks her about Cam. He then watches as Maya flirts with Harry. He later texts Maya asking to talk, while she is at the party. Zig shows up at the party after Maya sends him a pic of her, Harry and Talia.

Zig approaches Tristan asking about Maya. Zig offers to walk Maya home, after finding out she's been drinking. He is worried about her, and leaves after Maya insults him. He sends her a message on Facerange later asking if she is okay.


In Zombie (2), Zig notices Maya outside by the parking lot and doesn't want to fight with her. Zig is upset about how Maya has been acting and the video of her and Harry. Zig asks why she would even want to be with him, and tells her this isn't her. Maya tells him she's tired of people telling her who's she supposed to be, and tells him about her audition. Zig tells her to tell them about Cam. Zig tries to stop Maya as she storms away and throws her cello in the dumpster.

Zig is later outside with Maya as she reads her letter to the orchestra. She tells him that worst part was treating him like garbage. Zig tells her that he got her Cello out the dumpster and told Ms. Oh to keep it in the music room until Maya comes to her senses. He tells Maya saying no to her was the hardest thing ever since he really likes her, but he wants a relationship when she wants one too. He promises to wait for Maya and walks away smiling.

Season 13

Zig and Zoë glare at Maya and Miles.

In You Got Me, Zig is re-introduced as a "bad boy" and drug dealer. Zoë goes up to him in the hallway saying him that she's heard he's the type of guy that can get her drugs. He then tells her that he recognizes her from West Drive and how she played a mean girl. Zoë then requests to buy sleeping pills from him and he accepts once she shows him her wallet full of cash. 

Later at the Beach Bash, Zig is glaring at Maya and Miles flirting with each other. Maya looks to the side and sees him. He waves to her and she awkwardly waves back, much to his obvious disdain. Zoë sees this and comes up to him and comments that it's disgusting and how everybody thinks that she's a bitch and Maya's a sweetheart. Zig tells her that Maya promised she'd wait, but is ready for "this idiot" instead. Zoë then tells him that she's going to teach Maya a lesson and he inquires as to how. She assures him that she'll "think of something". Zig wishes her luck and walks away.

Zig being hostile towards Maya while they work on their assignment.

In The World I Know, Zig strolls in late for the remedial class just as Maya is required to have a partner. The teacher asks if the two have met and Zig casually answers that he and Maya go "way back" as he puts his arm around her back, making Maya uncomfortable. While being interviewed by Maya, Zig refers to himself as "Brutus". Maya asks him what employable skills he has and Zig remarks, "stabbing people in the back".

When Maya asks for him to work with her to prove they don't belong there, Zig says he is never getting out, and continues to rebel. As a teacher asks how things are going, Maya tensely says, "Just great" as she stares at him. During their presentation during Remedial class, the two go up to play each other where concerning why they are there. When Maya remarks he could have dressed up for the part, Zig says he did before putting on a blonde wig, glasses and a princess crown.

During their presentation, Zig begins to make fun of Maya, calling her "a princess" who believes herself to be above the rest of them, frustrating her. When the teacher demands they get back on track, Zig recites his line, asking why Maya (in the role of himself) is there. Maya remarks he is there because a girl broke his heart and he can't get over it like a normal person. Furious, Zig storms out of the room.

Zig telling Maya that he hates her.

In Better Man, Zig is seen playing smackball when Maya tries to apologize for calling him out the other day. Zig tells her to save her apology and declares that he hates her, leaving Maya upset. When Maya is dressed all rebellious, Zig mistakes her for Grace before realizing who she is and stares at her in shock.

Later on, when Maya comes over to the "rebels" table, Zig asks why she is there and Grace tells him that she invited her over. He continues to act cold towards her and clearly is no where near wanting to make amends with her. 

In Basket Case, Zig is seen at Miles party. Zoë walks past him while drunk.

In Unbelievable, Zig and Grace are questioned by Drew about the video of Zoë. Zig says the video doesn't surprise him and calls Zoë crazy. Photos of him and Tiny at the party, are seen while Becky is labeling possible suspects.

Zig is homeless and lives in an abandoned house.

In What It's Like, in class, Zig makes a remark about Maya not doing her homework. When Maya explains her laptop got stolen, Zig gives a description of her laptop and asks if that is it. She says yes and asks if he's seen it, Zig answers no. He gets called up to turn in his assignment and Maya looks at him; suspecting he did steal her computer. As he walks away, she begins sneaking into his bag. Zig shows up and remarks that if he did take it, he wouldn't be stupid enough to bring it to school with him.

Afterwards, Maya begins following Zig out of class and out of school with Miles. The two then sneak off and watch Zig break into an abandoned house. Zig opens the door, stunned to see Maya.  He demands to know why and if she's stalking him. After telling her to go, he slams the door in her face.

After school, Zig, looking for Maya, watches her and Miles kissing and looks on in jealousy. As soon as Miles leaves, Zig approaches her, furious. He asks if she told the teacher as a means of revenge for her laptop, but Maya insists she doesn't care about that; she cares about him. Zig says if she does, she'll mind her own business. He reveals how now Children's Aid is on him and that since he has no home, group home is his only option. Maya says that's better than squatting, but Zig retorts if she's even heard about them. She asks why he can't go home, and he admits to her how his folks kicked him out. He tells her how she doesn't know anything going on with his life and he walks off.

Zig watching Maya and Miles kiss.

In the Rubber Room, the class is doing a trust exercise with partners taking turns falling and catching each other. Maya switches with, Zig's partner Grace at the last minute. The two switch positions as Maya explains she can help him. She says how if he has a place to stay, Children's Aid won't be needed. Zig says he doesn't have anywhere to go. Maya says he does and Zig remarks if her rich new boyfriend is gonna pay for a suite.

Maya explains that he can stay at her house. In shock, Zig lets her fall. He says how her mother would never say yes. Maya says that she did, although it took a lot of convincing. As she gets up, she explains the rules; 10 o'clock curfew, no drugs/alcohol, no visitors and no hanky panky. Zig chuckles to himself and accepts.

Zig interrupting Miles's dance proposal.

In Close to Me, Maya walks into the kitchen to see Zig sitting down eating cereal. She awkwardly says hi and he tells her her mom told him to help himself which she quickly tells him of course. They stare at each other before she comments how weird this is.

He agrees then offers to get some cereal for her but she insists she can do it herself as she is an independent woman. He chuckles and sits back down. She gets her bowl of cereal and sits next to Zig before she tries to pour milk in her bowl and realizes he left none for her. They laugh and he gets up to get more for her in the fridge.

Miles comes over and formally asks Maya to semi-formal with a bouquet of roses while Zig discreetly looks on from the fridge. Maya tells Miles she has something to tell him as Zig appears revealing his presence there. Miles asks Maya what he's doing there while Zig and Miles stare at each other.

Later in class, Maya and Zig discuss how Miles wasn't too happy to see Zig and Maya tells him Miles just doesn't know him. Grace and Tiny join them and Maya insists they all go to semi formal together. Grace and Tiny agree it won't be a good idea and elaborates on a crazy scenario. Zig tells Maya it's not his job to fix her and Miles relationship and doesn't want to go to the dance.

At home, Maya walks into the kitchen in her dress. Zig stares at her in a trance and tries to compliment her but makes her upset. She tells him he was a jerk to her today and they argue about he and Miles not getting along. Miles comes to pick Maya up and they share a kiss in front of Zig as he looks on upset. Maya and Zig stare at one another, both upset before she closes the door and leaves with Miles. 

Zig tells Miles to "play nice."

At the dance, Zig decided to show up along with Grace and some other friends of theirs. They watch as Grace goes off to dance with Tristan and Miles offers to buy Zig a drink. Together Zig and Miles watch Maya dance alone. Miles tries to have a conversation with Zig but Zig wants no part in it. Miles tells Zig he's only trying for Maya and if Zig cared he'd try too. Zig tells him he cares about Maya a lot, and that it would be hard to keep things friendly now that they're living together. Miles warns Zig not to get Maya involved in his drug dealing life styles. Zig tells him he'll continue to deal what he wants when he wants and tells Miles to play nice before walking away.

Later on, Maya comes up to Zig, Tristan and Grace asking where Miles went. Perino then comes up to Zig telling him he has to come with him to search his locker since someone gave a hint that he would have them. He looks at Maya before walking off. Maya finds out Miles was the rat and they argue about she and Zig. She then ends her relationship with Miles.

Zig tells Maya he should've kissed her instead of telling her he'd wait.

At home, Maya is shown waiting up for Zig. He comes home and Maya starts asking if he's been expelled or suspended. He tells her it's fine and that he didn't have drugs in his locker. Maya insists Miles is a nice guy and doesn't know why he would do what he did. Zig tells her he knows why. He then asks if she remembers when he told her he'd wait for her last year. She responds that of course she does. Zig gets closer to her and goes on to say, "I shouldn't have said that. I should have just kissed you." But he decides against kissing her, and obeys her parents' rules of the house against any hanky panky. He tells her goodnight and goes to bed while she stands there catching her breath, confused and pondering her feelings towards him.

Zig is talking to Maya as Miles is watching them

In Sparks Will Fly (1), Zig is seen apologizing to Maya for what he said to her this morning and Maya says don't sweat it. Zig responds wait there's more he says he still likes her and leans over to kiss her but turns her head away and he asks what's wrong and she mentions the house rules and he responds that he won't be living in her house forever and he takes off his bracelet and gives it to her and asks her if she will wait for him and gives him a low of course and Miles walks away.

Maya sees Miles pull a toy gun on Zig's head

In Sparks Will Fly (2), Zig is seen with Miles fighting for Maya's affection and Miles says I know you care about Maya a lot and Zig responds actually I don't. Then Miles says well I do I'm not let you ruin this for her so come on then Zig pushes his hand away says don't touch me rich boy then Miles walks away. Then Zig says that's right walk way go back to my sloppy seconds aka Maya Then they start beating up each other and when Miles was on the floor he says this isn't over then Zig responds it looks pretty over to me. Later on Miles was so mad that he used a fake gun to scare Zig. Then Maya comes out screaming Miles!!!! Then she protects Zig from Miles and she says this why I can't be with you anymore you scare me I can't be in a relationship like this again. Then Tristan pushes Miles and tells him to just go away now. Later on Maya comes home and sees Zig in the kitchen and she says she is sorry and Zig responds for what she says for not telling you the truth he responds you could have told me how you felt from the start then Maya responds so you don't hate me he says no. Then Zig says Miles is crazy and says she can do better meaning aka him. and Maya tells him they have broken up and that he is not her boyfriend anymore. Then they become friends again.


In You Are Not Alone, Zig is seen in the hallway with Grace and Maya looking at all the clubs they can join and Zig says I said we would look not join any clubs and Maya responds come on Zig you see the new adventure Zig says look if anybody wanted us to be in there club there's nothing here for people like us Maya responds people like us? Grace responds unique outsiders Zig says he likes it and Maya responds if the unique outsiders can do anything here what would it be? Grace says something like burning man it's this crazy event in the dessert all these artists go there create art and just explore. Then Zig said you know it would be really cool to turn the school into like a weird artsy fun house for a night. Maya responds yeah we should pitch that to student council and the whole rubber room could help. Then Zig asks Maya if her mom found anything in his bag last night and she said she found a bag of drugs that clams weren't his and she flushed them down the toilet and he says he has to fix the mess that she made. At home Maya and Zig kiss and Maya says please stay for me? Zig responds ok.

In Enjoy the Silence, Zig is at Maya's house pretending to be sick and to hide away from the gang and Tiny asks Grace and Maya where he is and he finds him at Maya's house and threatens him and Zig is scared and he goes to the school and tells Maya he has to go and he buys a ticket to Serbia where his whole family is then Miles and his dad and Maya try to stop him to go and Miles's dad told him he knew somebody to get him out of this and Zig accepts help only if Tiny can do it to. Then at the Matlin's house Zig talks to Maya and tells her he knew she was still hung up on Miles and he says that is ok and he says friends and she says only if no more getting into trouble and Zig says he will try and Maya has her hand out to shake his hand and he takes her hand and grabs it to give her a hug and she smiles.

In How Bizarre, Zig, Maya, and Grace discuss Zig's new job at a restaurant. He thinks they don't give him enough respect Grace says if you want to get more respect he needs to go in there and demand it.


In My Hero, Zig is nervous to see his mom again and Zig tells Maya he might be working that night he sees his mom and Maya says Zig this is really important and Zig responds so is my job. Maya says do you want me to come with you for moral support he says no it's okay and Maya asks why he got kicked out of his house and she says Zig please you can tell me so he says because a member of the gang went to rob me at the family shop , but I wasn't there. The guy had a gun and my mom and my brother were there. So my mom gave me the option of leaving the gang, or leaving home. I chose to stick with the gang. When he is at the restaurant he yells at the chef that he just made one mistake and so the chef tries to calm him down by saying it's not about me is it he says no she responds saying well I don't think I'm the one you should be yelling at. After that he goes and meets his mom but tells Jose Perez that he can't do this and walks away. Then later on his mom stops at Maya's house Maya greets her while she comes in and Zig makes dinner for him and his mom so they can talk.

In Hypnotize, Zig gives Tristan relationship advice from a girl magazine.

In Out of My Head, Zig is seen walking in the hallways and says to Tristan, "Hey, did you and that mystery guy go into the basement yet?" Tristan responds, "Will you zip it Novak.

In Believe (1), Zig texted Maya that Zoë is in trouble. Zig is getting calls from Vice and walking with Grace to class. Then sees Maya Miles interacting giving them a jealous look and outside he gets a call from Vince and Maya walks over to talk to him asking permission about her and Miles might getting back together and he says it's hard to believe but I think I can get over Maya Matlin and she says thanks for giving her his blessing and he walks over to Vince, Vince says, "She's pretty, Ziggy. Is she the reason why you have ignored my calls?" Zig replies, "No, man, I've been busy and I've retired from the drug dealing business." Vince hands him the drugs.

In Believe (2), Zig is in the hallway and Zoë asks what he has. Zig rejects her request for drugs and she assures him that she won't tell Maya that he's still dealing. She then takes his backpack and takes the drugs out, keeps them, and takes one. Zig then panics because his life is at risk if he doesn't sell the pills and looks for Zoë. She then runs out of the school high and he tries to get the pills back from her. She then ignores him and he watches Zoë confront Sophia and smash her laptop. Zig then finds Zoë in the back of a school bus crying and possibly overdosing on purpose because of her sexual assault trial being overwhelming. He tells her that no one deserves to be a victim and that his life is currently at risk because he can't escape drug dealing. Zig then tells her to get rid of the pills, thus talking her out of purposely overdosing. They both arrive at the trial and Zig then watches Zoë as she makes her final statement. While the verdict is being reached, he tells her that no matter what the outcome is, she did great. Zoë tells Zig that he saved her life and how "a wise man once said get rid of the pills." She then tries to give him money and he rejects it, but she tells him that they both deserve a fresh start. After the verdict is reached, Zig is happy with the news that Luke and Neil were both found guilty.

In Thunderstruck, Zig is invited by both Zoë and Maya to attend a Degrassi dance - Maya just as friends, but Zoë being a little more interested, according to Grace. Sure enough, while playing a drinking game at Maya's house, Maya reveals that although she doesn't have feelings for Zig, she cannot stand to see Zoë take something else of hers. After unleashing a fury of blame on Zoë for all the things that have happened in the past year, Maya storms out. Zoë follows her, but they get stranded by the thunderstorm. 

Season 14

In Smells Like Teen Spirit, Zig walks into class with Maya and sits next to Zoë and Tristan. After Tristan sneaks off to meet up with Miles, Zig and Zoë flirt about her joining Power Cheer and Maya just rolls her eyes. Later on, Zig watches with Maya as Becky rejects Zoë from Power Cheer and show their support. At the Renewal Project ceremony, Zig laughs with Maya as Zoë breaks the news to Becky about Drew getting Clare pregnant. When Becky loses concentration and falls to the ground, Zig looks horrified. Zig later watches Zoë lead the cheerleaders through the hallway.

Zoë telling Zig that if she makes the team, he'd get to see her in a short cheerleading skirt.

In Wise Up, Zoë walks into class and pats Zig's bottom and compliments it. She tells him about Power Cheer's lack of budget and her assures her that she'll come up with a great idea to fundraise. When he receives an OomfChat, she asks if it's Tiny but Zig just turns away. When she takes his phone, she realizes that it's a girl's breasts and that many girls have been sending him nude pictures of themselves. Zoë gets upset and walks away. Later on, Zig confides in Grace about the situation. Grace offers her insight and believes that Zoë doesn't want a guy who likes to receive nude pictures from girls after Zoë's were spread around the school without her consent. As Zig is about to delete the app, he receives a nude picture from Zoë. He meets her in the halls and tells her that she shouldn't have to feel the need to send him those types of pictures. Zoë completely misunderstands what Zig is trying to say and gets even more upset. Zig tries to make it up to her in the foyer by coming up to her shirtless with the words "I Like You" written across his chest, but she turns him down and says that she's done with boys, leaving him sad.

Zig being rejected by Zoë.

In If You Could Only See, Zig is with Grace playing a game with Tiny when Maya walks into class asking if they'd seen Miles. Zig jokes with Tiny about Miles being gay and does not understand Maya's concern. Later in the Rubber Room, Zig is startled and concerned when Maya has a nightmare in class. Back at the Matlin house, after Miles leaves after lashing out at Maya, Zig comforts her. He tells her that if it weren't for her, he'd still be squatting in the empty house or worse. The two hug.

In Can't Stop This Thing We Started, Zig is with Tiny watching Grace and Maya arm-wrestle. After Maya loses, it's his turn against Grace. While he struggles to beat her, he gets upset that Tiny is recording the match and making jokes. He loses and he feels embarrassed when Tiny makes more jokes about him. After Lola, Shay, and Zoë run past him and laugh at him in the hallways, he discovers that Tiny posted the gif of his loss and gets upset. Zig slams Tiny into a locker and earns them both detention. After school, Zig buys the group poutine to make up for the detention and they brainstorm on how to make Zig a man again. After Grace refuses risking her title and having a rematch, she recommends that he get a home tattoo. Zig agrees but clearly is uncomfortable with the idea. He lays down as Grace prepares the needle and asks for a 'Z' on his arm. Just before Grace is about to pierce his skin, he expresses his disagreement and believes that it's a stupid idea. Grace agrees and tells him he finally grew some balls. She also reveals that she didn't know what she was doing and he playfully hits her with a pillow.

In (You Drive Me) Crazy, Zig walks into Maya's room after she has a nightmare about Miles. He begins to sing her a lullaby, but she tells him to go back to sleep. At school the next day, he and Grace bring Maya to ditch with them and go do martial arts in the park. After Maya's constant concern over Miles, Grace hacks his FaceRange and they find out that he messaged Tristan saying that he wanted to kill himself. Zig tries to calm Maya down by telling her that people say that all the time but it does not help. The three go to the Hollingsworth mansion and he and Grace stand guard while Maya checks on Miles. After things go bad, Zig pulls Maya out Miles' house. As Maya's behavior grows more and more intense, Zig begins expressing his concern. He tries to calm a frantic Maya as she finds out that Miles blocked her on Hastygram and is very concerned when she begins to have a panic attack. At the house that night, Maya has the same nightmare and Zig walks in again, this time telling her that he doesn't think she's crazy, but that she needs real help.

In Hero vs. Villain, he is in the resource center when Zoë prints out her speech for the assembly regarding the Degrassi Nudes scandal. He seems surprised that she wants to speak, and she says that she needs to to show people she's not just a victim. Zig tells her he thinks she's brave before their conversation is interrupted when Zoë gets a text from her blackmailer.

Degrassi: Next Class

Season 1

In #BootyCall, Zig and Maya are making out in the music room and a tour group of new students walks in on them. Zig becomes jealous when Maya chooses Jonah to play guitar for her band instead of him.

In #YesMeansYes, he thinks Maya is going to break up with him because she won't have sex with him.

In #SorryNotSorry, Zig confronts Maya asking for her forgiveness saying he wished that Zoë hadn't kissed him. When Maya realizes all they did was kiss and Zoë kissed Zig she considers giving him another chance.

Season 2

In #RiseAndGrind, Zig goes to what he expects might be a dance audition after training with Esme Song, only to discover that it's a stripper job. He still wants to dance and have a job, so he joins Esme's dance troupe.

In #TheseAreMyConfessions, Zig, Tiny, and Grace hold a keg party in order to pay for Tiny's trip to California. He rejects Grace's advances when she kisses him and confesses her crush on him.

Season 3

Season 4


Season 11

Season 12

Season 13

Season 14

Degrassi: Next Class (Season 1)

Degrassi: Next Class (Season 2)

Degrassi: Next Class (Season 3)

Degrassi: Next Class (Season 4)

Appearance and Style

Zig in Season 11

Zig in Season 12

Zig in Season 13

Zig is tall with a slim figure. In Season 11, he sported a bowl cut. In Season 13 he was noticeably more muscular with a new haircut to suit his bad boy persona. As a freshman in Season 11 he was mostly seen in the freshman school uniform of a yellow polo and khakis. More often in Season 12 than in 11, his style was a more indie rock and skater inspired wardrobe with slim jeans and tight sleeved t-shirts. In Season 13, Zig started wearing black clothes and darker tones to fit in with his bad boy persona.


  • He is one of many present and former Degrassi students who don't go by their full name. The others being:
  • He shares similarities with Craig Manning, K.C. Guthrie, Sean Cameron and Drew Torres.
  • Zig was the only main character to make no appearances during the summer block of Season 13.
  • His Twitter
  • According to Lyle Lettau, Zig's character was originally named "Carter Cash" and that name even appeared in the scripts, but was changed last minute to Zig.
  • During his freshman year, he kissed all of the female leads in his grade.
  • He is an Aquarius, according to his Facerange profile.
  • He and Tori were in a relationship for about a month before coming to Degrassi. They got back together with the help of Maya, who also had a crush on him. They later broke up for good when Tori found out Zig and Maya kissed.
  • He was the fifth mascot for the Power Squad. The other four being J.T., Danny, Derek (who were mascot at the same time), and Tori.
  • He is of Serbian descent.
  • His family owns a convenience store.
  • Zig is one out of six characters to be in a physically abusive relationship. The other five being Bianca DeSousa, Fiona Coyne, Kathleen Mead, Terri MacGregor and Alli Bhandari.
  • Adam tweeted that his nickname is Zig Zee (presumably based on Jay-Z but spelled out by Adam so it wouldn't be pronounced "zed".)
  • Zig was the guitarist in the band WhisperHug.
  • He is the last character that interacted with Campbell Saunders.
  • His first line, "If you could save a life, would you?" refers to the movie To Save A Life, which is about a friend losing his best friend to suicide because they became enemies and he wasn't there for him.
    • This is ironic, or possibly intended, because Zig was friends with Campbell but the two became enemies over Maya and Cam ended his life.
    • This is also a possible foreshadowing line because he asks Maya if she would save a life if she could, but neither of them were able to save Cam.
    • His first line can also be applied to Maya's suicide attempt. They were best friends who later dated, but when they broke up they drifted apart as he moved on to date Esme. In contrast to the movie, Zig was able to save Maya.
  • He and Damon have been best friends since before junior high, while he knew Tori and Tristan since junior high, and met Maya in high school.
  • Zig had a conflict with Campbell Saunders and had one with Miles Hollingsworth III.
    • Zig has had a conflict with both of Maya's boyfriends.
  • Zig has been involved in more love triangles than relationships.
  • In Eli's zombie movie, Zig was wearing Riley's old football jersey. It is unclear whether Zig was portraying a Zombie Riley or it was just a coincidence.
  • Zig is eighth of the eight to intentionally harm someone's car: He dumped garbage on Madame Jean-Aux's car. The other seven are:
  • All of his love triangles involved Maya.
  • Zig's only remaining friend from season 11 is Maya.
  • Zig is good friends with Grace and Tiny.
  • Zig was part of Degrassi's first polyamorous relationship - with Frankie and Esme.
  • In What It's Like, Zig moved in with Maya. After living with Jose for a little while afterwards, he moved into a group home.
  • Zig was the third character to be kicked out of his home and then went to move into a friend's house. He was kicked out of his home by his parents and went to move in with Maya. The first character was Wheels who was kicked out of his home by his Grandma and went to move with Joey. The second was Manny who kicked out by her parents and moved in with Emma. The fourth was Zoë whose mother kicked her out for being a lesbian.
  • He was kicked out because a member of the gang went to rob him at the family shop, but Zig wasn't there. The guy had a gun and Zig's mom and brother were there, but it isn't said what happened next. Zig's mom gave Zig the option of leaving the gang, or leaving home. Zig chose to stick with the gang.
  • He is one of several characters to be part of a gang. The others were Sean, Jay, Alex, Towerz, Johnny, Bruce, Fitz, Owen, Bianca, Anson, Vince, and Tiny.
  • Zig is in the same gang as Tiny and Vince.
  • As of Believe (1), he is still a member of Vince's gang and still dealing drugs.
  • Zig was able to successfully talk Zoë out of killing herself when she stole pills from his book bag.
  • Zig is one of nine characters to successfully stop or save someone from killing themselves the others being:
  • Zig is the fourth character to dine & dash. The other three being Spinner, Paige, and Ashley.
  • Zig lost his virginity to Maya in Teen Age Riot.
  • Zig is the second guy to lose his virginity to a Matlin while intoxicated. The first was Drew Torres. Drew slept with Katie Matlin (who was not intoxicated) while drunk in Come As You Are (1). Zig slept with Maya Matlin, both of whom were high on drugs (Molly or MDMA), in Teen Age Riot.
  • He is one of five guys that cheated on their girlfriends and later dated the girls they cheated with, the other four being B.L.T., Craig, Drew, and Bobby.
  • He has cheated on two of his girlfriends. He cheated on Tori with Maya and cheated on Maya with Zoë.
  • He shares a line with Alli, "Have fun, you two!"
  • Zig shares the nickname Grasshopper with Adam Torres, Drew Torres and Maya Matlin.
    • Zig was called this by Tiny, Adam was called this by Eli, Drew was called this by Julian and Maya was called this by Miles
  • He is a certified lifeguard.


  • (To Maya): "If you could save a life, would you?" (first line) - Underneath It All
  • (To Maya): "Well, if uh, you need someone to drive you, I don't have any summer plans, or fall plans, or winter plans come to think of it." (last line) - #KThxBye
  • (To Adam about LGBT): "What does the "T" stand for, anyway?" - Smash Into You (2)
  • "That felt good!"
  • (To Tori): "You love me? That's really cool. Me too." - Got Your Money (1)
  • (To Mrs. Novak): "I hate being poor!" - Got Your Money (2)
  • (To Cam) "You're a psycho." - Bitter Sweet Symphony (1)
  • (To Cam about Maya) "If you even cared about her at all, you'd get out of her life now. Forever." - Bitter Sweet Symphony (1)
  • (To Damon) "I just can't spend another minute in that class listening to stupid Tori, and stupid Tristan talk about stupid Cam. It's so annoying!" - Karma Police (1)
  • (To Madame) "If I could go back in time... I'd go back to before this stupid assignment ever existed." - Karma Police (1)
  • (To Madame Jean-Aux): "I told Cam to go away... and he did." - Karma Police (1)
  • (To Damon) "I hurt people that I care about." - Karma Police (2)
  • (To Class) "I wouldn't have come between my friends." - Karma Police (2)
  • (To Class) "I wouldn't have hurt Tori, because she doesn't deserve that." - Karma Police (2)
  • (To Class) "I know that I don't deserve forgiveness. But I just wanted you guys to know I'm sorry." - Karma Police (2)
  • (To Maya) "This isn't you."
  • (To Maya) "You're a mean drunk." - Zombie (1)
  •  Maya : "Ew, don't touch me with your stub!"
    Zig: "Mr. Stumpy is very sensitive, you know that."
  • (To Maya ) "Maya, saying no to you was the hardest thing ever because... I really like you. I only want us when its what you want to."
    Maya: "And I don't know when that will be."
    Zig: "I know... so I'll wait."
  • (To Zoë ) "You were mean on that show." -smiles-
  • Zoë: "Are you the type of guy I can't 'get things' from?"
    Zig: "Well, sure. I got lots of 'things.'"
    Zoë: "I bet you do, but I'm not talking about Herpes."
    Zig: "Listen, if you're not going to ask politely, then you can forget it."
    Zoë: "Pardon my manners." -pulls out wallet- "How's this?"
    Zig: "I think I know a guy that can help you. What kind of 'things' do you need?"
  • (To Maya): "Maya, save your apology for someone who cares. Okay? I hate you."
  • Maya: "Why are you here? In the Rubber Room?"
    Zig: "Isn't it obvious? Stabbing is hard work. I've got carpal tunnel. Roman health care doesn't cover that!"
    Maya: "Come on, Zig. Just work with me, okay? We can show Ms. Grell that we don't belong here."
    Zig: "Well I'm never getting out of here. Or else the Romans will get me."
  • Zig: "Nice nose ring."
  • Maya: "I don't care about my laptop. I care about you."
  • Maya: "So what do you say? Housemates?"
    Zig: (smile) "You better not hog the bathroom."
  • Zig: "Do you remember when I told you I'd wait for you?"
    Maya: "Of course."
    Zig: "I shouldn't have said that. I should have just kissed you."
  • "What are Young Money and his daddy doing here?"
  • (To Zoë): "You're not seriously thinking about killing yourself, are you?"
    Zoë: "There's no other way."
    Zig: "You think you're the only one with problems? If Maya finds out I'm dealing again, she'll kill me. If I stop, the gang probably will."
    Zoë: "I don't know how to get past this."
    Zig: "You can start by getting rid of those pills."
  • (To Zoë): "Can I have second chance?"
  • (To Winston): "Can it, glasses!"
  • (To Jose about Maya): "I'm in love with her."
  • (To Vince about Maya): "I don't want other fish. When I'm with Maya, other girls are just that, other girls. None of them are her. How don't you get that?!"
  • (To Zoë): "Don't you dare ignore me! I have feelings!" - #ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlayin
  • Maya: "Your dancing's improved!"
    Zig: "Yours hasn't."
    Grace: "KISS!" - #Obsessed
  • (To Tiny) "I think... I kinda have two girlfriends now."
    Tiny: “I'm sorry, can you repeat that?" - #FactsOnly
  • "And my favorite part was the way Maya used shadows to define my arms."
    Maya: "Oh yeah, it was really hard to get that definition."
    Zig: "Hey!" - #BackToReality


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Love Triangles

Main article: Zig-Tori-Maya Love Triangle
Main article: Zig-Maya-Campbell Love Triangle

Maya and Cam reunited as a jealous Zig looks on.

Main article: Zig-Maya-Harry Love Triangle
  • Maya Matlin and Harry
    • Start: Zombie (1) (1237)
    • End: Zombie (2) (1238)
      • Reason: Maya realized she wasn't ready for a relationship with any boy until she was finished coping with Cam's suicide.
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