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The friendship between Zoë Rivas and Jack Jones developed in Season 14 of Degrassi.

Friendship History[]

Season 14[]

In Smells Like Teen Spirit, Jack and Zoë both try out for the Power Cheer team. Initially, only Jack makes the team. Zoë later replaces an injured Becky as captain of the squad.

In There's Your Trouble, Jack practices with Zoë and their fellow Power Cheer teammates. Zoë shows Jack and the rest of Power Cheer their rivals routine, she doubts that they will be able to reach their level of skill without practicing for hours on end, Zoë thinks they can. When Zoë pushes the team too hard, she temporarily leaves with the rest of her teammates but later returns. Jack tells Zoë she'll continue sending nudes for money due to the massive amount they are making. When Zoë reveals that Frankie has not been sending nudes at all, Jack is upset.

In I'll Be Missing You, Zoë and Jack help out at the Power Cheer bake sale. Jack, along with Lola and Shay prepare a special cupcake for Zoë's birthday and surprise her. Zoë considers Jack, along with Lola and Shay, her friends.

In Hush, Jack meets with Zoë and their Power Cheer teammates at The Dot to discuss the threatening messages they've all been receiving. When Zoë reveals that she has been hiding the threats against her, Jack becomes upset. Jack goes along Zoë with their teammates to Grace who tells them that the signal had been coming from the Hollingsworth household. When they decide to confront Hunter about what had been happening, Jack holds him down so that Zoë can search his laptop. Jack and Zoë compete at semifinals with their teammates and are ecstatic to find out that they are moving on to finals.

In Hero Vs. Villain, they are practicing for Cheer Finals. When Simpson comes to ask them about Degrassi Nudes, Zoe volunteers to speak at the assembly. Jack is upset by this and thinks it’s a bad idea but Zoe, while stroking Jack’s face, reminds Jack she’s a “brilliant actress.”