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"I was scared to show people who I really was because I was afraid that they would reject me. I've learned that this world is big enough for all of us to succeed and the only people that we should ever be competing against is ourselves."
— Zoë's graduation speech in #KThxBye

Zoë Rivas is a graduate of Degrassi Community School and valedictorian of the Class of 2016. She is fierce and fashion-forward. She is a former television star best known for her role as Gatsby Garcia on West Drive before her character was killed off following getting herself fired because she was a drug addict. Intent on a fresh start, Zoë was nervous on learning to be a normal teenage girl, using her looks, body, and money to get what she wanted (a trick she learned from her overbearing stage-mom).

A defining moment for her was following a messy break up with Drew Torres when she attended a party hosted by Miles Hollingsworth III to drown her sorrows in a good party and became drunk before passing out. During this time period, she was sexually assaulted by Luke Baker and Neil Martin. She struggled to come to terms with her assault, but managed to hold her head up high and come to terms with it.

After the end of her first year at Degrassi, Zoë attended summer school, where she developed a very close friendship with Grace Cardinal. As their friendship deepened, Zoë realized that she had developed a crush on Grace, and began questioning her sexuality. Despite Grace's attempts to reciprocate Zoë's romantic feelings, Grace admitted to Zoë that she was straight, causing Zoë to retreat into a state of closeted self-loathing. She began burning herself as a means of coping with the pain of heartbreak and refusing to come to terms with who she was. She hurt herself whenever she felt attraction towards girls in order to discourage the feelings. Hellbent on hiding her true identity, she began dating Winston Chu in hopes of making herself straight, and whenever she felt attraction to a girl or a lack towards Winston she flicked her burns to try to bury the feelings. However, as her habit of self-harming intensified and she couldn't fake her relationship with Winston any longer, she was forced to finally embrace her true self, and came out to Winston as gay.

She is best friends with Grace Cardinal, who she formerly had a crush on, Tristan Milligan, and Winston Chu. She is currently dating best friend Rasha Zuabi. She is also friends with Miles Hollingsworth III, Lola Pacini, Shay Powers, Keisha, Goldi Nahir, and Jack Jones, and is currently on good terms with Drew Torres and Maya Matlin. She had a conflict with former best friend Frankie Hollingsworth, Hunter Hollingsworth, Vijay Maraj, and Becky Baker. Zoë was disliked by Clare Edwards and Alli Bhandari. She is labeled as "The Bad Girl Gone Good". She was portrayed by Ana Golja.

Character History


Season 13

Zoë greeting the class upon her arrival.

In Summertime, Zoë walks into the classroom with the students going to Paris. There, she meets Tristan and Maya. Tristan immediately recognizes Zoë from the West Drive. She invites him to attend a concert with her, which Maya accidentally invites herself on as well. She is next seen with Maya and Tristan going to the concert, assuring the bouncer that Tristan and Maya are with her. However, Maya is rejected from entering when the bouncer assumes she is thirteen instead of the entrance age of at least fourteen. Maya asks her for help, but Zoë just ignores her and goes on inside with Tristan. Maya is soon let in when meeting Miles, who gives her and her friends each backstage passes for the concert.

Zoë warning Maya to keep her relationship with Miles platonic.

When Maya retorts that she's the one who got them both backstage, Zoë remarks that her "boyfriend" was the one with the free access. When Tristan says that Maya always has "some poor guy on the hook," Zoë remarks if Maya is "one of those girls" and says that if Maya ditches him for some guy that she'll be right there with him; hinting that she intends to steal Tristan away from Maya as a best friend. Seeing the subtle imply, Maya reveals that her character is going to get killed off on West Drive, leaving Tristan shocked. Zoë attempts to say that it isn't true, but Maya knows if for a fact since her sister Katie wrote it on her blog. Furious, Zoë purposely steps on Maya's foot, causing her to spill her water bottle onto the tech machine. Therefore putting the concert to be put on hold. A bouncer sees them and demands to know who they are. When Maya assures him that Miles is with the band, the bouncer reveals he actually isn't and calls for security. Zoë blames the entire mess on Maya, despite that she was actually the cause for everything. 

Zoë is seen on the Paris bus with Miles, Chewy, Tristan, and Maya. She can be seen watching Maya tell Miles that she is going on the trip for her and her friends, not him. She asks Maya if she and Miles are hooking up. Maya insists that they definitely aren't and Zoë replies, "Awesome... let's keep it that way".

Zoë on West Drive.

In All I Wanna Do, she is seen out in the balcony with Alli while they check out their room. While Tristan pretends to be interested in girls, she glances over at him and laughs. While Eli and Clare are in the hospital, they flip through the channels and decide to watch West Drive and a watch a scene where her character, Gatsby, is in the hospital and asking if she will die. Clare tells Eli that she's on the Paris trip and heard that she's the worst. Later, she is seen playing truth or dare with Winston and others. She dares Winston to say "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?" to the next girl he sees and ends up saying to Alli, making Zoë hysterical. Alli tries to join the group, but Zoë rudely tells her she can't because she's older than them.

"Never underestimate the power of Gatsby Garcia."

In My Own Worst Enemy, she walks into class and listens in a conversation between Tristan and Maya about someone who's gay. She asks Tristan if he's talking about Winston, but he tells her he's talking about Miles. Zoë then tells Tristan that he's heterosexual and she has feelings for him as well, and Tristan denies it. They both ask Miles to be their partner for a project, and Miles chooses Tristan, angering Zoë. Later, she is seen sitting on Miles' lap.

Miles and Zoë making out below the balcony.

In About A Girl, she is seen kissing Miles into the classroom. She walks into the bedroom where Alli and Jenna are video chatting with Clare, she hands Alli some roses from Leo. After Alli reveals her past mistakes with boys,she sarcastically tell Alli "Gee why don't you just strap on a chastity belt" to what Alli replies "You got one". Later she is kissing Miles against a car, when Maya fails to pour a bucket of water on her. She looks amused as it hits Madame Cliquet. She gives them detention as Zoë laughs and wraps her arms around Miles.

Zoë reading Miles' hand.

In Cannonball, Zoë is again sitting on Miles' lap, this time on his bed, reading his palm and saying he will have a prominent love life. Then Maya and Winston walk in to get help finding Tristan. Zoë is the one who suggests to Miles that Maya should beg on her knees for help, Miles agrees but only makes Maya say "please" in French before getting up. She looks angered and tells Maya not to keep him out too long. In class later, Zoë tells Miles that he promised to take her to lunch. Miles follows after being set free from the pillory by Maya which he was put into for Maya and Tristan's presentation.

Zoë glaring at Maya after purposefully spilling her drink on her.

In Honey, after Madame Cliquet tells the class that they'll be going to a fancy French restaurant and should wear more formal attire, Zoë makes fun of Maya for wearing sneakers and having flat feet. Maya retaliates and makes fun of Zoë for wearing "hooker heels." Zoë turns back to Miles and says he looks hot and they kiss. At dinner, Zoë is angry that Miles finds Maya's dress flattering and throws her drink on Maya. Miles, Tristan, and Maya are angry at her. Miles then breaks up with her and she sits at another table and stares them down while crying. On the bus, she cries while starring down Tristan and Maya

Zoë's first day at Degrassi.

In This Is How We Do It, Zoë is seen talking to Mr. Simpson with her mother and he's excited to have someone famous attending Degrassi. He then reveals that he has a lot of knowledge about West Drive because his son watches it, leaving Zoë surprised. When Mr. Simpson leaves to get her ready, Zoë asks her mother if she can leave because she doesn't want to attend Degrassi. Her mother tells her that if she's not working, she has to be at school and sent her to Paris over the summer so she could make friends. Zoë walks into homeroom while Miles, Maya, and Tristan are talking about her and surprises them. Miles questions her on why she's attending Degrassi and then Mr. Perino walks in. He tells her to take her seat and she wants to leave because she doesn't want to be in a class with them. He tells her to chill out, which angers her and she throws her coffee on him, shocking the rest of the class.

Drew catching Zoë as she falls.

The next day, she's in Mr. Simpson's office with her mother because of what happened the previous day. Mr. Simpson threatens to expel her for assaulting Mr. Perino and then Mrs. Rivas tells him that she has Dyslexia. He asks Zoë if she needs extra help in class and she pouts. He then leaves her and her mother alone in the office. Mrs. Rivas scolds her for nearly getting expelled and for what got her fired from being on West Drive. Afterwards, Zoë tells Miles, Maya, and Tristan that she's interested in being a cheerleader after listening to them talk about the basketball team. Miles tells her that they don't want any involvement with her and the three walk away. Maya looks at her with remorse and walks away and Zoë glares at them and walks away. She then trips and Drew catches her. She's very infatuated and he tells her that he needs her help. She is then seen at the student council meeting to vote on whether or not they should have a dance or a texting and driving campaign. Zoë then votes for having the dance. Drew asks her for her number to keep in contact. That night, Drew wakes up and accidentally calls Zoë thinking he's calling Bianca. Thinking he's talking to Bianca, he tells Zoë that he loves her and she's beautiful, leaving Zoë to think that he has feelings for her.

In You Got Me, Zoë shares her excitement for the Beach bash to Frankie and tells her about her date. Frankie asks her who until Miles, Maya, and Tristan come to purchase tickets. She then brags to Miles about how she has a new boyfriend and an audition later that day. She tells everyone that she's going to the dance with Drew, which leaves everybody surprised. Maya tells her that Drew already has a girlfriend, but Zoë isn't convinced. Zoë then goes and questions Drew about the phone calls she's been receiving from him and he doesn't know what she's talking about. He informs her that he's engaged, was on sleeping pills, and tells her to tell everyone that they aren't actually going together. He then walks away and hits her with an inflatable palm tree, angering her.

Zoë convinces Zig to sell her sleeping pills for Drew.

Zoë takes matters into her own hands and approaches Zig in the hallway. She tells him that she needs help and he seems to recognize her from West Drive and now she was mean on the show. Zoë informs him that she's nicer in person and asks if he's the type of guy she can get "things" from. Zig tells her that he does have "things" and Zoë tells him that she's not implying Herpes. Zig then tells her that if she's not going to be polite, she can forget it. Zoë then makes up for it and pulls out her wallet, pursuing Zig into selling her sleeping pills. She then goes to Drew and shows him the sleeping pills she purchased from Zig. She tells him that they can be his if he goes to the dance with her. He informs her again that he's already in a relationship and Zoë doesn't care. Drew then agrees to take her to dance for the sleeping pills.

Because Drew didn't pick her up for the dance, she goes to his house and finds him passed out on the couch. She's angry and goes into his house and wakes him up. Zoë tells him that they had a deal, she then tells him that it's his first event as student body president and to put his big boy pants on. 

After drugging him, Zoë takes Drew to the dance as her date.

They arrive at the dance and Zoë glares at Maya and Miles together. She then attempts to dance with Drew, who is high. She then says hi to the both of them and Maya and Miles are very surprised. Drew then freaks out and hallucinates Clare and runs away. Miles and Maya laugh at Zoë and she tells them to have sex and runs away. Later, Zoë sees Zig glaring at Maya and Miles together and asks if it makes him sick. He doesn't seem to care and she tells him about how everyone thinks Maya's a sweetheart and she's a bitch and how Maya stole Miles away from her. Zig tells her that Maya promised she'd wait until she's ready, but seems to be fully ready for Miles. Zoë tells him that she's going to teach Maya a lesson. Zig questions her and Zoë tells him she'll think of something. Zig wishes her luck and walks away. Maya then approaches Zoë and apologizes for laughing at her earlier. She tells Zoë that Drew dated Katie and screwed her over. Zoë asks why she's being so nice to her and Maya says that she needs a girl friend and makes truce with her. They then hug, but Zoë doesn't seem to take it seriously.

In You Oughta Know, Zoë is seen scurrying behind Miles, Tristan, and Maya and then goes to her desk. Later, Clare approaches her at her locker and asks if they can do an interview together. Zoë agrees to it quickly because her agent told her to not turn down any type of publicity. She then lies to Clare and tells her that everyone was all over her on her first day of school and how Miles lusted over her the minute they met. Later, Tristan tells Zoë and Maya that he wants to help Miles get a higher position on the basketball team. Zoë tells him that he should give Miles fake steroids like Gatsby did on West Drive.

In Everything You've Done Wrong, Zoë reads the article Clare wrote about her and isn't impressed by it. She tells her that she wants people to believe the false story that she told Clare. Clare then tells her how her cancer is the reason why she wrote the article and Zoë tells her that cancer didn't make her lie and she did it to herself. Zoë then leaves and throws the paper on the ground while Clare watches on, upset.

Zoë convincing Maya to keep her music video up despite serious backlash.

In Who Do You Think You Are, she watches Maya perform in class and doesn't seem to enjoy it. Tristan asks if she's jealous and she says she has no reason to be jealous at Maya. Zoë claps for Maya when she's finished and compliments her afterwards. She and Tristan then watch Miles asks Maya out and then they both leave. In class, she walks in Maya and Tristan's conversation and they both tell her that Maya has a crush on Mr. Townsend when really they were talking about Cam. Zoë then offers to make a music video for Maya's song. Zoë then takes Maya and Tristan to the set of West Drive and introduces them to Oliver, who was a former co-star of her and will be starring with Maya in her video. She tells them that the music video will be Maya taking off her clothes throughout the video until she's naked, which seems to concern Maya. They then go through with the music video and after, she shows the final product with Maya, Miles, and Tristan. The next day, Maya tries to convince Zoë to take the music video offline due to an offensive page about her. Zoë tells her that all publicity is good publicity and how celebrities do it all the time. In class, Zoë watches Maya storm out of the classroom after Damon is caught looking at the page on his phone and harasses Maya about it.

In Barely Breathing, Maya meets up with Zoë outside the office as people continue to stare at her. Zoë asks if they found out who created the page and Maya says they haven't. Zoë comforts her and advises that she stay low for a little bit.

Maya and Zoë after fighting with each other.

Miles takes Maya to a hallway and meets up with an older girl who recognizes Maya from her video. Miles has payed her to find out who created the page of Maya's bullying. The girl goes through the process of explaining how she managed to crack the original user of the page before showing her laptop screen of the person who started her mass bullying. Maya looks down and comments, "I don't believe it", discovering that Zoë is the one behind her bullying. In school, Maya confronts Zoë and demands to know why she did what she did, believing they were friends. Zoë comes out and says that "friends don't steal friends boyfriends". Maya exclaims that she and Miles were not even dating. Zoë remarks, "Whatever, slut". Enraged, Maya takes Zoë's nail polish and spills it over her pants. Zoë is horrified and asks if she knows how hard it is to get out nail polish, leading Maya to say, "Not as hard as it is to get out bitch!" Zoë pushes her and the two get into a cat fight which is interrupted by a teacher who sends them down to the office.

Zoë and her mother following the fight in Simpson's office.

The two girls meet with Mr. Simpson alongside their mothers, arguing. They get an automatic two week detention for the fight before Maya asks why Zoë does not get a more severe punishment for creating the bashing page. He asks Zoë if it's true and Zoë pretends as though she is sincerely sorry for what she did. Maya is asked if she wishes to press charges, but Zoë's mother insists there is no need for that. Maya's mother agrees as well, much to Maya's shock who says that Zoë's actions ruined her life. Zoë's mother insists to Maya that she will handle things and as they walk out, Zoë gives Maya a smirk.

In class, Zoë talks with a classmate in her class when Maya volunteers to sing a song for the remainder of class. She sings a song while glaring at Zoë about karma and how she wants her "dead". Zoë glares back at her the entire time before Ms. Oh stops Maya and is sent to the office. She gives Zoë a cold yet satisfied look as she leaves and Zoë continues to glower.

Tristan calling Zoë a bully.

In Black Or White, she makes a remark about Tristan's weight during drama class, bringint Tristan to call her out for what she did to Maya. She is later seen practicing for the play with Winston. Later, Zoë gives Tristan advice to help him deal with his performance. After his performance, she wants to hang out with him and as much as he wants to be friends with her again, he worries of Maya will think since she still hates Zoë. Zoë tells him that she can keep a secret and Tristan decides to keep his friendship with Zoë a secret from Maya.

In Spiderwebs, Zoë can be seen talking to Tristan before the play for the holiday starts and assumes that Winston is in the turkey costume (when it is actually Maya), but Winston comes up to them and asks them if they switched actors. Tristan says that it's just some kid got lost and walks away with Maya. Zoë seems confused, but blows it off. 

Zoë during the Thanksgiving Degrassi play.

During the performance, Maya watches glumly as Tristan and Zoë perform their scenes together. Noticing Maya's presence, Zoë throws in an extra hug while excitedly calling Tristan her "bestie", clearly to upset Maya. Feeling sympathetic for Maya, Tristan comes on stage and throws the pie in Zoë's face, inciting laughter from both the kids and Maya gleefully.

Zoë after getting pied on the face by Tristan in front of the Degrassi audience.

After the play, Maya thanks Tristan for doing what he did. She asks if he wants to head back to her place just as Zoë walks into the room, cleaning her face off. Both girls immediately demand to know what is going on, looking at Tristan for an answer. Tristan then calls them both turkey's since they care nothing more than beating each other and exacting revenge. He calls Maya his "BFF always and forever" as she knows that just before Maya asks how the pie tasted to Zoë. However, Tristan concludes that since he already exacted Maya's revenge for her, he wants a truce because he wants to be friends with both of them. Both Maya and Zoë make it clear that they still don't like each other, but agree to it. Tristan then declares it a start of a "beautiful friendship" and that they both love the same thing... him. This earns a laugh from both girls.

Zoë offering her helping hand for Drew.

In Better Man, Zoë walks in on Drew trying to figure out his speech to Mr. Hollingsworth. She offers to help him. During her time offering him advice, he kisses her. Drew is apologetic to Zoë, who tells him he can kiss her whenever he wants. However, she wants to know about his fiancee. He tells her they broke up. They continue to kiss. Zoë then tells her friends of how Drew asked her out. While talking to her friends, Drew comes up behind her and they start making out.

In Dig Me Out, Drew and Zoë are flirting in the Student Council office, and Zoë convinces Drew to hang

After making out in the office and interrupted by Clare.

out with her later instead of playing poker with Dallas. Thy begin making out until they are walked in by Clare, and Zoë decides to leave. Drew is made fun of by his friends for dating a sophomore, though he fully insists that they aren't in a relationship. Drew and Zoë go to Miles's party, and Drew blackmails Miles into letting them stay.

The two leave to go talk in the pool house. Drew tells Zoë that he wants to have a casual relationship since he just got out of a long-term relationship. Zoë convinces Drew to keep dating her since they both like each other, and Zoë compliments him, saying she can't believe any girl would be stupid enough to break up with him. They start making out and have sex.

Zoë about to lose her virginity to Drew.

The next day, Zoë makes Drew invite her to poker night, though she was not originally invited. Drew's friends are not happy about Zoë being invited to the game, and Dallas figures out that they had sex. However, everyone is reluctant that Zoë thinks the relationship is casual like Drew does. During the game, Dallas talks to Zoë about her relationship with Drew, and Zoë reveals that she has future plans for her and Drew. Drew is upset that Zoë is taking the relationship so seriously.

Zoë confessing to Drew he took her virginity, much to his shock.

He tells to her to meet him in the library, with the intentions of breaking up with her. Before he can even talk to her, Zoë gets upset already realizing he plans on ending it with her. She claims Drew used her since they had sex and now all he wants is to break up with her.

When Zoë comments that she can't believe she wasted her first time with him, Drew is shocked and asks why she didn't tell him before they did it. Zoë admits that she didn't want to ruin the moment. She then says how she thought it was special and he insists it was. Now guilt-ridden, Drew decides to make their relationship official instead. Zoë is thrilled and says she feels so silly and hugs him happily. Drew says he feels silly too as he stares forward, clearly not comfortable. 

Zoë embarrassing Drew in front of Mr. Hollingsworth.

In Power to the People, she is seen unexpectedly arriving when Drew is organizing a meeting with Mr. Hollingsworth. She compliments him and says how she is a big fan of Mr. Hollingsworth and asks to be able to spend more time with Drew. She kisses him goodbye and walks off, embarrassing Drew. Later, Drew approaches her and she asks him what he's wearing so they can match and look like a "power couple". Drew tries "breaking up" with her, but Zoë does not get the message since he does not make himself clear.

Zoë as she is asked if she willing had sex with Drew.

She shows up later on to help him out, bringing him snacks, and asks what she can do for him. Drew demands to know what she is doing there. She says how she is helping him out since they cannot spend time together due to his job, but Drew says that he broke up with her. Confused, Zoë says he didn't. Drew says how he was letting her down easy, but she clearly didn't get the message. Zoë is stunned how easy it was for him to dump her and reminds him that they had sex. Drew says that he regrets that now. He tries touching her arm, but she steps back and storms off in tears. 

Zoë telling Drew that he used her and how nothing has changed for him.

She is next seen in Mr. Simpson's office, her mother wanting to file a rape report on Drew for having sex with her. Drew tries insisting that it was consensual, but her mother says it does not matter due to him being 18 and Zoë 15, hence a minor. Mr. Simpson, however, says that if it was consensual, there is nothing illegal about it (because of Canada's close in age exemption laws that legally allows it). Zoë admits it was. Her mother wants to do something against Drew since he hurt Zoë, but there is nothing that can be done. 

Zoë partying at Miles' house party.

Later on, she is seen coming up to her locker where the word "Ho" has been spray painted on it. Drew is there, trying to rub it off and shows her how he got her flowers. She just stares at him. He says he doesn't know what else to do. She tells him how he used her, got to keep his job and friends, and that his life hasn't changed one bit. He says that he's sorry, but she tells him not to be; she should be thanking him. She tells him how her mother always warned her not to trust boys, but she never believed her... until now. 

In Basket Case, she is first seen telling Winston how she will see him at the party and smiling at him. Once there, she is seen yelling while drunk "Who is ready to have some fun tonight!!?" as the crowd cheers. 

Zoë, drunk, stripping down for Miles before passing out.

That night, she drunkenly walks through the crowd, bumping into Zig and Frankie, before finding Miles by himself. She asks him where his "apple cheecked girlfriend" is at. Miles tells her how she didn't enjoy the party. Zoë asks if they had a fight and remarks how "judgy people like her with their perfect little lives" have no idea what it's like to be someone with real problems. She says that once people like that make up their minds about them, they don't change. She strips down to her bra and panties and collapses on top of him, wrapping her arms around them. She says that whatever people like them do together, it doesn't matter.

The two almost kissed, but are stopped by Winston. She passes out before Miles and Winston decide to take her to the pool house to sober up. This is where she was sexually assaulted by Luke and Neil.

Zoë waking up naked following Miles' party.

In Unbelievable, she is first seen waking up in the pool house, naked under a blanket. Her bra and panties have been tossed aside in the room when Frankie and Hunter come inside to give her breakfast, a suggestion by their housemaid who told them she was inside. Zoë asks what she did last night and Frankie remarks, "What didn't you do?" before showing her cell phone with pictures posted online of her partying. Hunter remarks all the comments the photos have been getting and Frankie dismisses him to let Zoë get dressed.

Zoë says how people need to get a life and Frankie asks if this means they won't be in the Sing Off at school. Zoë asks if she is quitting on her and Frankie answers that no one will vote for them after this incident. Zoë then asks if she remembers her scandal when she fell off a horse. Frankie tells her no. Zoë says that's the point; because a week later she won a Teen Choice award and her speech "erased any memory of her face planting into horse crap". She says when everyone sees her on stage singing and dancing, as she eyes her panties across the room on the floor, everyone will forget what happened the previous night.

Zoë insisting nothing happened at Miles' party.

She is next seen dancing and rehearsing a song in front of Frankie. Frankie says how amazing she is and Zoë says everyone should know it. Keisha shows up, late, and says she got held up defending her. Frankie smacks her arm and Zoë is confused. She is then shown a cell phone where she sees a posted picture of herself being carried half naked and drunk. Frankie and Keisha tell her how a rumor has spread that she "did stuff" with the boy in the photo. Zoë blows it off, saying how she wouldn't have sex with a random guy. Frankie, however, remarks, "Isn't that what you did with Drew?" Zoë, slightly offended, tells them that she would know whether or not she had sex. She tells them to get the rumors out of their minds and to practice. She then begins showing them their dance moves as she tries to keep the possibilities of what happened the night of the party out of her own mind. 

Zoë trying to figure out what happened at the party.

In class, Zoë is still distracted. After the bell rings, she confronts Miles as he rummages through a trunk. She demands to know if they slept together at his party the previous night, explaining how the last thing she remembers is talking to him before waking up naked in his pool house. Miles explains how she tried to kiss him, passed out. Then he and Winston put her in the pool house to sober up - nothing else happened. Zoë is visibly relieved. She then remarks how gross it would have been if they did have sex, earning a "Hey!" from Miles, before she leaves.

As she walks down the hall, she is confronted by Becky Baker, who is wanting answers to what she did at Miles' party to go with her story for Degrassi TV regarding alcohol and teenagers. She demands the camera be removed from her face, but Becky is persistent. She tells her how nothing happened with her and any guys at the party and if the school dropped the subject "the school would be a happier place". She smacks the camera away and walks off.

Zoë watching the video of her sexual assault gone viral online.

Later on, she is singing out the song she practiced with Keisha and Frankie as they walk down the hallways. She compliments them on how well they have become since learning the song and Frankie says soon everyone will no longer see her a skank, but someone talented. Zoë says she is sweet before Frankie receives a video posting notification of Zoë at the party. She tries to hide it from her, but Zoë says she is a "big girl" and can handle it. She looks at the phone and sees a video posted online of her being sexually assaulted while clearly drunk and out of it. She says she doesn't remember any of that happening and everyone in the hallway is seen watching the newly posted video as well and staring at her. Zoë wonders out loud, "Who would do this to me?"

Zoë, while performing in the Sing Off, experiencing flashbacks.

During the Degrassi Sing Off, Zoë tries performing her song with Frankie and Keisha. But soon begins experiencing flashbacks of her assault. Freezing on stage, she begins to tear up and runs off stage. When the police become involved in her sexual assault case, she is questioned if Miles and Winston are the ones who assaulted her since security footage was leaked of them leading her away to the pool house. Zoë knows she was with two boys based on the published video. But doesn't remember anything that happened. Hence, she doesn't know who attacked her. It is soon confirmed how Miles and Winston were not her attackers since they were seen at a different time and location during the time her attack took place (with photos and time stamps to prove it). This leading the question that if Winston and Miles did not assault her, then who did?

Zoë, at the doctors, as it's confirmed that she was raped.

Following being examined by a doctor, she is asked if she wants her mother in there. She retorted unless she is dying, she can do this herself. She is told how there are no early signs of pregnancy yet and they took the standard test for STI's, HIV, etc. But if her tests come in negative, she is still required to come back again for re-testing in a few months. Zoë asks if that is really needed. The doctor tells her how there are signs of trauma committed to the vaginal area. Zoë, in gradual shock, asks if that confirms that she was raped. The doctor says that it was likely not done by actual intercourse, but some sort of insertion (like an object) instead.

Frankie implying to Zoë that she was asking to get raped.

She arrives at school afterward, with people staring and whispering as she walks by, and asks Frankie if she wanted to head out for lunch. Frankie tells her how she was waiting in the cafeteria, but it'd be best if they ate outside and begins leading Zoë away from the school. Zoë asks why that is needed. Frankie tells her how the students are mad at her because the pep rally got canceled because of the allegations made. Zoë tells her how they weren't started by her, but Frankie says everyone thinks she did.

She then hesitantly tells her how people are insisting she slept with the guys in the video, regretted it and cried rape. Zoë asks if she believes them. Frankie tells her how that was what happened with Drew and that when she was drunk at the party, she was ranting about wanting to hook up with guys. Zoë, stunned, asks if that means she was asking for it. Frankie just shrugs. Zoë tells her, hurt, "You too, huh?" She tells her to go ahead and eat lunch without her; she'll be fine on her own. Frankie walks off as a hurt Zoë begins to break down in tears.

Zoë blaming Miles for her rape happening.

In class later on, Zoë is depressed as she works on her assignment. Miles then approaches her, having paid her partner to switch. She tells him how she just wants to work on her assignment. Miles tells her how he knows "life sucks for her" right now, but that he wants her to explain how nothing went on between them to Maya, who believes the two might have done something together. Eventually, Zoë tells him if he knows what it's like not knowing what happened to you; not knowing if someone touched you or not. Miles says he can't, but that it's not his fault what happened to her. Zoë says that it sort of is. Miles insists he didn't do anything. Zoë tells him that's the point; he saw how drunk she was and he just left her in an area all alone. He asks what else he was supposed to do. Zoë says he could have made sure she was at least safe and that because he didn't, he let those guys hurt her. In tears once again, she runs out of class. 

Zoë staring as Luke reveals himself as her rapist.

She is next seen taking all of her frustrations out in a punching bag. She turns around to see Luke Baker standing behind her. She asks him if she can help him. He says she can - by dropping the whole case regarding her assault. He reveals himself as the one who attacked her. In shock, she simply stares at him and whispers in a low voice, "You..."

He tells her how they were partying, having fun together and that she liked it. She states how she doesn't remember any of it. He asks her if they can just forget about it. She asks him how. He answers by putting it all behind them and pretending as though it never happened. He tells her how that no one would believe her anyway since he's "a good Christian guy", a hockey star and on the basketball team as well. He insists that she's going to ruin his life if she keeps this up. She says how her life is already ruined. He says that's only because people believe something happened and that he is willing to tell people that nothing did and things between them didn't go further than what is seen in the video. Luke then says once they do, people will finally forget about it then they all can move on in their lives. He tells her please as she just stares at him. He finally leaves as Zoë thinks about it. 

Zoë publicly revealing Luke as her attacker.

During the basketball game, Zoë begins to leave the school as Maya and Miles approach her. They ask where she's going and she says she is going home. Maya says they wanted to make sure she is okay. Zoë tells her it was a joke video and nothing more than a rumor gone wild. Miles retorted, "Really?" clearly not believing her. She then notices Luke some distance away, flirting with Frankie. She mutters, "Hell no" as she shoves past Maya and Miles and storms across the hallway and shoves him away from Frankie

Becky holding back a distressed Zoë as she confronts Luke.

Luke asks what she's doing and she says "making an announcement". She then openly and publicly declares Luke as the guy who assaulted her in the video. Luke, shocked, says she can't just go making accusations and calls her crazy. Zoë says that she was drunk and helpless and that he raped her. Luke tells her she has no proof. Zoë says she doesn't need proof to do this before she begins physically attacking him in the hallway. Becky soon comes by and physically restrains her, saying she doesn't need to do this. Now sobbing, Zoë says there isn't anything else she can do. Becky assures her that there is; she has his phone with videos and photos of him attacking her. Luke tries coming up to them, but Miles and various other guys begin ganging up on him. Becky then wraps her arm around Zoë as she sobs and they walk away. 

Zoë hugging Becky while thanking her for what she did.

After the arrest of Luke and Neil, the other revealed attacker. Zoë walks into the school where she sees, Drew, Dallas, Miles, Maya, and Tristan waiting for her. Drew hands her a drink she is known to like and she asks what's going on. Tristan explains how they are there to make sure no one bugs her. Miles says they want her to know she isn't alone and offers a hand. Zoë smiles at them, thanking them since it means a lot to her. However, Maya looks behind her and her smile slightly falls. Noticing her expression, Zoë turns around. She sees Becky staring at them some feet away. She excuses herself and leaves to approach Becky.

Once getting to her, Zoë hugs and thanks her. She says how didn't know he was her brother and how awful it must be for her. Becky says it will not be easy, but she had to do what was right. As she walks away, she smiles at her before joining the group and walking off to class. 

Zoë, with Tristan as she advertises flowers for the semi formal.

In What It's Like, she is selling dance tickets along with Tristan, asking for people to vote for King and Queen, bringing Tristan to correct on "or King and King or Queen and Queen" causing her to smile. She also gives Maya advice on how to deal with her problem involving Zig. When Maya says how she ignored him all summer and now he's gone homeless, Tristan asks if she thinks that he has begun squatting because she wouldn't date. Zoë says how Maya may be over estimating her effect on boys.

In Close to Me, she is selling tickets again and remarking to Maya on how not telling Miles about another boy living with her wasn't a "smooth move". She teases Maya along with Tristan by role playing as Zig when she thinks that Miles, Zig, and the rest of the Rubber Room gang will fight and destroy the dance after hearing Maya's plan about trying to bring them both together.

Zoë with Maya while in class.

In Army of Me, Zoë is seen sitting next to Maya in class, talking with her. When Tristan comes in wearing sunglasses, they tease him about partying. When he confesses about his parents arguing, the comfort him and offer him advice. Later, she is seen getting an invite to Mr. Grant's secret writing club and is happily surprised. When Tristan is declined of an invite, she comments on how he always complains about writing anyhow. When he wants her to reveal to him the location and time of the meeting, she reluctantly refuses, not wanting to get kicked out. When Tristan ends up finding the place and Mr. Grant holds a vote as to whether or not to let him in, she votes yes. 

In Everything Is Everything, Zoë is seen in Mr. Yates class reading her paper to the class in the woods and giving a look at Tristan for the comment he made saying he agrees with Mr. Yates. Later she is in the hallway by her locker talking to Tristan about the book he's reading about a student and a teacher and then she responds that the book is pretty twisted he tells her about Mr. Yates and asks her what he should do she responds run as fast as you can.

In Sparks Will Fly (1), Zoë is seen auditioning for a role she really wants in Bret Barnett's new film. However, the role she is auditioning for brings her back to her assault as she plays. Then she is seen with Tristan and telling her that she should bring up her assault and maybe he will give her a second chance to audition. Then she is seen joining the quiz team but she was about to answer she got a text and she says she nailed her audition and puts on her sunglasses and says Zoë Rivas is back baby and walks out. 

In Sparks Will Fly (2), Zoë is seen talking to Frankie and tells her she has quit for the movie and how it reminds her of her assault and she doesn't want to be the helpless victim anymore. Frankie responds to talk to Bret and to convince him to change the story line, to which Zoë agrees to. However, when she talks to Bret, he simply changes the form of her character committing suicide from her sobbing as she does it to doing it with a proud smile. Zoë tries convincing him to change the story to where her character actually escapes, but he refuses to do so and tells her if she can't do it, he will simply replace her. Refusing to play a victim, she quits the movie.

At the Wild Wild West Night, hiding from her mother, who is furious that she quit. Tristan tries to help her and tells her she should stand up to her mother for once. As he gives her her pep talk, Maya comes out and asks her if she can sing her song in a few minutes, since she needs to find Miles and Zig, and she is initially hesitant. However, Tristan tells her that her mother can't yell at her in front of a crowd, causing her to reluctantly agree. As she sings the song, her mother comes in front of the crowd, angrily glaring at her, making her nervous. Afterward, her mother begins scolding her for giving up the role, but Zoë finally stands up to her mother, telling her she is being mature for once and that she wants to make her own decisions for once. Her mother reluctantly agrees before muttering how she needs to make sure this doesn't wreck her career. 

Zoë explaining MASH to Winston and he was Frankie's result.

In You Are Not Alone, Zoë is seen looking at the classroom board with Tristan, which has a M.SH game results on it. When Winston walks in and sees his name circled on it, he asks what it is. She then explains the game to him, telling him how Frankie and Keisha were playing MASH and how it tells your "fate." She tells him how he ended up with Frankie and has a family with her determining by the game results. He comments how that doesn't sound so bad. However, she tells him how he is the "shack" of the results. Confused, she points out the other names on the list which are Drew, Dallas, and Blake - all "hotties." Zoë tells him that he is the "dud" of the bunch. She turns away as Winston stares forward, clearly depressed.

In Hypnotize, Zoë, Keisha, and Frankie all audition to be models in the fashion show and Keisha and Zoë encourage Frankie during their audition. However, Frankie is the only one to not make it, which leaves her upset. Then Zoë walks into class with Tristan and Maya and Tristan gets a text from Becky about the fashion show and Zoë asks if it means she can make sure she chooses her to be a model and Tristan asks her buy him lunch first he will see.

In Out of My Head, Zoë is walking in the hallways with Frankie and Keisha and Frankie talks about how Becky changed her mind so quickly Zoë responds or was her mistake how rich you are? Frankie responds "What does that have to do with it?" Keisha says she's hoping to slide in for New York fashion week on a Hollingsworth jet. Frankie responds "Or maybe she realized I'm a good model." Zoë says her mom maybe gave Becky a donation that could help her change her mind? Frankie thinks it's ridiculous. Frankie says she wouldn't do that. Keisha responds "Well there was that time in grade 2 when you magically put in front of the Balla residual after your mom talked to the instructor." Zoë asks what's happening with this Bama nation. Becky responds nothing. Zoë asks Keisha if Becky's serious. After that Tristan walks in and asks if it's that time of the month. Zoë says Imogen is literally a crazy person and she doesn't know how they're going to have a fashion show when she ruined all the formal wear. Tristan says he's sure everything will work out because things always do. Zoë responds, "You're rather chipper." He says he has a big date tonight and he says he can't tell. Zoë says it's sexy when it's secret.

In Believe (1), Maya warns Zoë that there are reports out side the school by her getting a text from Zig and tries to tell Tristan who is just ignoring her. Zoë goes out side and tells the reports that the two boys are guilty and that she is going to prove it. Then she is talking to her lawyer with her mom about the case and that she is trying to get her mind off of the trial and focus on a role she has dreamed about ever since she was a little kid and the lawyer says that's good to focus on other things before your trial and tells her not to talk to any more reporters. Then she sees a reporter and she says they raped you didn't they and Zoë says she can't speak to any reporters and she says I need the full story. Then at the trial, Luke's lawyer questions her and shows her the paper that the reporter miss quoted her and the lawyer says so you didn't say those things and Zoë says yes. Then she goes outside upset and reads what they wrote about her and Frankie says it's kinda true that she wanted male attention and Zoë says so you agree with the reporter? God no Zoëy of course not. but you do care a lot about what boys think first my brother than Drew." Then Zoë is in bed having nightmares from the night of her rape. In this nightmare, Zoë is shown lying in what appears to be Miles Hollingsworth's house. Then, Luke appears standing over Zoë. As soon as he steps aside, the news reporters that Zoë encountered in front of Degrassi Community School magically appear and take pictures of her, while Sofia says "It sure looks like consent to me!" Zoë then wakes up gasping.

In Believe (2), Tristan and Zoë are in the gym and Tristan was going to show her the video that the reporters are doing about her but Zoë says she wants to move on after Tristan shows her the video. After Zoë's agent refuses to back up the claims that she's a notorious party girl and got fired from West Drive for the use of pills, she sees Zig in the hallway and asks what he has. Zig rejects her request for drugs and she assures him that she won't tell Maya that he's still dealing. She then takes his backpack and takes the drugs out, keeps them, and takes one. Zig then panics because his life is at risk if he doesn't sell the pills and looks for Zoë. She then runs out of the school high and he tries to get the pills back from her. She then ignores him and he watches Zoë confront Sophia and smash her laptop.

Zoë in Believe (2)

In Thunderstruck, Zig is invited by both Zoë and Maya to attend a Degrassi dance - Maya just as friends, but Zoë being a little more interested, according to Grace. Sure enough, while playing a drinking game at Maya's house, Maya reveals that although she doesn't have feelings for Zig, she cannot stand to see Zoë take something else of hers. After unleashing a fury of the blame on Zoë for all the things that have happened in the past year, Maya storms out. Zoë follows her, but they get stranded by the thunderstorm. 

Season 14

In Smells Like Teen Spirit, Zoë is excited to try out for Becky's power cheer squad. She teases Tristan about ditching chemistry on the first day of the new term and ask him if he has a secret lover. She learns from Becky that she would be a distraction and grows upset. After overhearing about Clare being pregnant, she mentions it to Becky during the Renewal Project, which causes Becky to fall and presumably break her leg. Zoë looks on with glee. The next day, Zoë wears a cheerleading uniform and smugly parades around the school with the rest of the squad.

In Wise Up, despite they aren't dating Zoë gets upset when she sees Zig is receiving nude pictures from girls on OomfChat. Zig doesn’t understand why Zoë would be upset, until Grace points out that since her sexual assault, Zoë might not feel comfortable dating someone who’s looking to receive nude pics. Later, Zig receives a nude OomfChat from Zoë. He tells her she doesn’t have to send him pics like that, but she gets upset because she feels like she’s being judged again. Zig tries to earn Zoë’s forgiveness by painting the words “I like you” on his chest shirtless and apologizes to Zoë in front of everyone. However, Zoë refuses to accept his apology and tells him she’s done with boys. She later stands up for Tristan because he is getting teased for dating Miles.

In If You Could Only See, Zoë talks with Power Cheer about fundraising ideas. She agrees with Frankie's complaints about the double standards between guys and girls, noting, "guys think they have the right to whatever they want, whenever they want it." She decides it's time for the girls to get what they want: money. She and Frankie approach Grace Cardinal about setting up a website where OomfChats can be sent and received anonymously. Although Frankie is against the idea, Zoë wants to send nudes for money as both a fundraiser and a way to "fix the double standard." She remarks that guys sent around pictures of her without her consent last term, and now if they want them, they'll have to pay. When Zoë poses the idea of "Degrassi Nudes" to the rest of the team, they agree to go along with it.

Later, after Frankie sends one OomfChat and feels guilty, she sends a text to Zoë saying that they should stop. Zoë replies that they can't as they have already made $200.

In Can't Stop This Thing We Started, she is seen in science class, where she becomes Winston's lab partner after Miles partners with Tristan. When Winston vents to her about Miles and Tristan's relationship, Zoë is annoyed and wants to focus on their assignment. She tells him he should just be brutally honest with Miles about his feelings, as that is the best way to start a conversation. Later, Zoë, Shay, and Lola make fun of Zig for losing an arm-wrestling match to Grace.

In There's Your Trouble, she is first seen arguing with Frankie at Power Cheer practice after Frankie struggles with a specific movement. When Frankie asks her why she's so fixated on a movement that's not even required, Zoë says it's because she wants them to win. Frankie points out that they would have a better shot if they focused on their other stunts, but Zoë shuts her down, saying they will not let their hard work go to waste. Frankie asks if by "hard work", she means their cheers or their sending-nudes-for-money scheme, to which Zoë replies "both". She tells the girls this is their chance to show everyone that they're real athletes, and refuses to shut down Degrassi Nudes as they have already brought in a ton of money.

When Power Cheer watches a rival team practice for the semifinals, they are dismayed to find that their competition is intense. When the other girls start doubting their potential, Zoë tells them they're not doomed and that she can prove it. She later shows up to practice with new equipment, which she reveals she bought with the Degrassi Nudes money. Frankie confronts her, saying the longer they're sending nudes, the more likely it is they'll get caught and that Zoë should've asked them before spending the money. Zoë says she did not need their permission, and gets mad when the other girls side with Frankie.

Later, Zoë vents to Grace in class about how the other girls aren't listening to her. She mentions Frankie is unhappy about having to send nudes, and Grace reveals that Frankie hasn't even been OomfChatting; she sent one and then stopped. Zoë is upset and when Grace asks why it's such a big deal, Zoë explains that she wants to be seen as a beloved cheer champion rather than a helpless victim. Power Cheer was supposed to give her a fresh start, but now the other girls have abandoned her. Grace remarks that she might have more luck if she weren't such a bitch.

With this in mind, Zoë approaches the Power Cheer girls and informs them that she returned all of the equipment and used the money for something else. She gives them all gifts as a reward for their hard work and apologizes for the way she acted. She then tells them to meet her in the locker room if they're willing to give Power Cheer another shot, and walks off with a smirk.

The girls meet with Zoë after school and tell her they think they gave up too easily. Shay suggests returning the gifts to get the equipment back, but Zoë insists they keep them. She then says that if they want to stop sending nudes, they can, but tells them to "think of all the possibilities." The girls agree to keep OomfChatting, and Zoë puts Frankie on the spot for not doing her part. She gives Frankie an ultimatum: send nudes or lose her spot in Power Cheer. She also reminds Frankie that she can't rat them out, as her one OomfChat makes her just as guilty. Frankie decides to quit, returns her gift to Zoë, and leaves in tears.

In (You Drive Me) Crazy, she lets Maya work on the music for Power Cheer's routine and is frustrated when Maya zones out then leaves the gym. Later, she yells at Maya for bailing on her while Maya is looking for Miles' social media sites only to find that she is blocked. Maya pays no attention when Zoë demands an explanation from her, and Zoë is surprised when Maya throws and breaks the laptop. Maya then has a panic attack and Zoë and Zig try to calm her down.

Zoë holding the doll that the blackmailer gave to her.

In I'll Be Missing You, Zoë celebrates her birthday the same day that the power cheer squad had a bake sale. After getting wishes from the squad, someone gives her a package with a doll dressed as a power cheer squad member. As everyone walked away, she noticed string and pulled. She learns that someone knows she is behind the Degrassi nudes. Later, she receives a text wanting her to quit the squad, causing her to think of excuses to quit the squad. However, after the girls give her a present, she ignores the text. During Power Cheer practice, the members of the team get a threatening text telling them to kick Zoë off the team, or their nude Oomfchat scheme will be exposed to the school.

In Firestarter (2), she is seen walking into the halls of Degrassi with a surprise for the Power Cheer team — bows. She gets angry looks from the squad; it is revealed she did start the Facerange page about Frankie. However, she tells them that her rich daddy can bail her out, and they don't have that liberty. She also asked that if they want cops banging on their door asking why they sold nudes and then gives them a pep talk.

At the competition, she gets a text presumably from Zig and gets the squad's blessing to see him. She goes to the drama room and doesn't find Zig, but a mysterious hooded figure (who happens to be the blackmailer with a plastic knife — Winston and Frankie working together to get Zoë to admit she started Degrassi nudes). After they do their best to interrogate her, she doesn’t admit her mistakes. The squad competes without Zoë and replaces her with Becky after they couldn't find her.

Zoë tries to leave but she realizes there is a fire outside. She, Winston and Frankie hide and yell for help. Winston says it is his fault that they are trapped just because he blackmailed, and Zoë agrees; however, Frankie blames it on Zoë, saying that if she never started Degrassi Nudes, they would never be in this situation and that the squad only stuck with her for so long so that they wouldn't get arrested. Later they get saved by firemen and Zig meets with Zoë, asking if they could hang out sometime, she declines then says everyone is better off without her. She walks up to an officer (presumably to tell him the truth about Degrassi Nudes).

In Watch Out Now Zoë is talking to Tristan about how she could end up in jail, when walking to detention she tries to talk to Lola, who is still upset with her along with the rest of the squad; she is then troubled by Damon who later does the same to Lola, Zoë insists they should do something about Damon. Lola, however, tells her she's not getting involved and that she should do something to make it up to the squad. Afterward she goes to Tristan for advice; however, this does not help Zoë and she has no other option but to think of something herself. Back in detention, she plays a prank on Damon, which he is more than angry about. Outside of Degrassi Damon is seen walking by himself and Zoë approaches him; as their conversation ends Zoë tries to get away from him. Zig then shows up to her benefit, along with Tiny, followed by a fight which leads to dismay.

Zoë on Lunch Duty

In Walking in My Shoes, in order to repent for Degrassi Nudes Zoë has no other choice but to do community service — working lunch duty. When seeing how unhappy the other students are because of the loss of their cell phones, she is given blame as well as hate. To get people back on her side she hatches another plan; after getting caught Principal Pill decides to give her another chance, continuing her community service. She and Miles keep each other company.

In I Wanna Be Adored, Zoë is seen walking with Tristan to Degrassi when Miles invites them to the Kendrick Lamar show at the opera house, which Tristan declines. Zoë suggests that Tristan should move on and try dating on teender. After Grace edits his interests, Zoë suggests to edit his Teender account info. Zoë helps Tristan with his profile by taking a picture. Zoë gives Tristan advice on going on his second with Gage being himself. Zoë is at The Dot talking to Tristan than walks over to Miles and asks if she can go with him to the Kendrick Lamar concert, and Miles says yes.

In The Kids Aren't Alright (1), Zoë is in rehearsal for the musical as she filling in for Frankie after she quit the musical.

In Finally (1), Zoë is hanging with Miles, and he compliments her and both notices Hunter outburst. Zoë and Miles are at the library watching Hunter and discussing Miles'relationship with Hunter. Zoë notices Arlene thinks Hunter may like her which gives Miles an idea. Zoë is at the Hollingsworth mansion hanging Miles, Frankie, Hunter, Winston, Arlene, and Hunter.

In Don't Look Back, Zoë attends summer school with Tristan. She is determined to coast during the summer session and to achieve this, she befriends Grace and Hunter. She begins to bond with Grace a little more and begins to develop a crush on her. After believing that their science teacher had something to do with the kidnapping of Gloria, Zoë and Grace sneak into his truck to find evidence. After escaping from being found out, they continue their friendship. When Zoë suggests a threesome between Miles, Grace, and herself, Grace becomes disgusted and leaves, to which upsets Zoë. When Maya ends up going missing, Zoë is seen at the Hollingsworth’s home as they try to pinpoint her location. Towards the end of the summer, Zoë confronts Grace on the beach and expresses her feelings. She kisses her and tells her to wait until the school year begins. She runs to meet her friends as they all dance to close off the summer.

Degrassi: Next Class

Season 1


In #BootyCall, Zoë is seen helping Tristan with his student council campaign. Zoë and Tristan are trying to convince Hunter and Yael to vote for Tristan and find out from Hunter about Miles campaign pool party. She later runs into Grace at Miles' campaign pool party. She says that Grace hasn't responded to any of her text messages, but then asks Grace if they are still friends, and Grace responds by saying "Don't be stupid." Zoë is concerned that Tristan is letting his feeling for Miles get in the way of him running for student council president. Zoë is with Tristan in the girls bathroom comforting him about losing to Miles. In #NoFilter, Zoë and Grace are in class when Zoë is trying convince Grace to watch Scandal. Zoë and Grace pair up together for their class

Zoë finding out that Grace has cystic fibrosis

project. Tristian gives Zoë advice on her feelings for Grace since isn't sure that Grace is gay or if she is even has feelings for girls. Zoë is with Grace, Maya, and Zig in the lounge and Zoë asks Grace questions for the project and makes a joke about her piercings. When Grace leaves abruptly Zoë is concerned which Zig wonders what Zoë did, which Zoë replies that she just made a joke and Zig and Maya give Zoë advice but she texts Grace in concern. Zoë goes to Grace's house looking for her but her mother tells her she isn't home, but when Zoë walks away she can she Grace in the window. Zoë is in the bathroom when Grace walks in and Zoë confronts Grace and in the middle of confrontation Zoë witnesses Grace cough up blood and at Grace's request takes her home. At Grace's house her mom tells Zoë that Grace has cystic fibrosis and is concerned for her. Zoë texts Grace to meet her on the roof of the school and tells Grace that she researched things that can help Grace's condition , but Zoë and Grace have another confrontation. Zoë later makes a video for her class to let Grace know that she won't leave her. Grace tells she doesn't suck as much as most people.

In #YesMeansYes, Zoë is in gym class and throws a basketball at Vijay, but it hits him in the face. When Hunter scores in his own teams goal Zoë mocks him. Zoë is with Tristan when Hunter ask Tristan if he can start a gamers club and Zoë dismisses Hunter's suggestion.

Zoë and Zig watching Maya and Grace's band perform.

In #NotOkay, Zoë is with Zig watching Grace, Maya, and Jonah perform at the Trapdoor. Zoë is at The Dot with Grace when Tristan ask her for advice with his relationship with Vijay. Zoë is in the hallway with Grace and Maya giving her advice telling her whats she more important to her her dreams or her pride and that can't have both. Zoë is with Tristan at the Trapdoor and tells Tristan that if Vijay isn't the one but that he should still keep looking and that nothing is wrong with having fun along the way. Zoë watches Maya and the band perform Not Okay.

In #NotAllMen, Zoë and Grace are in the back of her mom's car who is driving them to school. Zoë is in the hallway watching Gilmore Girls when Tristan walks up to her and she tells him that her mom forbid Zoë from hanging out with Grace. Zoë thinks David Sutcliffe is her dad and wants to go see him but Tristan declines to go with her and as he leaves, Grace walks up to her and says she'll go with her. Zoë and Grace sneak into David Sutcliffe's trailer but Zoë gets cold feet and

Zoë listening to david Sutcliffe's advice

doesn't think she is ready to know. Grace convinces her that she should know the truth so they search for something DNA evidence. David Sutcliffe walks into his trailer demanding to want to know what's going on and tells Zoë and Grace to sit and wait for security. Zoë tells David Sutcliffe that he is her dad since her mom was an extra on the show and had hinted that something happened but he declines this as he never knocked up an extra. As he kicks Zoë and Grace out he asks Zoë if she'll be ok and gives her advice to shop caring what her mother thinks and that she should what makes her happy. Zoë is walking with Grace and tells her mom forbid her from hanging-out with her. Zoë believing she has no one tells Grace that and after Grace tells her she has and in the moment Zoë kisses Grace.


In #ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlayin, Zoë is walking with Tristan talking about her kiss with Grace and tells him she doesn't know what it means and won't since Grace will be in New York, but is excited to see she isn't and apologizes for kissing Grace who tells her it's fine. Zoë is at Grace's house on her bed while Grace is looking for a movie to watch and Zig comes in between them worrying about Maya and Jonah in New York. Zoë and Grace tease Zig about his situation and tells him that he needs to find another sympathetic ear. When Graces mom comes home she sends Zig home and tells Zoë that she can sleep over if she likes, so she does and later she and Grace have sex. Zoë walks up to Grace noticing something wrong with her and asks her whats wrong and Grace tells Zoë she isn't gay. Zoe asks her to name one guy she likes and Grace replies saying Zig. At the end of class Zoë storms out of the room bumping into Zig who notices she's upset and asks if he should go get Grace and she says no. 


Zoë and Zig are in the woods watching Zig break bottles and they both vent about their relationship problems and Zoë takes out her phone and set it on the ground and proceeds to hook up with Zig who asks for Zoë's consent before proceeding. Grace walks up to Zoë saying she understands if Zoë doesn't want to be partners and tells her she finished with the project. Zoe tells Grace she e-mailed her her part of the project. Grace checks only to find a video of Zoë and Zig hooking up in the woods. Zoë and Zig stare at each other in guilt.

In #TeamFollowBack, Zoë comes to the student council office after Tristan texts her it's an emergency. Zoë is searching on Google what could be wrong with Tristan who is stressing out over it and brings up Zoë hooking up with Zig to get back at Grace. Zoë asks to change the subject and Tristan ask if she's ok and she answer she's physically ok but gets back to Tristan situation and web diagnoses him with chlamydia. Zoë is with Tristan who is listing the guys he has been and Zoë noticed that he has been with many guys and states that he should let them know. Zoë tells him that this is why hooking up is not worth it and Tristan thinks he can keep it secret asking Zoë if her keeping her hook up with Zig a secret is eating her and she gives Tristan another solution a site that emails partners anonymously that could potentially have an STI.


In #SorryNotSorry, Zoë is at the Snowball ticket booth and doesn't look good so Tristan brings her a smoothie but she rejects it as looking at it makes her want to hurl. During the lock down Zoë is stuck in the girls bathroom with Maya and Maya confronts Zoë about her hook up with Zig and doesn't want to tell Maya about what really happened because she won't like it.

Season 2

In #SquadGoals, Zoë is seen walking into class as Grace mentions Zig cheating on Maya with her and Zoë responds back to Grace saying sorry we can't all be good friends like you Grace.

Zoë accidentally burns herself

In #BuyMePizza, Zoë is in the bathroom, getting ready for her audition and accidentally burns herself with her hair-straightner. In the gym, Zoë is doing her audition but isn't doing that well, Zoë kisses Winston on the cheek but he tells her it has to be a real kiss so Zoë leans into kiss him but pulls away at the last second and says they will do it for real at the show. Esme is up next to audition and Zoë tells her the part is her's and she tells Zoë that she didn't look like she wanted to kiss Winston. Zoë tells her that Winston has had a crush on her and Esme doesn't believe her. Esme then catches Zoë looking at her chest and tells her to look at her in the eye. Zoë tells Esme "may the best girl win" and Esme says don't worry she will.

In a classroom, Zoë questions Tristan about Esme and says she thinks Esme was messing with her, Zoë asks Tristan if he believes she wants to kiss guys? but Tristan refuses to answer, Zoë says she only liked Grace because she thought Grace liked her back, Tristan says she's suffering from low self esteem but being gay is way better than that, Zoë says she's focusing on non-romantic things like landing this part but just then Zoë gets an email from Winston saying she didn't get a call back for the part and Zoë's upset.

Winston explaining why Zoë didn't get the part.

In the hallway, Zoë asks Winston why he didn't give her a callback, Winston says they don't have believable on-stage chemistry but Zoë says hes wanted her from day one, Winston says maybe he did forever ago but that's not even a thing anymore, Winston says they need someone the audience can fall in love with, someone who is magnetic, Zoë says she's not magnetic?, Winston says not like Esme is, Zoë asks what Esme did that she didn't?, Winston says Esme popped on stage and totally sold the whole sexual tension bit and you didn't and Winston says he’s sorry before he walks away.

Zoë and Esme kissing

Zoë interrupts Esme while she is studying to ask how she auditioned and got the part. Esme agrees to teach her and they kiss two times. She is impressed with Zoë's kissing and tells her she would have gotten the part if she kissed Winston like that and Zoë leaves the room.

Zoë attempting to kiss Tristan

In the student council room, Zoë is telling Tristan about the kiss between her and Esme, Zoë sits on Tristan’s lap and attempts to seduce and kiss him but Tristan says its not working for him. Tristan asks if she liked the kiss? Zoë says kissing feels good with anyone, Tristan says especially when you’re a lesbian who's kissing a pretty girl, Zoë says shes not a lesbian and doesn't want to be one either, Tristan asks why not?, Zoë said she never pictured her life like that, she always pictured a big wedding, kids, long hair, Tristan says you can have that with a girl too, Zoë says it seems so hard though, Tristan thinks that being honest with yourself is easy though and says its easier for him, Zoë says she doesn't want to be like him, she wants to be normal, Tristan is rightly pissed at Zoë for this statement and tells Zoë that just because she's in the closet doesn't mean she has to be a homophobe, Zoë tries to apologize but Tristan tells her to live in the closet all she wants but don't put her self hatred on me before bailing. Zoë lays down on the couch and looks at her burn mark on her wrist.

Zoë telling Tristan she doesn't see her life's as being gay.

In a classroom, Miles tells Zoë he knows what she said to Tristan but its really not his place to say anything, Miles tells Zoë he used to care what everyone thought too especially his dad but he got therapy and it made him realize if he cares too much about what other people think you only end up hurting yourself, Zoë covers her wrist up quickly, Miles says the only people who matter are the people who like me for me, Zoë says nobody likes her for her, Miles tells Zoë that Winston does and didn't give her a call back because he thought it would be too weird working with you and tells Zoë to not be other peoples definitions of her be who she wants to be.

Zoë and Winston kissing and becoming a couple

In the gym, Winston tells Zoë she can't crash the callbacks, Zoë apologies for freaking out on him and admits she thought getting the part would be a positive outlet and then admits that Miles told her that he liked her, Winston says hes going to have to talk to Miles, Zoë asks Winston why he likes her?, Winston says he likes her because she's awesome, smart and funny, you don't take any crap and it doesn't hurt that you’re, really, really pretty, you’re basically like the perfect girl and I.. Zoë kisses Winston, Winston asks why she did that? Zoë says because they like each other, Winston asks if she is his girlfriend now and she replies with a yes, then hugs him.

Snapshot 12 (3-06-2016 12-18 PM).png

In the student council room, Tristan, Winston and Zoë are talking about the gala when Esme arrives, Winston gives Zoë the part over Esme and both she and Zoë seem saddened by it and Esme leaves. After, Winston bails to go get something, Tristan accepts Zoë's apology for what she said before, but is surprised that Zoë is dating Winston because he's a boy and not a girl. Zoë said she's not about labels and is going to be the person she wants to be, then Tristan asks if she wants to be Winston's girlfriend. Zoë says that he likes the best version of her and that's what's going to make her happy. Winston returns and tells them he has a great idea for the gala, and as Winston and Tristan chat about it, Zoë watches Esme outside the window before looking at her burn mark again, then starts to hurt herself by pulling her wristbands back and letting it go, continuously hitting the burn mark. This marked the start of Zoë's self harming. Tristan looks at Zoë's burn mark and Zoë is upset that he is pressuring her to come out.

In #TheseAreMyConfessions, Zoë arrives at the keg party and Zig and Grace charge her $25 dollars to get in. She sees Grace passed out and demands she be taken to the hospital, being the only one to know about Grace's condition.

In #OMFG, Zoë's burning intensifies & as Winston begins to second-guess their relationship, she finally gives into her true self and comes out to him as gay. They remain friends after breaking up and go to the game together.

Season 3

In #BreakTheInternet, Zoë hasn't come out to her mom yet, and fears the consequences. She comes out to Goldi after an incident with the QSA. Vijay posts a video outing Zoë. Worried her mom will see this, Zoë tries to untag herself but ends up hitting a fire hydrant instead.

Later, her mom and her new fiancé comes to the scene, and her mother does not believe Zoë is gay.

While Zoë and Grace talk about whether Zoë should come out to her mother or not, Goldi comes in. She tells Zoë that the QSA won't back down on their protest, thus making Zoë make the decision for the prayer room shall be shared with the QSA.

Zoë tells the whole school she’s gay and isn’t afraid to admit it anymore

During Zoë's speech to welcome the Syrian refugees, she comes out to the school. She meets Rasha who is staying at Goldi's, and appreciates that the QSA and the prayer room is combined.

In #ThatFeelingWhen, Zoë and Winston vie for a date with Rasha in order to figure out her sexuality.

In #Unsubscribe, Zoë made plans for their first date, but Rasha worries about someone figuring out about them.

In #Woke, She uses Rasha in order for her mom to accept her sexuality. When she asks her mother to bring Rasha, her mother says no. Her mother still believes Zoë isn't gay. Zoë later goes to get things for the wedding and sees a tux. At the wedding, Rasha arrives and sees Zoë has changed into the tux rather then the dress. Her mom kicks her out of her home and Rasha gets upset for being used. A sad Zoë in the Dot, Grace comes in and comforts her and offers Zoë to stay at her place.

Season 4

In #BackToReality, Zoë is seen in the beginning taking a selfie with the Class of 2017 and talking about how it is their very last semester in Degrassi before graduating.

In #ILookLikeA, Zoë waits for Winston and Goldi to present the prom theme.

In #RollUpToTheClubLike, Zoë goes on a double date with her and Rasha and Goldi and Winston. Her and Rasha leave earlier so Goldi and Winston could spend time together.

In #Preach, Zoë worries that Rasha has feelings for her ex-girlfriend and tries to woo her, but causes more of a mess throughout the process. Rasha ends up appreciating what she has done and shares a kiss.

In #FactsOnly, Zoë and Goldi are judging for the talent show performance with alumni Craig. Zoë introduces Craig to Maya.

In #GetYouAManThatCanDoBoth, Zoë promposes to Rasha and she happily accepts.

In #Obsessed, Zoë begs Winston to tell her if she and Rasha won prom queens. She and Rasha end up winning.

In #KThxBye, as graduation arrives for the Class of 2016, Zoë wonders how much support she’ll get as she prepares to make her valedictory speech. Her step father comes in, saying that her mom won't be attending her graduation, and gives her a box from her mom. It is a passport and stuff she needs once she goes to college. She runs away crying during her valedictorian speech, and the Class of 2016 finds her and supports her for her future. At the graduation party at the Hollingsworth home, she burns the note from her mom before reading it. She delivers a final farewell graduation speech and receives a round of applause from her fellow graduates.


Season 13

Season 14

Degrassi: Next Class (Season 1)

Degrassi: Next Class (Season 2)

Degrassi: Next Class (Season 3)

Degrassi: Next Class (Season 4)

Style Appearance

Zoe has dark brown hair, brown eyes, and light skin.


  • She is shown to have an interest in fashion, like FionaImogen, PaigeMia, and Tristan.
  • Zoë is the third character to be an actor/actress. The other two were Simon and Manny.
  • Her first name was the original name for Adam. This was when Adam's character was supposed to be an androgynous lesbian named Zoë Torres, later changed to a FTM transgender boy named Adam.
  • Her Twitter
  • Her character on West Drive, Gatsby Garcia, was killed off when Zoë got herself fired from the show for pill popping.
  • She, along with the rest of the cast of West Drive, watches the West Drive Experience, a vlogging show Tristan and Tori film together. (Nod to the Degrassi Experience)
  • It was revealed in This Is How We Do It that Zoë has dyslexia, making her the second character with dyslexia after Anya. Some fans are unsure if this is true or if this was a lie that Mrs. Rivas made up to prevent Zoë from getting in trouble at school.
  • Zoë is one of nine characters who is diagnosed with a mental disability, which is dyslexia (although there is fan speculation this is not true). The other eight are:
    • Joey, who has dysgraphia
    • Liberty, who has dyscalculia
    • Spinner, who has ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)
    • Craig and Eli, who both have bipolar disorder
    • Anya, who also has dyslexia
    • Connor, who has asperger's syndrome
    • Hunter, who has ODD (oppositional defiant disorder)
  • Zoë's early personality was similar to past Degrassi Queen Bees Paige Michalchuk and Holly J. Sinclair, and former mean girl Kathleen Mead.
    • They were all mean, dominant women who picked on other students.
  • Zoë is the second person who cyber-bullied someone, the first was Alli Bhandari, who cyber-bullied Holly J.
  • Zoë is the third character to come out as a lesbian. The others were Alex Nunez, Fiona Coyne, and Rasha Zuabi.
  • She lost her virginity to Drew in Dig Me Out.
  • Zoë is the second girl that Drew has broken up following taking her virginity. The first was Katie.
  • She has won a Teen's Choice Award.
  • Zoë is among sixteen characters who were sexually assaulted.
  • She is the third female character that has been raped while at a party. The other two were Paige and Darcy.
  • Zoë is the only rape victim in the Degrassi franchise whose attacker was brought to justice.
    • Paige's rapist was acquitted of all charges due to lack of evidence.  
    • Darcy's rapist was never discovered due to her being drugged and unconscious during the attack and not seeing his face.  
  • She is the second character on the show to have a photographic memory. The first is Connor DeLaurier.
  • She is the second character to use the line "You did nothing!" after a tragic event. She said this to Miles in Unbelievable after accusing him of being the reason for her sexual assault.
  • She is the third person to bring their attacker to court. The first being Paige, who brought Dean to court, and the second being Fiona, who brought the abusive Bobby to court.
    • Zoë is the second character to win her case in court. The first is Fiona.
  • She was fired from West Drive for drug addiction. 
  • Zoë was one of eight characters to attempt suicide (Season 13, Believe (2)). The other seven were:
  • Zoë is the second rape victim to attempt suicide. The first was Darcy Edwards.
  • She is the third character to purposely smash a computer. The first was Sean, the second was Eli, the fourth was Maya and the fifth was Hunter.
  • Zoë is the only rape victim whose rapists also went to Degrassi. Paige's went to Bardell High School and Darcy's rapist was at the ski lodge. Zoë's rape is also the only one that the entire school knew about.
  • As of Wise Up, Zoë decided to focus on herself and her friends and not boys.
  • She has directly been called a bully twice. Once by Tristan and a second time by Frankie
  • Zoë is one of several girls to reveal herself on camera or in public. She sent a topless picture to Zig.
  • She is a fan of the show, Scandal
  • In #NotAllMen, it's established that she likes girls. However, it is uncertain at the time whether or not she still holds romantic feelings towards boys. She later reveals in #OMFG that she is a lesbian.
  • Zoë is one of the five homosexuals to have a crush on a heterosexual. The other four were Marco had a crush on Griffin, Riley who had a crush on Peter, Fiona who had a crush on Holly J., and Tristan who had a crush on Cam and Adam.
  • She is the second main character to serve her punishment as a worker in the school cafeteria. The first was Spinner Mason.
  • Her OomfChat username is "PrincessZoe_Zo15".
  • Her Hastygram username is "ZoeRivxx".
  • Her phone password is 1234.
  • She is the first main LGBT character to be kicked out by their parents for being LGBT. Glen Simpson and Tim were kicked out, but were not main characters.
    • Other main characters that have been kicked out for other reasons are Wheels, who was kicked out by his grandma for his disobedience, Manny, who was kicked out by her parents because they considered her to be promiscuous, and Zig, who was kicked out by his parents for selling drugs.
  • She is the fourth female character to have the middle name "Elizabeth". The others were Liberty Van Zandt, Mia Jones, and Angela Jeremiah.
  • She and her girlfriend, Rasha, were voted prom queens at Zoë's senior prom. Zoe mentioned to Frankie in season 13 that she won prom queen on West Drive, but never got to experience the real thing.
  • It is implied Zoë is of Spanish decent, as her last name is Rivas and her mom's name is Consuela.
  • Zoë is the last character in the series to serve as Student Council President and as valedictorian for her class.
  • Oddly, in #KThxBye, when Zoë is given her birth certificate, her date of birth is 16/32/1998. Going by the DD/MM/YYYY format, there’s no 32nd month; and if we use the MM/DD/YYYY format, there’s no 16th month and no month can have more than 31 days.


  • (To Class): "Knock, Knock. Bonjour, bitches." (First line) - Summertime
  • (To the Class of 2016): "You all have bright futures that I want to hear." (Final line) - #KThxBye
  • (To Grace): "I was just trying to prove that you've got stuff to live for!" - #NoFilter
  • (To Grace): "You're such an emotionally damaged psycho, you can't even handle one little touch."
  • (To Maya about Miles): "So, you two hooking up or what?"
    Maya: "No... no, definitely not."
    Zoë: "Awesome! Let's keep it that way." - Summertime
  • (To Maya): "This is all your fault!"
  • (Acting as Gatsby Garcia on West Drive): "Tell me the truth, Doctor. Am I going to die?" - All I Wanna Do
  • (To Alli): "Um, don't you have your own friends? Like people your own age?" - All I Wanna Do
  • (To Tristan): "Never underestimate the power of Gatsby Garcia."
  • (To Miles about Maya): "That one means you're about to be interrupted by someone super annoying!" 
  • (After spilling her drink on Maya's dress): "Oops. I'm such a klutz." - Honey
  • (To Perino before splashing her drink on him): "Why don't you chill out?!" - This Is How We Do It
  • Zig: "Well sure, I've got a lot of 'things.'"
    Zoë: "I bet you do, but I'm not talking about herpes."
  • (To Grace): "You're a lovesick lesbian." - Don't Look Back
  • (To Maya and Miles): "Why don't you two just have sex already?!"
  • (To Zig): "Everyone thinks she's the sweetheart and I'm the bitch. She stole my boyfriend."
  • To Maya: "Do you know how hard it is to get out nail polish?!"
    Maya: "Not as hard as it is to get out bitch!"
  • (To Clare): "Cancer didn't make you lie, Clare. You did that to yourself."
  • (To Drew) "I can't believe I shared my first time with you."
  • (To Drew): "My mom always told me to never trust boys, but I never believed her. I'll never make that mistake again."
  • "I was raped?" 
  • Luke: "This girl's crazy!"
    Zoë: "I'm crazy? I was drunk and helpless and you assaulted me!"
  • (To Tristan): "I tried, Tris, but I just couldn't do it. It's like reliving my assault, except the character lost everything. It's not worth the pain."
  • (To Frankie and Keisha about Winston): "Winston Chu... eat your heart out."
  • "I'm a mess. But, you already know that. I've spent the last day listening to people say terrible things about me. I don't blame them. I made a lot of bad choices and probably going to make a lot more. I did not choose to be sexually assaulted. If you don't convict Luke Baker and Neil Martin today... then you're saying I deserved it. You're saying that other girls and boys, that they'll deserve it too. Well they don't. And I don't. I'm not sure I want to live in a world where that's true." - Believe (2)
  • (To Maya): "It'd be nice to be on the same team for once."
  • (To Zig): "I'm done being judged, Zig. I'm done with boys. I'm done with you." - Wise Up
  • (About Grace): "Here is me wearing vintage Valentino at her funeral." - #NoFilter
  • Rasha: "I'm falling in love with you, Zoë."
    Zoë: "I'm falling in love with you too." - #Preach
  • (To Rasha) "I can't believe Mom's actually coming. How do I look?"
    Rasha: "Beautiful." - #KThxBye
  • (To Rasha) "Rasha, you make everyday one to remember. Will you help make prom day just as special?" - #GetYouAManThatCanDoBoth


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  • Rasha Zuabi
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    • First Relationship:
      • Start Up: #ThatFeelingWhen (DNC 306)
      • Break Up: #Woke (DNC 309)
        • Reason: Rasha was upset that Zoë lied to her about her mom being okay with her going to the wedding.
    • Second Relationship:

Love Triangles

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